1914 Brooklyn Royal Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1914 Brooklyn Royal Giants

1914 Brooklyn Royal Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 23, 1914

Wilmington, DE
"Royal Giants Beat Chicks - Wilmington, Delaware, April 23. - Unable to hit timely and fielding poorly, the Wilmington Chicks lost to the Royal Giants of Brooklyn yesterday, score 3 to 2."

April 28, 1914

Allentown, PA
"The Royal Giants defeated Allentown yesterday, score 3 to 2."

Allentown, PA
"Giants Nose Out Allentown - Allentown, Pennsylvania, April 28 (Special). - The Brooklyn Royal Giants, advertised as the champion colored team of the world, defeated the Allentown Tri State Club in an exhibition game here today by the score of 3 to 2."

April 29, 1914

Allentown, PA
"Allentown Wins in Close Battle - Special to the Telegraph - Allentown, Pennsylvania, April 30. - In defeating the Royal Giants of Brooklyn yesterday, score 4 to 2, the Teutons showed satisfactory form."

May 1, 1914

Reading, PA
"Reading Blanks Giants - Reading, Pennsylvania, May 1 (Special). - Izzy Hoffman's Tri-Staters won their second shutout victory of the week here today, defeating the Brooklyn Royal Giants, 2 to 0. Rube Holmes and Cotter, a Philadelphia boy, pitched fine ball."

May 3, 1914

Harlem, NY
"Sunday Baseball Games. - The Royal Giants will make their first appearance in Harlem this season by playing the Lincoln Giants a double header at Olympic Field, One Hundred and Thirty Sixth street and Fifth Avenue."

May 9, 1914

Perth Amboy, NJ
"Speedy Royal Giants vs. Pacers Saturday. - The Brooklyn Royal Giants, one of the best colored tams in the country, have been booked to play the Perth Amboy Pacers at the Amusement Park grounds on this coming Saturday afternoon. It had been planned originally to play the New York Colored Giants on Saturday, but after the exhibitions of the Colored Giants in Schenectady last Sunday when they were beaten by 17 to 0 and 12 to 1 scores, the game was cancelled by Billy Pfau and arrangements were made to play the Royal Giants instead. The Royal Giants are under the management of Nat Strong, who has successfully conducted the tours of the Japanese and Chinese teams, in the United States during the past few seasons. The Royal Giants played at Olympic Field, New York, the home of the famous Lincoln Giants, half of last season and lost a five game series to that team. The Lincolns are considered the very best colored team in the world and have beaten many major league teams. The calibre of the Royals can be judged by their victories this season over some of the best of the New York semi-pro clubs and the Royals also had a successful trip through the New York State League. Last spring the Royals beat the Middletown club of this league by the score of 2 to 1 and 3 to 2. As the Royals are to play here this Saturday, the game which they had scheduled for this city for Wednesday, May 13 has been called off."
Perth Amboy, NJ
"Every day the six pitchers throw to the batters for a length of time equal to three innings each, which gives the club a total of about eighteen innings batting practice each day. As soon as the batting cage arrives, even more time will be devoted to the batting work. It is expected that the cage will be here in time for tomorrow's game against the Royal Giants. With either Harvey or Dismukes pitching for the Royal Giants in Saturday's game, the Pacers will be called upon to face the first hard curve pitching of the training season. Bill McCrane may also toe the twirling tee for a few innings. Harry Robedee, of Tottenville, wil most likely work the first part of the game for the Pacers against the Royals. Cliff Randolph is due to arrive here tomorrow and he will probably pitch part of the game. - The Royals have a well balanced team all around and the local batters will have to place the ball out of reach of the colored boys if they expect to score many runs. Errors will be few and far between on the Royals side, and on the other hand, the Royals will have to swing their bats just as well as the Perth Amboy boys, as local pitchers all seem to be in the pink of condition now. No pitcher will be asked to go the full routs of nine innings by manager Bob Ganley until it is near time for the Atlantic League season to open."

Perth Amboy, NJ
"Superb Baseball Card Offered; 2 Games Tomorrow, Series Start - For the first time in many years the Royal Giants, a team of colored champions, will make their appearance in this city, meeting the Perth Amboy Pacers of the Atlantic League at Amusement Park grounds at 3:30 this afternoon. This game against the Royal Giants will be the crucial test for the batters of the local club, as it will be the first time that the team will have faced first class pitching and the batting strength of the players who have been hitting the ball on the nose during the practice sessions will be given the acid test. Included in the lineup of the Royal Giants are several well-known characters who have been playing ball on the various colored teams which have been touring the country for the past half dozen years. The lead off men on the Royals' batting order include Webster, Bradley, Handy and Thomas, all of whom are batters of the type that knock the ball over the fence. The Pacers will have their best lineup in the field in both the games today against the Royals and in the battle against Doc Scanlon and the Tottenville Athletic Club tomorrow."

Perth Amboy, NJ
"Saturday Afternoon. - Saturday's game was ended abruptly by a downpour of rain as the first inning was nearing an end. The opening trio of colored batters had gone down in 1, 2, 3 fashion, two were down on the Amboy side, but Shankey was on second following a double welt into center garden. It was a summer shower, which ended this entertainment and it caused the fans on hand to seek shelter under the cover of the spacious grandstand. Indications were that the contest would be hummer, both Billy Pfau and Manager Ganley were confident of victory. Incidentally, the former probably saved a fiver, for the coons seemed to be there. Their fielding ability was of the classy sort that wins instant favor and they could hit. Webster, catcher, the first Royal Giant up singled over the second baseman's head, but he died trying to steal second as Bradley was at bat. The latter grounded to Dummy Mulcay at third, who caught him at first on a close decision. Handy struck out. Clark, the Pacers crack new second base guardian, flew out into center garden. Ganely struck out. A first trial at bunting failed. A second strike resulted through the first class heaving of Andrews, and a final and determined effort to hit on the third chance proved futile. Shankey, the Pacer first baseman, waited for a good one and he lifted it far into center field and near the fence. While the sphere did not roll, it was good for two bases."

