1920 Brooklyn Royal Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1920 Brooklyn Royal Giants

1920 Brooklyn Royal Giants Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

February 13, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Santop Heard From - New York, New York, February 13. - Louis Santop, late of the marine corps and catcher of the Royal Giants, was heard from recently by the sporting editor. 'Top' was in the Lone Star State looking for more baseball talent in and around Fort Worth. It may be recalled that Texas has produced some wonders in the world's famous sport and, as the old saying goes, there still may be some good fish in the sea. However, the strength of the Giants this summer will tell the story."

Brooklyn, NY
"John H. Lloyd to Manage Brooklyn Royal Giants - New York, New York, February 13. - John Henry Lloyd, who has played and managed many of the big teams all through the country, as well as being the star shortstop of the profession, has signed up with Owner Nat C. Strong of New York, 'Owner' of the Brooklyn Royal Giants, to manage the team the coming season. Lloyd managed the Brooklyn Royals in 1918 as well as in the early part of 1919 and left to join the Bacharach Giants. Lloyd, who is making his winter quarters at 1 Thompson Street, Atlantic City, New Jersey, expects to have the strongest team in the East and will spare no expense in order to procure the same. For the first time in many years an East and West series will be played, as arrangements have practically been closed with Rube Foster for a trip of the Royal Giants to Chicago this summer. In arranging this series the fight between the East and West has been forgotten and no doubt several of the big Eastern teams will tour the Middle West this season."

February 14, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"John Henry Lloyd to Manage Brooklyn Royal Giants This Season. - (By Jack Waters.) - John Henry Lloyd, who has played and managed many of the big teams through the country as well as being the star short stop of the profession has signed up with Owner Nat. C. Strong of New York, "Owner" of the Brooklyn Royal Giants, to manage the team the coming season. Lloyd managed the Brooklyn Royals in 1918 as well as the early part of 1919 and left to join the Bacharach Giants. Lloyd who is making his winter quarters at 1 Thompson Street, Atlantic City, New Jersey, expects to have the strongest team in the East and will spare no expense in order to procure the same. For the first time in many years an East and West series will be played as arrangements have practically been closed with Rube Foster for a trip of the Royal Giants to Chicago this summer. In arranging this series the big fight between the East and West has been forgotten and no doubt several of the big Eastern teams will tour the middle west this season."

February 27, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Kenneth Gardner to Star this Season - By William White - New York, New York, February 27. - With the basketball season soon to see its finish for the 1919-1920 season, and the press throughout the country starting their annual baseball season, stars from every little hole and hamlet popping up like daisies in the Springtime, and the successful birds of last season batting 400, etc., the sporting writer hears of one who is worth while. The record of this lad, Kenneth Gardner, 20 years of age, should make some of the old timers sit up and take notice. He pitched against soe of the best semi-pro teams, both white and race, last season, winning the majority of his games. His pitching average was 900 - batting average, 350 - featuring in his batting average were 12 home runs, 20 triples and 60 two-baggers and many singles. He holds the distinction of not striking out once during the season. Another important feat for Gardner was demonstrates last September at American League park in Washington, DC, the home of the Giants, against the Bacharach Giants of Atlantic City. In the second inning, score 5 to 0 in favor of the Bacharachs - bases full, nobody out - he struck out three batters in succession with nine straight strikes, sending terror and disappointment into the hearts of the seashore lads. The rest of the game he kept them biting. In the seventh inning, with the bases full and score 5 to 2 in favor of the Bacharachs, he connected with a home run, putting his team in the lead. The game ended a tie, 7 to 7, the Capital City Giants, of which James A. Kelly is the manager, has other good material and will have a team this season second to none, and intends having their own grounds. Mr. Kelly has been in communication with several managers of semi-pro teams in and around New York City and expects to announce a schedule shortly through this paper that will start the real season on its way."

