1919 Newark Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1919 Newark Stars

1919 Newark Stars

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 18, 1919

Inwood, Manhattan, NY
"Empey's Team Breaks Even. - Treat 'Em Roughs Lost to Standard Shipyards, Best Newark Stars. - Twenty-five hundred fans saw Treat 'Em Roughs break even in a doubleheader at Dyckman Oval yesterday. In the first game the home team was beaten by the Standard Shipyard nine 4 to 1, but in the feature the Treat 'Em Roughs downed the Newark Stars, 7 to 5. Jimmy Clinton, former star huler of the Jersey City Club, made his debut for the visitors in the game with the Stars. Brun double scored three of the four runs the Roughs obtained in the fifth inning of the feature contest."

May 24?, 1919

Queens?, NY
"At Nurges Field - Second Game - Newark Stars 2, Tietjen and Lang 3."

July 13, 1919

Harlem, NY
"Two Games for Lincolns. - The Lincoln Giants will have the Downey Shipyards and Newark Stars baseball teams as their opponents tomorrow afternoon in the Harlem team's weekly double header at Olympic Field, 135th Street and Fifth Avenue. Both the shipbuilders and Newark teams have been traveling at a good pace this season and should make things interesting for the home team. Cyclone Joe Williams will pitch against the Downey team."