1911 Minneapolis Keystones

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1911 Minneapolis Keystones

1911 Minneapolis Keystones

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

March 4, 1911

New York, NY
"Leading Baseball Clubs. - The Keystones - Col. Edward F. Mitchell, manager 1313 Washington Avenue, S. Minneapolis, Minnesota."

July 2, 1911

Grand Forks, ND?
"Picketts 3, Keystones 0."

July 3, 1911

Grand Forks, ND?
"Picketts 8, Keystones 11."

July 4, 1911

Grand Forks, ND?
"Picketts 6, Keystones 11."

July 8, 1911

Minneapolis, MN
"The Gophers are a good strong team. The Star is informed that the Keystones are playing real professional ball. They showed up to form at Alexandria. Why can't the Keystones and Gophers get together and play a series? There is more spirit atraction and real money for the management in the games of these friendly rivals than in the World's Championship (among the locals at 60 and 40) Who refuses to sign? The Keystones will play anybody. So, it is either Bobby or the Kidd."