February 28, 1920

Indianapolis, IN
"Will the East Organize Soon - Opinion is Strong That She Will Come Under. - (By C.D. Marchall.) - I have been asked many time about the situation in last fall's circles in the East, did I think that the big Eastern cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlantic City, Brooklyn, and New York would organize a league of base ball. It is known that there is a little budfulling circulating among some of the Eastern managers and that extends into the West but it is thought that the storm will soon blow over. Now that the West has organized and is busy laying plans of how to keep her best players, I am sure that the Eastern managers will be almost forced to come together. They know Rube Foster and C.I. Taylor, as well as you do and what is more they fear these two wizards of the West and since the news has reached them that the West has "come together" they are shocked, presumably. But enby and this "get even" idea are to be elminiated in colored base ball circles in the season of 1920 and only thought of heading the league teams is the thing uppermost in every manager's mind. Winning the pennant should be the argument."

Kansas City, MO
"Coming Baseball Season - Since the proposed baseball league out West, headed by Rube Foster, Tenny Blount, and others, which got under way recently, and who held a session at Kansas City, all the baseball bugs out this way have awakened from their slumber and are making preparations for the biggest season in the history of baseball. John Henry Lloyed has falled in line with the Royal Giants, while Santop, the well-known catcher of last leason is below the Mason and Dixon line digging up material to present to New Yorkers. Guy Empey sends us word that he more than likely will have a Race team this season, while Brooklyn will have several representative teams. Joe Williams has shown himself on the horizon and predicts a great season for himself.

"Baseball Writers and Managers are Royally Entertained - The baseball managers and newspaper men were royally entertained. The officers of the Community Center, where the league met, were very courteous. They wanted for nothing to make the meeting a success. On Friday night, J.L. Wilkinson, manager of the Kansas City Monarchs, entertained with a ten-course dinner at the DeLuxe cafe. Saturday night, Q.J. Gilmore, exalted ruler of the Elks, and the Elks of the city gave a banquet and smoker at the De Luxe cafe. Among the speakers were C.I. Taylor, 'Rube' Foster, Cary B. Lewis, 'Tenny' Blount, Dave Wyatt, Lorenzo Cobb, C.D. Williams, Dr. Howard Smith, Undertaker Watkins, Q.J. Gilmore, Attorney Elisha Scott, J.L. Wilkerson and others. Sunday, Mrs. Felix Payne entertained the visiting gentlemen. Mr. Payne, who is at Detroit, Michigan, with an automobile invention, telegraphed Mr. Snell to act as host for him. Mrs. Payne served a delicious dinner. Felix Payne Jr assisted in the service. Later in the evening, Dr. and Mrs. Howard Smith served dinner for 'Rube' Foster, 'Tenny' Blount, Dave Wyatt, and Elwood C. Knox. Mr. Foster remained over a few days to talk baseball matters over with the manager of this city."

March 26, 1920

New York, NY
"Santop in Oil State - New York, New York, March 26. - Louis Santop, who is well known in baseball circles as a lightning catcher, is still in Fort Worth, Texas and vacinity, where he has made several finds for one of the Eastern teams. It is now a question as to what contract he and his talent will affix their signatures."

March 27, 1920

Fort Worth, TX
"Louis Santop, catcher and Captain of the Royal Giants is in Fort Worth for the Winter."
Eddie Douglass, first sacker of the Brooklyn Royals, who went up from the Black Giants writes his ex-manager that he would like to again be in "Old London."

May 1, 1920

Glendale, Long Island, NY
"Farmers to Play Royal Giants. - The Farmer Baseball Club will engage in their first half holiday game Saturday afternoon when they cross bats with the Royal Giants at Farmer Oval, Hughes Street, Glendale, Long Island Sunday afternoon, on the same grounds, the Farmers will tackle Westinghouse of Newark. Manager Harrer of the home team will send Hagerman and O'Malley to the mound."

