1916 Cuban Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1916 Cuban Stars

1916 Cuban Stars

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 7, 1916

Indianapolis, IN
"Cubans Here Sunday - Famous Havana Team Comes to Play Four Game Series With Taylor's A.B.C.s - The Cuban Stars of Havana, Cuba, will open a four-game series at Federal Park Sunday with Taylor's A.B.C.s. The Islanders played in Havana all winter. The Cubans have made stops at New Orleans, Montgomery, Birmingham and Nashville, and also will play at Memphis before arriving here.

May 21, 1916

Chicago, IL
"American Giants 2, Cubans 0."

May 23, 1916

Chicago, IL
"Cuban Stars 3, American Giants 1."

May 24, 1916

Chicago, IL
"American Giants 5, Cuban Stars 2."

May 25, 1916

Chicago, IL
"Cuban Stars 6, American Giants 1."

May 26, 1916

Chicago, IL
"Cuban Stars 4, American Giants 3"

May 28, 1916

Chicago, IL
"Cubans 4, Garden City 0."

Chicago, IL
"Cubans Win, 4-0; First Loss for Stack. - Chicago, May 29. - Eddie Stack lost his first game in seven starts at Garden City Park yesterday, the Cuban Stars besting the ex-Cub, 4 to 0. Eddie's mates got but four hits off Padrone, the islanders' southpaw, who fanned thirteen and received the kind of support his flinging merited. Singles by Jiminez and Torrienti with a triple by Gonzales between started the foreigner off with a 2 to 0 lead in the opener. Jiminez hit the ball over the left center fence after Rio's single in the seventh, and clinched the game. About 4,000 saw the contest, which was marked by sharp fielding by the visitors, with Pancho Villa performing most of the thrillers."

May 30, 1916

Chicago, IL
"Cuban Stars 6, American Giants 4."

May 31, 1916

Chicago, IL
"American Giants 5, Cuban Stars 1."

June 2, 1916

Chicago, IL
"American Giants 4, Cuban Stars 2."

June 7, 1916

Cincinnati, OH
"Cubans to Play All Stars At Redland - The first of a series of three games between the famous Cuban Stars and the A.B.C.s of Indianapolis, will be played at Redland Field Wednesday. Games also will be played Thursday and Friday. The A.B.C.s are the pick of the Royal Giants, of New York; American Giants, of Chicago, and the Sprudels, of West Baden and compose a formidable colored team. Pedrosa, star Cuban pitcher, will pitch Wednesday. Steel Arm Taylor is slated to pitch for the A.B.C.s."

July 4, 1916

Chicago, IL
"American Giants 3, Cubans 2."

July 9, 1916

Beloit, WI
"Cubans 4, Beloit 1."