1917 Los Angeles White Sox

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1917 Los Angeles White Sox

1917 Los Angeles White Sox

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

February 11, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"The pitching of Mooney, combined with the heavy hitting of the L.A. White Sox, was too much for the Western Pool Hall team yesterday. The colored boys won, 6 to 3. The game was played on the Vernon grounds. Mooney fanned seven, allowed five hits and walked one. Glenn made four hits out of five times up for the winners, including one double."

February 13, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"Imported Southpaw Revives Courage of Chocolate Men - The Los Angeles White Sox, colored, are still whimpering. They want Manager Hull to bring back his San Diego ball club and clean them again. Lon Goodwin, boss of the colored aggregation, wired for Hull to come north again next Sunday, but the local leader is not crazy about it and the chances are that the proffer will be refused.
The elevation of spirit in the White Sox camp is due to an acquisition of a southpaw pitcher, whom they refer to as the greatest left-hander in the game. His name is Donaldson and his home is Kansas City. Donaldson says that John McGraw looked him over and said he was the best southpaw he ever saw and could not have shown Rube Waddell something in the Reuben's palmiest day."

February 15, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"Mr. John Donaldson left Thursday for Los Angeles, California, to pitch for the White Sox. He will return the first of May to resume his position with Schmelzers' All Nations."

February 18, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"Manager Goodwin of the Los Angeles White Sox accepts the challenge issued by Manager Hendrie of the champion San Pedro Merchants' nine, and will arrange a series of games to be played at Maier park, Vernon, in the near future. Goodwin denies that the Sox have ever "run out" on any ball club, as charged by Hendrie. 'It is my policy to match my club with the best in the league, in fact, I would rather see my boys go down to defeat at the hands of a worthy opponent than to win from a team that could not give the fans a run for their money. I have a fighting team that will give the best clubs in the business a worthy battle.' said Manager Goodwin of the White Sox.
The Los Angeles White Sox will cross bats with the Westerns Sunday afternoon at Maier Park, Vernon. The Westerns are an aggregation of ball players from the Coast and major leagues. "Skeeter" Fanning will do the twirling for the Westerns, and John Donaldson, the new left-hander of the Sox, will make his debut on the Coast as the pitcher of the White Sox. Donaldson is said to be one of the greatest negro pitchers in the world."

Los Angeles, CA
"Struck out - by Donaldson, 5 in 6 innings. Mooney, 3 in 3 innings, Pirrone, 3."

February 25, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"San Pedro 7, White Sox 0. Batteries: Schneider and Cook, Donaldson and Baker."

March 3, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"Donaldson, Left Field"

March 4, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"In the third game of San Pedro L.A. White Sox series the White Sox won, 2 to 1. Mooney hurled a nifty game, letting the harbor boys down with five hits. The colored club won by bunching three hits in the eighth for the run that broke the 1-1 tie."

March 11, 1917

Pasadena, CA
"On Sunday, March 11, the crack Los Angeles White Sox played the Pasedena team in that city. The white boys had no chance with the the Sox, as Donaldson was on the mound. As usual, the Sox won, 13 to 2."

March 18, 1917

Vernon, CA
"The L.A. White Sox unraveled the P.E. team at Vernon yesterday afternoon, 9 to 8. The hitting of Donaldson, the pitcher for the colored club, featured the game. He made a triple, two doubles, and a single in four times at bat."

March 25, 1917

Vernon, CA
"Wilbur Rogan, the pitcher from Honolulu who made his first appearance here yesterday at Vernon, is some pumpkins. He is touted as the best pitcher of the Hawaiian islands, and he seems to be all of that. He held the Westerns to one hit and two runs yesterday. Also Rogan made three triples and a single in four times at bat, helping the L.A. White Sox to beat the Westerns, 10 to 2. Rogan fanned fourteen men. He was a little wild, as he has not pitched for several weeks. His wildness and errors gave the Westerns their two runs in the first round and thereafter they were helpless."

April 5, 1917

Vernon, CA
"Rogan Will Hurl for Los Angeles Team This Year - Wilbur Rogan, premier pitcher of the 25th Infantry, has signed to play with the Los Angeles White Sox, considered one of the leading colored teams in the country. John Anderson's team is given the following notice in a Los Angeles newspaper: Columns have been devoted to various characteristics and qualifications of baseball magnates, devotees of the great American game, but here is a story of a magnate unique in the annals of this famous pastime. John Anderson, known as the "Black Prince," rated as a millionaire and retired from the business world, is devoting his energy and capital to promote his favorite hobby. He is the owner of the Los Angeles White Sox, a colored aggregation of ball players. "It is my ambition to be the owner of a ball club that will prove to be the greatest colored aggregation in the world. At present I have three great stars in pithers, Mooney, Donaldson and my latest acquisition, Rogan, whom I have secured from Honolulu. I am negotiating for other stars to strengthen the Sox lineup and I will not be satisfied until I have a club without a flaw. The white teams have their champions and I will spare no expense to make my club the greatest colored aggregation in the land," said "Black Prince" Anderson. Donaldson is considered to be the greatest southpaw in the business, although to date he has failed to pitch a sensational game for the Sox. However, he has proven effective and may be expected at any time to show his real class. Mooney is Anderson's old standby. He posesses a "shoe string" ball which has proven the undoing of many opposing clubs. His headwork while in the box proves his worth as a finishd pitcher. Rogan, the latest addition to the Sox, is one of the greatest colored players in the business, performing at any position on the diamond or outfield with his pitching and heavy batting as his principal assets. Rogan has a record of pitching 54 consecutive innings without allowing a run, a record within two innings of equaling Walter Johnson's great record of 56 consecutive innings without a score. The White Sox meet the Westerns this afternoon at Maier Park, Vernon, California, in the first game of the new league schedule. Rogan will pitch for the Sox."

April 8, 1917

Vernon, CA
"The L.A. White Sox were defeated yesterday afternoon at Vernon by the Pacific Electric ball club, 7 to 1. Harry Stewart pitched splended ball for the winners, holding the colored nine to five hits."