1919 New York Cuban Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1919 New York Cuban Stars

1919 New York Cuban Stars

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 17, 1919

Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
"At Flatbush Oval - Flatbush Base Ball Club 8, Cuban Giants 4."

May 24?, 1919

Tarrytown, NY
"At Tarrytown - Chevrolet Baseball Club 2, Cuban Stars 1."

May 25?, 1919

Brooklyn, NY
"At St. Gabriel's Field, Brooklyn - St. Gabriel's 3, Cuban Giants 2."

May 30, 1919

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"Cubans Double Victors. - Defeat the Royal Giants by Scores of 4 to 1 and 3 to 0. - The Cuban Stars of Havana yesterday triumphed in both games of a double header with the Royal Giants at Dexter Park in Brooklyn. In the first game the Havana team won by a score of 4 to 1 and in the second contest the visitors romped off with a 3 to 0 victory."

June 1, 1919

Harlem, NY
"Cubans Win and Lose. - Beat Lincolns, 6 to 5, After Dropping First Game, 7 to 6. In two exciting contests the Lincoln Giants and the Cuban Stars of Havana yesterday divided honors at Olympic Field, the Cubans taking the second game in eleven innings, 6 to 5, and the home nine winning the first, 7 to 6. Late rallies figured in each. The Lincolns scored four runs in the ninth inning of the opening contest. In the second game the Cubans tallied three times in the ninth and the home crew tied the count by scoring twice. A capacity crowd saw the game. Next Sunday the Lincolns will play the Hobokens and Downey Shipyards teams."

June 7?, 1919

Glendale, Long Island, NY
"At Glendale, Long Island - Cuban Stars 8, Ivanhoe Athletic Club 7."

June 8, 1919

Cypress Hills, Queens, NY
"Cubans in Double Bill. - Dexter Park, near the Cypress Hills 'L' will be the scene of a good double header tomorrow, in which the Cuban Stars of Havana, champions of the Cuban National League, will tackle the Bushwicks. The games are sure to draw a capacity crowd. Hageman, schoolboy phenom, will pitch against Padrone, king of the Cuban hurlers, in the first game. The Cuban Colony's Club will send 400 rooters to the game.

Cypress Hills, Queens, NY
"Cubans Drop Two Games - Defeated by Bushwicks by Scores of 3 to 2 and 4 to 0. - The Bushwicks humbled the Cuban Stars of Havana twice yesterday at Dexter Park, winning the first game by a score of 3 to 2 and taking the second, a seven inning contest, by 4 to 0. Mitchell held the Cubans to five hits in the opener."

June 22, 1919

Harlem, NY
"Cuban Stars Win Two - The Cuban Stars defeated their old rivals, the Lincoln Giants, in both ends of a double-header at Olympic Field yesterday, the scores being 9 to 2 and 5 to 4. The winners batted the ball hard in the first for a total of thirteen hits. The second contest was close throughout."

June 24, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"Cuban Stars Lose - Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 24 (Special). - Bacharach Giants downed the Cuban Stars in easy fashion here today, 10 to 2. Opportune hits by the Giants turned the trick, making eleven hits count for nineteen bases. Ben Taylor's hitting and John Henry Lloyd's fielding featured. Same teams play here tomorrow."

June 25, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"Giants' Streak Broken - Cuban Wallop Shore Nine by Run After Nine Wins in Row - Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 25 (Special). - After winning nine consecutive games the Bacharach Giants lost to the Cuban Stars here today by 4 to 3. A home run clout by Pitcher Swarez in the sixth inning with two on turned the trick. The same teams play here tomorrow."

June 26, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"Cuban Stars Forfeit - Refuse to Continue Game After Umpire Calls Time for Rain - Atlantic City, NJ, June 26 (Special). - One of the best played games this season staged here today finished via the forfeit route when Cuban Stars refused to play after the umpire had called time on account of rain at which time Bacharach giants had a runner sojourning on the keystone sack. Williams and Lucas had twirled a sensational game each man having allowed but one safe hit. Bacharach Giants were awarded the decision 9 to 0."

June 29, 1919

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"Cubans at Dexter Park. - The Cuban Stars, champions of the Havana Baseball Leaue, will make their third appearance of the season at Dexter Park, near the Cypress Hills 'L' tomorrow in a doubleheader with the Bushwicks, Brooklyn's leading semi-pro team. The Cubans, now that they have becom acclimated, are playing great ball and should force the Bushwicks to the limit. Maloney and Hageman will pitch for the home team, and Hohman will catch."

July 20, 1919

Harlem, NY
"Cubans in Harlem. - Another double header in the interesting series between the Lincoln Giants and the Cuban Stars will be played tomorrow afternoon at Olympic Field, in Harlem. The Lincolns are only one game ahead of the club from Havana. The Cubans will have a big squad of rooters from the Cuban Colony Club. Williams will opposed Suarez in the feature contest. The Cuban holds a decision over the home star and is more than anxious to repeat."

July 22, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"Giants Win In Twelfth - Cuban Stars Fade Away When Redding and Handy Go to Bat - Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 22 (Special). - One of the most sensational games of the season played here today resulted in Bacharach Giants defeating Cuban Stars in a 12-inning event, 2 to 1. Cannonball Dick Redding was the star, opening both the eighth and twelfth with a single. Handy's two-base blow scored him with the winning counter."

July 23, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"Cuban Stars Defeated - Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 23 (Special). - The Bacharach Giants won the second game of the series from their old rivals, the Cuban Stars, here today, score 5 to 2. Four hits and an error in the eighth inning turned the trick. The same teams play here tomorrow."

July 27, 1919

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"Cornell Star to Pitch. - The Cuban Stars will tackle the Bushwicks in a double header at Dexter Park, near the Cypress Hills elevated station, tomorrow afternoon. Maloney has been forbidden by the Jersey City club to pitch any more games for the Bushwicks. The Bushwicks announced yesterday that they had signed a pitcher who once was a star for Cornell. The Cubans are out to avenge their recent double defeat at the hands of the Bushwicks."