1920 New York Cuban Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1920 New York Cuban Stars

1920 New York Cuban Stars Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

February 28, 1920

Indianapolis, IN
"Will the East Organize Soon - Opinion is Strong That She Will Come Under. - (By C.D. Marchall.) - I have been asked many time about the situation in last fall's circles in the East, did I think that the big Eastern cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlantic City, Brooklyn, and New York would organize a league of base ball. It is known that there is a little budfulling circulating among some of the Eastern managers and that extends into the West but it is thought that the storm will soon blow over. Now that the West has organized and is busy laying plans of how to keep her best players, I am sure that the Eastern managers will be almost forced to come together. They know Rube Foster and C.I. Taylor, as well as you do and what is more they fear these two wizards of the West and since the news has reached them that the West has "come together" they are shocked, presumably. But enby and this "get even" idea are to be elminiated in colored base ball circles in the season of 1920 and only thought of heading the league teams is the thing uppermost in every manager's mind. Winning the pennant should be the argument."

May 16, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Cubans Lose Twice - The Cuban Stars, who recently arrived from Cuba, were defeated twice last Sunday by the fast Bushwicks at Dexter Park. The score of both games was 5 to 3 and 2,500 fans witnessed the games."

May 22, 1920

"Cuban Stars Win - The Cuban Stars defeated the Springfield baseball team last Saturday in a well played game by the score of 7 to 6. The Cubans amassed 14 hits."

May 23, 1920

Paterson, NJ
"Silk Sox Win - The Silk Sox defeated the fast Cuban Stars in a well-played game last Sunday in Paterson, New Jersey by the close score of 3 to 1. Padron was the losing pitcher."

June 6, 1920

New York, NY
"Big Double Header - This Sunday, June 6 - Cuban Stars vs. Jeff Tesreau's Bears at Dyckman Oval, New York City, Admission 50c."

New York, NY
"Cubas at Dyckman Oval - New York, June 4. - What promises to be the largest attraction yet staged this season at Dyckman Oval is scheduled for this Sunday, June 6, when the famous Cuban Stars, who recently arrived in this country, hook up with Jeff Tesreau's Bears in a double bill. The Cubans have just hit their stride and are in midseason form. The Bears have lost few games this year and are bent upon taking both games from the Islanders. Pelayo Chacón, the wonderful little shortstop, will be seen at his best on this diamond, and is sure to pull off some wonderful stunts around the short field. As usual, the first game will start promptly at 2 p.m."

New York, NY
"At Dyckman Oval - 1st Game Cuban Stars 4, Tesreau's Bears 5 - 2nd Game Cuban Stars 0, Tesreau's Bears 4."

New York, NY
"Tesreaus and Cubans Divide - New York, New York, June 11. - Before a large crowd at Dyckman Oval last Sunday the Cuban Stars and Jeff Tesreau's Bears split even in a double-header, the Cubans copping the first game by the score of 7 to 1 and the Bears the sunset tile by the close score of 5 to 4. Several home runs were made during the games."

June 16?, 1920

Long Island, NY
"Long Island City, New York, June 18. - The Cuban Stars defeated the Springfields here last week by the score of 10 to 6. The Islanders hit Koehler, the Springfield's pitcher, for a total of 17 hits."

June 20, 1920

Manhattan, NY
"Big Double Header This Sunday, June 20th - Cuban Stars vs. Jeff Tesreau's Bears - At Dyckman Oval, New York City, Admission 50c"

July 2, 1920

Bronx, NY
"New York, New York, July 2. - The famous Cuban Stars lost a double attraction to the Lincoln Giants at the Catholic Protectory grounds last Sunday by the scores of 4 to 2 and 11 to 1. Tatica Campos and Juan Padrón hurled for the Islanders, while Luke Archer and Joe Williams upheld the laurels of the Lincolns."

July 4, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Cubans and Bushwicks - Brooklyn, New York, July 9. - The Cuban Stars and the Bushwicks split even in a twin bill last Sunday at Dexter Park, the white boys taking the first game, 5 to 1, and the Cubans the last encounter, 5 to 4."

July 5, 1920

Chester, PA
"Cuban Stars Defeated - Upland Wins Closely Contested Game by 8 to 3 Score - Chester, Pennsylvana, July 5. - Before the greatest crowd that ever jammed into the Upland 'White Hip,' the locals defeated the Cuban Stars here today, 8 to 3. Ogden piched a brilliant game for Home-Run Baker's aggregation, while Campus, the Cuban twirler, was touched up for thirteen smashes, including two homers by McWilliams and Riley. Howard Berry nicked the Cuban for three blows, including a three-sacker."

July 10, 1920

Philadelphia, PA
"Cuban Stars at Dobson."

"...while the big game of the day will be between the J & J Dobson team and the Cuban Stars."

July 17, 1920

Philadelphia, PA
"Cuban Stars Easily Beat Camden, 12-5 - Lau, Twirling for Jerseymen, Chased to Showers in Fourth Round - Parkside Blanks Hatch, Winning Team Playing Errorless Ball, Score 5-0 - In the presence of the season's greatest crowd, Camden A.C. was severely trounced yesterday afternoon by the Cuban Stars at the Third and Erie streets park. The score was 12 to 5. Lau, the Chinese pitcher recently acquired by the Jerseymen, was knocked out of the box in the fourth inning. Mueller succeeded him and retired at the end of the seventh inning in favor of the veteran Rube Rapp, who held the Stars to one run and one hit for the balance of the game. Raminez and Teran hit for home runs."