May 2, 1920

Westchester, NY
"Royals Win Two - John Henry Lloyd's Royal Giants won both ends of a double-header from Joe Williams' Lincoln Giants at the Catholic Protectory Grounds last Sunday by the scores of 5 to 2 and 5 to 4. A small crowd witnessed the game."

Westchester, NY
"Lincoln Giants Lose Twice to Royal Giants - The Lincoln Giants lost both games of a double-header to the Royal Giants at the Catholic Protectory grounds yesterday afternoon. The score of the first contest was 5 to 2. In the second game the Royal Giants won out in the ninth inning, 5 to 4, by tallying two runs."

May 8, 1920

Chicago, IL
"Warming Up - The PHiladelphia Giants, Lincoln Giants, Royal Giants, and a few more of the local Race teams got off to a poor start this season. The Lincolns and Royals first appearance of the season resulted in being beaten twice in one day (double-headers). The concensus of opinion in Harlem is the boys are just warming up."

May 22, 1920

Norfolk, VA
"Norfolk, Virginia - Chappie Johnson's Norfolk All Stars and Lloyd's Royal Giants broke even in a two-game series, the Stars winning their game by a score of 5 to 3, and the Giants theirs by 8 to 3. The teams have played seven games and each have won three, the other being a tie."

May 23, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Win and Lose - Last Sunday, in two well-played games, the Bushwicks and the Royal Giants split even. In the first encounter, the Royals were shut out 2 to 0. In the dinner engagement, the Bushwicks suffered the same dose by the score of 6 to 0."

Brooklyn, NY
"At Dexter Park - Royal Giants 0, Bushwicks 2. Second Game Royal Giants 6, Bushwicks 0."

May 26, 1920

Port Richmond, PA
"Nativity Will Play Twilight Baseball - Phil Haggerty's Team Opens Late Afternoon Season With Brooklyn Royal Giants - In spite of the lack of daylight savings in these parts, Manager Phil Haggerty, of the Native baseball club, will open the twilight season with the Brooklyn Royal Giants on May 26, at the home grounds, Belgrade and Ontario streets, Port Richmond, the home of Patsy German et al."

Port Richmond, PA
"Nativity Beats Royal Giants - A balk by pitcher Jesse Hubbard with the bases full in the sixth inning enabled the Nativity C.C. to romp off with the game with the Brooklyn Royal Giants by the score of 3 to 2. Prior to this inning Hubbard had allowed the heavy sluggers of Nativity one hit, which was a home run off of the bat of "Lefty" Nolan."

May 29, 1920

Upland, PA
"Brooklyn Giants Downed by Upland - Frank Bakers's Aggregation Captures Game Full of Sensations Before Big Crowd - Pitching Fine Ball Johnson Holds Heavy Visiting Sluggers to Six Hits - Special to the Inquirer. - Upland, May 29. - Home-run J. Frank Baker's Upland aggregation defeated the strong Brooklyn Giants here today before the biggest crowd of the season, 5 to 3. The game was replete with sensations. Johnson pitched a brilliant game for the Hilltops and held the heavy Giant sluggers to six hits. Gardner twirled good ball for the visitors, but was nicked hard in the pinches. Nelson's batting featured for Upland. Douglas, the Giants' first baseman, smashed out a homer."

May 30, 1920

Paterson, NJ
"Royals Win - Paterson, New Jersey, June 4. - The Royal Giants of New York City won a well played game here last Sunday over the Silk Sox by the score of 5 to 1. Jesse Hubbard pitched splendid ball for the visitors."

Paterson, NJ
"At Paterson - Royal Giants 5, Silk Sox 1."

May 31, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Royals vs. Cubans - On Decoration Day, Monday, May 31st, Captain John Henry Lloyd will lead his Royal Giants against the famous Cuban Stars, who recently landed in this country from Cuba, at Dexter Park, Brooklyn, New York. The game will be staged in connection with the outing and picnic of the Hotel Bellman's Association, of that borough, at the same park."

