1920 Pennsylvania Red Caps

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1920 Pennsylvania Red Caps

1920 Pennsylvania Red Caps Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

February 28, 1920

Indianapolis, IN
"Will the East Organize Soon - Opinion is Strong That She Will Come Under. - (By C.D. Marchall.) - I have been asked many time about the situation in last fall's circles in the East, did I think that the big Eastern cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlantic City, Brooklyn, and New York would organize a league of base ball. It is known that there is a little budfulling circulating among some of the Eastern managers and that extends into the West but it is thought that the storm will soon blow over. Now that the West has organized and is busy laying plans of how to keep her best players, I am sure that the Eastern managers will be almost forced to come together. They know Rube Foster and C.I. Taylor, as well as you do and what is more they fear these two wizards of the West and since the news has reached them that the West has "come together" they are shocked, presumably. But enby and this "get even" idea are to be elminiated in colored base ball circles in the season of 1920 and only thought of heading the league teams is the thing uppermost in every manager's mind. Winning the pennant should be the argument."

June 6, 1920

Queens, NY
"Ivanhoe A.C. Slaughtered - New York, New York, June 11. - The Pennsylvania Red Caps won a (illegible)-cut slugfest from the fast Ivanhoe Athletic Club team at Ivanhoe Park, last Sunday by the score of 16 to 10. The visitors batted out a (illegible) of 16 hits, as (illegible) 14 for the home boys."

Queens, NY
"At Ivanhoe Park - Pennsylvania Red Caps 3, Ivanhoe A.C. 5."

Queens, NY
"Bacharach Giants on Top - Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 6. - Four runs in the sixth was enough for Bacharach Giants to win from Pennsylvania Railroad Red Caps of New York here today, 7 to 3."

July 7, 1920

Atlantic City, NJ
"Bacharach Giants on Top - Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 7. - The Bacharach Giants won the second game of the series from the P.R.R. Red Caps of New York here today. Score 5 to 2."

July 25, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Red Caps Win and Lose - Brooklyn, New York, July 30. - The Pennsylvania Red Caps split even in a double-header last Sunday with the fast Ivanhoe A.C., losing the first by the shut-out route and taking the dinner engagement, 6 to 1. Both were well-played games."

Brooklyn, NY
"At Ivanhoe Park - Pennsylvania Red Caps 0, Ivanhoe Athletic Club 3. Second Game Pennsylvania Red Caps 6, Ivanhoe Athletic Club 1."

August 7, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Red Caps Tie Game - Pennsylvania Red Caps and Robins' Dry Dock team battled at Todd Field Saturday for eight innings, two a 3 to 3 tie, the game being called on account of rain. After trailing most of the way, William Parks's single, Deedy Crosson's sacrifice and Thomas's single, scoring William Parks, brought across the tying run in the eighth frame."

Brooklyn, NY
"At Todd Field - Pennsylvania Red Caps 3, Robins Dry Dock 3. Game called end eighth inning account rain."

August 8, 1920

Long Island, NY
"Stage 9th Inning Rally - Long Island City, August 20. - The Pennsylvania Red Caps won a clean-cut victory over the Springfields Sunday, score 6 to 5. The visitors were behind when they came to bat in the ninth; three singles, a free pass and a stolen base turned the trick."

August 14, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Each Win a Game - Brooklyn, New York, August 20. - The East New York Athletic Association and the Pennsylvania Red Caps split a twin bill at East New York Oval Saturday. The Red Caps copped the first by a run, score 4 to 3, and the local boys the (illegible) engagement 7 to 3. Ad Langford was the losing pitcher for the Caps."

East New York, NY
"At East New York (first game) - Pennsylvania Red Caps 4, East New York 3. Second game - Pennsylvania Red Caps 3, East New York 7."

August 15, 1920

Long Island City, NY
"At Recreation Park, Long Island City - Pennsylvania Red Caps 6, Springfields 5."

August 29, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Penn Red Caps in Even Break - Brooklyn, New York, September 3. - The Pennsylvania Red Caps broke even in a double engagement with the Ivanhoes Sunday, winning the first by the score of 4 to 3, dropping the dinner affair 6 to 3. Wiley, who hurled the early struggle, allowed the home boys seven hits."

Brooklyn, NY
"At Ivanhoe Park - Pennsylvania Red Caps 4, Ivanhoe Athletic Club 3."

Brooklyn, NY
"At Ivanhoe Park - Pennsylvania Red Caps 3, Ivanhoe Athletic Club 6."