July 18, 1920

Manhattan, NY
"Cubans vs. Tesreaus - New York, New York, July 16. - The attraction at Dyckman Oval for next Sunday will be the Cuban Stars vs. Tesreau's Bears in a twin bill. The Cubans have the edge of the Dyckman Heights boys, having won three and losing one so far this season. According to Manager Connie Savage his team will be considerably strengthened for the fray and expects to cop both games. The first contest will start at 2 p.m. sharp, Burke and Tesreau will do the hurling for the Bears, while the Cubans will bank upon Juan Padrón and Lucas."

Manhattan, NY
"Big Double Header - This Sunday - July 18th - Cuban Stars vs. Jeff Tesreau's Bears - At Dyckman Oval, New York - Admission 50c"

Manhattan, NY
"Cubans Defeat Tesreaus Twice - New York, July 23. - Before a crowd of 3,500 fans last Sunday afternoon the famous Cuban Stars took both ends of a twin bill from Jeff Tesreau's Bears at Dyckman Oval' scores, 1 to 0 and 8 to 1. In the first game Padron and Godfrey hooked up in a real pitchers' battle, each moundsman yielding 3 bingles. Both teams played errorless ball. In the nightcap Big Jeff himself was touched for 13 hits, while Lucas for the Cubans allowed 8. The Bears were charged with 2 errors in this game. By these two defeats the Jeffs have only won one out of six games from the Islanders this year. The attendance was kept down because of the cloudy, inclement weather. This Sundy the attraction againt Jeff's boys will be Edward Bolden's Hilldale team of Darby, Pennsylvania, in a twin-bill. Louis Santop, Jesse Barber, Dick Whitworth, Phil Cockrell, Bill Francis and other stars will be in the visitors' line-up."

July 19, 1920

Parkesburg, PA
"Parkesburg Winner of 16-Inning Game - Special to the Inquirer. - Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, July 19. - Parkesburg Iron Company took a 16-inning game from the Cuban Stars here today by the score of 3 to 2. The game at times scintillated with dazzling plays and at others was featured by errors on easy chances. José Junco, who pitched for the Cuban Stars, went the full distance, while Malloy, who worked for the Parkesburg Iron Company, was relieved in the thirteenth by Touchstone. The visitors were the first to score when they pushed one over in the first inning on an error, a hit, and a fly to the outfield. Parkesburg tied it up in the second on a hit and a couple of errors. After that, the teams battled each other to a standstill until the fiftheenth, when the Cubans bunched two hits and a sacrifice and scored another run. In the half of the fifteenth the Ironmen tied it up again on an error by Lucio Valdés and a hit by Baldwin. In the final frame the visitors went out in order, but White came through with a two-base hit that almost cleared the outfield fence for a home run. He went to third on Touchstone's infield out and scored on Pepolsky's single that was too hot for Jones to handle. (illiegible) brilliant one-handed pickup of Lucio Valdés's grounder in the twelfth was a fielding feature."

July 20, 1920

Philadelphia, PA
"Tuesday will find them back in Richmond with the Cuban Stars as the attraction."

July 21, 1920

Philadelphia, PA?
"North Phils Tie Cuban Stars - North Phillies and Cuban All-Stars played a ten inning tie twilight game yesterday, each scoring 2 runs. The fielding features were carried off by Chacon, Teran, Landis and Jackal."

July 22, 1920

Manhattan, NY
"Twilight Baseball - Thursday, July 22 - Beginning at 6 p.m. - Cuban Stars vs. Jeff Tesreau's Bears - Admission 50c"

July 25, 1920

Paterson, NJ
"Silk Sox Beat Cuban Stars - Paterson, New Jersey, July 30. - The fast Cuban Stars lost to the Silk Sox here on Sunday afternoon by the close score of 6 to 4. Lucas and José Junco allowed the home team 15 bingles."

July 31, 1920

Millville, NJ
"Baseball - Union Lake Park - Millville - Saturday 3:30 p.m. - Cuban Stars"

Millville, NJ
"Millville News - Cubans Won Batting Matinee - Visitors Banged Robinson Good and Hard. - Allen Stopped the Attack - Millville Came Hard From Behind But Couldn't Quite Get Enough. - The Cubans Stars mauled Robinson in an agonizing manner last Saturday afternoon at the park. They slammed the offerings to various portions of the lot, collecting ten safe swats in three innings. Five of them were two baggers. The attack yielded seven tallies and with this handicap Allen was inserted into the lineup in an endeavor to prevent further roat and he did well. In the six innings he toiled the Cubans nicked him for half dozen bingles and three runs. It was a big lead to overcome but the local clubbers clung to their job like Trojans and staged a couple of rallies that brought encouraging results. They got 3 in the fifth, 2 in the seventh and another in the ninth. An effort to pull a Hilldale finish on the Cubans had all the appearances of materializing when George Mangus led off with his fourth crash of the afternoon. Jim Steelman batting for Neville, singled to left centre and the crowd began to ysll. Ned Robinson tried hard but the best he could do was a high fly to Chacon. Then Walken wallped a line to left and magnus counted. Lewis hit sharply to Chacon who threw to Leron forcing Walker. With Streehan on third, Allen hit to short left and Chacon ran back and caught it, ending the game. The Cubans play speedy ball and Millville did not make a half bad showing against them. Some miscues enacted early in the contest helped the visitors pile up the runs, but at that Millville kept in the game and made a respectable showing. George Mangus led the hitting with three singles and a double. Matt Donahue and Allen each got two and in all the home club banged Lucas for 14 crashes, while the visiting crowd got sixteen."