June 6, 1920

Staten Island, NY
"Caseys Square Off to Meet Royal Giants Tomorrow - Manager Squiers Reports His Team is On the Mend Again - Manager Squiers declares that his Caseys are again O.K. and ready to give the Royal Colored Giants the battle of their lives at .. tomorrow afternoon. Captain Ed Manning, who was .. in last Saturday's game, is coming along nicely and will get back in .. in a few weeks. Danny Bryant reports that his in... again and anxious to get going in his ... again. Schewarz, the .. of the Casey staff, is still throwing with a sore hand, and ... be in good condition to pitch Sunday. .. Hal will... was the emergency ... and his work was on a ... known this season. The Royals have been going at a great clip recently, shutting out ..wards, 3 to 0. Bushwichs, 6 to 0, Cuban Stars 2 to 0, and winning from Bayonne 2 to 1. It will be remember that was the same way the Caseys beat Bayonne by."

June 10, 1920

Darby, PA
"Hilldale Defeats Giants - Hilldale was given a great battle yesterday afternoon at their home park by the Brooklyn Royal Giants, and for seven innings it was a battle royale, and almost every play was disputed by one side or the other. Both teams were full of fight that makes the game spicy. The visitors set the pace for the first four innings, but when Hilldale essayed the leadership in that frame they were never headed, although for a short period in the seventh frame were tied at 4 all. Score, 10-4."

June 13, 1920

Pottstown, PA
"Giants on Short End - Brooklyn Team unable to Hold Pottstown After Third Round; Score 7 to 5. - Pottstown, Pennsylvania, June 13 - Pottstown won a big game here today from Brooklyn Royal Giants, 7 to 5. The hitting of Gardella and McAvoy, also heavy stick work of Scott featured."

June 15, 1920

Pottsville, PA
"Good Holds Brooklyn Royals Down and Nativity Wins - Another new pitching "ace" was uncovered in last night's twilight game at Nativity Field. Pitching against the Brooklyn Royal Giants' "Joe" Good, the latest addition to Phil Haggerty's twirling staff, allowed only 27 men to face him in the nine innings, 4 hits being made off his delivery, Nativity winning by 4 to 0."

June 17, 1920

Darby, PA
"Hilldale beat Brooklyn Royal Giants 10 to ? on the former's grounds Thursday."

June 20, 1920

Harriman, PA
"Brooklyn Giants Defeat Merchants - Lloyd Scores Three Runs for Victors and Shipbuilders Lose, 5 to 3 - Harriman, Pennsylvania, June 20. - The Brooklyn Royal Giants won from Merchant Ship here today by 5 to 3. Lloyd scored three of the Giants; runs, stealing home in the eighth inning."

July 1, 1920

Philadelphia, PA
"2 Big Games - Baseball - Tioga and B Streets - Twilight Game Tonight 6 p.m. - Brooklyn Royal Giants vs. Marshall E. Smith & Bro."

Philadelphia, PA
"M. E. Smith Jolts Giants - Local Team Has Easy Time Defeating Brooklyn Royals by 9-4 Score - The Brooklyn Royal Giants were handed a 9-4 defeat by the Marshall E. Smith nine at R and Tioga Streets yesterday afternoon in one of the most sensational games of the season. Keehler pitched a great game for the Smith aggregation, holding the visitors to two hits."

July 10, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Brooklyn, New York, July 16. - Before a crowd of 6,000 fans last Saturday at Howard field the Howards fell before the onslaughts of Kenneth Gardner, who hurled for the fast Royal Giants, by the score of 3 to 1. Besides pitching airtight ball. Kenneth Gardner started a rally in the seventh inning by hitting a slashing three-bagger to left field fence, but was left on third when his teammates failed to locate the slants of Lenny, the opposing pitcher."