May 10, 1914

Brooklyn, NY
"The Royal Giants play a double header at Wallace's Ridgewood grounds, Halsey street and Wyckoff avenue, Brooklyn, with the Fall River nine and the Bushwick club."

May 13, 1914

Perth Amboy, NJ
"Royal Giants Here Tomorrow - If the playoff of the postponed game between the champion colored Royal Giants, of Brooklyn, and the Perth Amboy Pacers is continued in the same lively manner tomorrow as the game was started last Saturday, there should be some high class baseball at Amusement Park. There is bound to be some heavy hitting, as the Royals will not be content unless they knock the ball over one of the fences, and they are the kind of players who are famed for such tricks. However, if the pitching is of the same calibre as was seen last Saturday, the colored gentlemen will find the fences farther away than they think. It is not likely that Shaeffer, the star left hander of the club will pitch against the Royals. If Sheaffer was to work he oculd be depended upon to hold the Royals down to the minimum. Sheaffer is being groomed along to work against the Athletics on Sunday and he will not be pushed much during the week. Ross, Simpson and Robedee will be given the acid test against the Royals. These three pitchers are fighting for places on the Pacers pitching staff and they will be called upon to show their best at this time. Applegate is also due for light work after his hard nine-inning game against the St. Anthony's last Sunday. Appy is believed to have overworked himself in the daily practice sessions and rather than sacrifice him in any of the coming exhibition games. Ganley will probably nurse him along until it comes time for the league games. Manager Ganley is anxious to win as many of the exhibition games as possible, but he would rather give a promising pitcher a trial in an exhibition game and lose that game, than wait until the league season opens to try out the material on hand. When the Atlantic League season opens on Wednesday, May 20, there won't be so many chances taken and there will be a good reason why a game is won or lost after that date. There should be plenty of humor and funny antics in the game tomorrow with the Royals. When the tussle was abruptly terminated last week, the Royals were just beginning to warm up and the fun was commencing. As the rain broke down in torrents the stubby second baseman emitted yells similar to a boy in swimming. The coaching of Royals on the baselines will be a unique feature of tomorrow's game. Doc Scanlon, who beat the Pacers on Sunday is loud on his praise of the Perth Amboy team and he says the people of this city do not realize how good of a team they have. Scanlon picks the Pacers for the first division and says they will finish third or better. The former Brooklyn pitcher was impressed with Shankey's position at the bat. Doc says that Shankey picks out good balls to hit at, making the opposing pitcher put the ball over the plate before he will swing. And when Shankey swings Scanlon says he is a sure hitter. Clark, the second sacker, also made a hit with Scanlon, as did outfielder Meara. Scanlon admitted that he had pitched one of the best games in his career, a game equally as good as any game he had ever pitched in the National League. Outfielder Mulvey, of the Bridgepot club of the Easter Association, is expected to report to Manager Ganley tomorrow and he will probably be rushed into the game. If Mulvey plays as well as Clark, who was sent from the Eastern Association, there will be no kick coming. John Fullerton, the local boy, who has been trying for short will probably be given a chance in tomorrow's game against the Royals. Fullterton is improving with each day's play and Ganley thinks he will develop into a first class player."

May 16, 1914

Brooklyn, NY
"The Royal Giants beat the Cuban Stars last Saturday by a score of 4 to 3."

June 13, 1914

Camden, NJ
"Harvey Allows Only Five Hits - Brooklyn Royal Giants Have Easy Picking with Camden, Due to Southpaw's Hurling - Harvey, the crack southpaw of the Brooklyn Royal Giants, twirled a magnificent game at Camden yesterday, allowing but five hits, all singles, and fanning seventeen men, and blanked the Camden Athletic Club aggregation by a score of 6 to 0. Harvey had the Camden boys at his mercy throughout and so effective was his pitching that not one of his outfielders had a put-out and but one infielder, Bragg at third, was called upon to accept a grounder. The Giants gave a great exhibition on every hand and while they did not hit Bassett or Dilbeck very hard their work on the bases made up for this shortcoming, getting nine steals."

June 20, 1914

Camden, NJ
"Ruben Was There With The Wallop - Called from Club House Rapp Hits Homer Which Saves Day for Camden - Royal Giants Looked Like Winners, But That Smash Started Batting Rally - Summoned from the clubroom where he had gone when the game seemed hopelessly lost, Rube Rapp set 6,000 fans wild by smashing out a home run and tying the score in the game between Camden City and the Brooklyn Royal Giants. Bakey followed with a double and scored a moment later when Handy dropped Kemerle's fly. It was the greatest rally ever seen in Camden. Two were down and the Giants five runs to the good. Sagel was hit. Laughlin singled. Lafferty doubled and Livingstone singled, netting three runs. Rapp was found in the altogether in the clubhouse. Pulling on his uniform he hurried to the plate, swung on the first ball pitched and sent it fifty feet over the left field fence, sending Livingstone in ahead of him. Then came the play that won the game. In the third inning Sagel hit a homer with the bases full. The final score was 17 to 16."

June 27, 1914

Southwark, Philadelphia, PA
"Southwark Field Club - Tenth Street and Oregon Avenue - Southwark vs. Brooklyn Royal Giants - Today, 3:15 p.m."