1912 Chicago American Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1912 Chicago American Giants

1912 Chicago American Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 18, 1912

Chicago, IL
"Current News of Chicago - Rube Foster has Great Aggregation of Ball Players - Party in Honor of Miss Ethel Mitchell - University Club Gives Musical and Dance - By Cary B. Lewis. - Special to the Freeman. - Chicago, Illinois, April 18. - Chicago is all agog over the coming baseball season among colored players. Interest is at fever heat. Rube Foster has the greatest aggregation ever, and from all reports will have the only colored team in this city. The lineup is as follows: Duncan, left field; Hill, center field; Payne, right field; Lindsey, pitcher; Monroe, second basse; Booker, third; Hutchinson, shortstop; Petway, catcher; Pierce, first; Daugherty, pitcher; Gatewood, pitcher; Wickware, pitcher; Rube Foster, pitcher. The team is stronger than ever. This is indicated by the very fine practices the team has been having the past three weeks. The opening game will be Sunday, April 21, at the American Giants Park, Rogers Park vs. American Giants. One of the greatest crowds in history of colored games is expected to be present on Sunday. Special arrangements have been made for special parties and thousands of private boxes will be taken by enthusiastic fans. The ladies will be present in large numbers, wearing their Easter frocks and gogeous plumes and hats."

April 21, 1912

Chicago, IL
"Sunday, April 21 - American Giants vs. Rogers Park, Chicago."

April 23, 1912

Aurora, IL
"Tuesday, April 23 - Giants vs Aurora, Aurora."

April 24, 1912

Aurora, IL
"Wednesday, April 24 - Giants vs Aurora, Aurora."

April 25, 1912

Mount Sterling, IL
"Thursday, April 25 - Giants vs Oshkosh, Mount Sterling."

April 26, 1912

Chicago, IL
"Friday, April 26 - Three I League."

April 27, 1912

Davenport, IA
"Saturday, April 27 - Giants vs. Davenport, Davenport, Iowa."

April 28, 1912

Chicago, IL
"Sunday, April 28 - Giants vs. U.S. League, Chicago, Illinois."

May 5, 1912

Chicago, IL
"Sunday, May 5 - Giants vs Joliet Standards."

May 12, 1912

Chicago, IL
"May 12 - Giants vs. West Ends."

May 18, 1912

Chicago, IL
"Baseball - The baseball situation of the past week has not been very flattering. Compared with the interest displayed at this time a year ago and now, the situation is quite forlorn and hopeless. This has been brought about by a lack of the Negroes themselves to organize. In an able article to the Press of two years ago, Andrew Rube Foster, one of the leading Negro baseball players of the World gave a number of good reasons why the Negro would not succeed in baseball without organization. Upon the strength of these suggestions, from Mr. Foster, an attempt was made to organize the Afro-American Baseball League of America with New Orleans, Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis, Mobile, Birmingham, Kansas City, and Chicago. Officers were selected and a meeting called to organize at New Orleans on the 27th of February 1911, but when it came to putting up the bonuses there were none found ready and as a result the effort to organize died a borning. Locally there sprang up three clubs, with the Union Giants making tout claiming Chicago as their home. At that time there had been one successful Negro Club, the Leland Giants. It had becom famous and was noted the world over as the leading Negro baseball Club of the world. Its success, no doubt, was the cause of its downfall and present inactivity. Rivalry and a desire to control brought about the formation of other clubs to compete for the patronage and prowess of the Leland Gaints. They all had a precarious existence for 2 years and then quietly, as Cleveland would put it, if alive, went into innocuous deuetude and now there remains just one Club in Chicago, the American Gaints, playing at 39th street in John M. Schorling's Park and paying the money to John M. Schorling that should be received by the race to which the patrons of the game belong. Be this as it may. The chances are that with Cuban Stars, Royal Giants, West Baden Sprudels and other leading clubs coming in here, the game will not be disinterseting, as present appearance would indicate, for Rube Foster, with his present line-up has almost as good a club as he had when Manager of the Leland Giants and if Tony and Monroe keep their present gait it will be hard for anyone to take the measure of the American Giants."

May 19, 1912

Brooklyn, NY
"May 19 - Giants vs. Royal Giants, New York."

May 20, 1912

Kalamazoo, MI
"May 20 - Giants vs. Kalamazoo, at Kalamazoo."

May 22, 1912

Otrigo, MI
"May 22 - Giants vs. Otrigo, Michigan."

May 23, 1912

Alligon, MI
"May 23 - Giants vs. Alligon, Emancipation Day."

May 24, 1912

Windsor, ON
"May 24 - Giants vs. Windsor, Canada."

May 25, 1912

Detroit, MI
"May 25 - Giants vs. Detroit Athletic Club."

May 26, 1912

Chicago, IL
"Double Header - May 26 Royal Giants vs Chicago Gunthers, Giants Park. May 26 - American Giants vs. Detroit Athletic Club."

May 30, 1912

Chicago, IL
"May 30 - Giants vs. West Ends, Chicago."