July 11, 1920

Manhattan, NY
"Big Double Header, This Sunday, July 11th - Royal Giants vs. Jeff Tesreau's Bears - At Dyckman Oval, New York City, Admission 50c"

"An Even Break - New York, New York, July 16. - John Henry Lloyd and his Royal Giants broke even in a twin bill last Sunday with Jeff Tesreau's Bears, winning the opener by the shut-out score, 6 to 0, and the Bears, the dinner engagement, 3 to 1. Kenyon, who hurled the first game for Nat Strong's boys, allowed the Dyckman Heights aggregation three scattered hits, while his opponent, Burke, was touched for 11 bingles. The Bears were charged with two errors. The last game was a pitchers' battle between Leroy Roberts and Big Jeff, the former Giant coming out on the long end. Roberts pitched splendid ball, errors by his teammates causing his downfall. The first two runs were not earned runs. Four Thousand fans witnessed the game and hollered themselves hoarse whenever a spectacular play was made. This Sunday the attraction will be a return engagement with the famous Cuban Stars. Of the previous games played between these teams the Cubans have the edge, having won three out of four. Baron and Lucas will do the twirling for the visitors, while the Bears will depend on Burke, the former Brooklyn twirler, and Big Jeff himself."

Manhattan, NY
"Tesreau's Bears Face Royal Giants To-day - A double header has been arranged for this afternoon at Dyckman Oval, near the Dyckman Street subway station, the Royal Giants, pioneers among the independents, and Jeff Tesreau's Bears meeting in two games. The games will bring together two teams that have made their mark in local baseball circles and should be productive of a brand of playing that will keep the fans on edge from start to finish."

Manhattan, NY
"Bears and Giants Divide - The Royal Giants and Jeff Tesreau's Bears divided a double header at Dyckman Oval yesterday afternoon. The Giants won the first game by a score of 6 to 0 and the Bears took the second contest, 3 to 1."

Manhattan, NY
"At Dyckman Oval - Royal Giants 1, Tesreau's Bears 3. Second Game Royal Giants 6, Tesreau's Bears 0."

July 15, 1920

Manhattan, NY
"Twilight Baseball - New York, New York, July 16. - For the first time in the history of semi-pro baseball we are to have twilight games. This information was given out by officials at Dyckman Oval last Sunday. The first of these games was scheduled to be played Thursday of this week, the attraction being Tesreau's Bears and the Royal Giants. Every Thursday until September these games will be played at Dyckman Oval, the home of Jeff Tesreau's Bears, beginning at 6 p.m. On next Thursday, July 22, the attraction will be the Cuban Stars vs. Tesreau's Bears. Remember, the games start at 6 p.m. and the admission will be 50 cents."

July 22, 1920

Parkesburg, PA
"Giants Stop Parkesburg - Touchstone Weakens in Eighth and Brooklyn Royal Giants Score 5 Runs - Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, July 22 (Special). - One big inning was enough for the Brooklyn Royal Giants to pile up sufficient runs too defeat Parkesburg Iron Company here today and incidentally to stop the Ironmen's winning streak."

July 24, 1920

Upland, PA
"Upland Walloped by Brooklyn Giants - Special to the Inquirer - Upland, Pennsylvania, July 24. - Upland were shut out by the Brooklyn Royal Giants on the home grounds today before 3000 spectators, the Giants hitting the ball when hits counted. Douglass landed two homers and a three-base hit, while Lloyd had a home run to his credit. Home Run Baker could not find the ball for a single hit. Despite the one-sided score, the game was replete with brilliant plays on both sides."

July 26, 1920

Florence, NJ
"Florence Will Tackle Brooklyn Royal Giants - The R.D. Wood Club, of Florence, New Jersey, will have another strong attraction at their park, 5th and Eyre Streets, tomorrow, when they meet the famous Brooklyn Royal Giants, which is no doubt the fastest colored team in the East. After playing Hilldale Club such a close game Tuesday evening when they were defeated by a 3 to 1 score in eleven innings, the R.D. Wood boys feel very confident by defeating this strong atraction."