1920 Cleveland Tate Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1920 Cleveland Tate Stars

1920 Cleveland Tate Stars Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

June 27, 1920

Cleveland, OH
"Armour Nine Wins So Do Tate Stars - Defeat Schleimer Federals and Dille Roads at League Park. - Class A baseball failed to attract much of a crowd to League Park yesterday, only 1,432 persons going through the turnstiles to see the double header between the Armours and Schleimer Federals and Tate Stars and Dille Roads. Pitcher Bell, who four weeks ago pitched the Schleimers to an eleven-inning vitory over the Armours, yesterday pitched for the Armours and had the satisfaction of beating his former teammates, 4 to 2, in a hurling duel with Trimmer. Errors behind Trimmer were responsible for three of the Armours' talles. The Schleimers might have scored more but for poor work on the bases. The Tate Stars were victors over the Dille Roads in the other game, 3 to 1. It was the Dille Roads' first defeat of the season. Brady pitched splendid ball for the winners, an error being responsible for the only run. But four hits were made off Brady. Marquard and Black allowed only five hits, but errors behind them permitted the Tates to score two of their runs. The games were played expeditiously, starting at 1 and being over at 5:15."

July 4, 1920

Cleveland, OH
"Tates Still Winning. - The Tate Stars won a fast and exciting game from the Stroud Awnings at Shaw Field, Sunday, 5 to 4. Bunching hits, they scored all their runs in the first and fourth innings. A walk, a sacrifice, and three hits produced three runs in the first. In the fourth, Wilson's double, two walks and Dunlap's sizzling hit to right, produced the last two runs. "Ruben" Henderson pitched a nice game, having acquired his "long-sought" control, fanning eight men, and would have held the Strouds to one run with proper support."

July 11, 1920

Cleveland, OH
"Tates Trim Gilmours - Last Sunday at League Park before a crowd of three thousand fans, the Tate Stars trimmed the Gilmour K. of C.'s, 4 to 2. The Tates scored in the fourth as the result of Williams' safety, a walk, a sacrifice and Sharkey's solid single. They scored three more in the sixth as the result of Williams' hit, two more hits, a sacrifice and Wilson's beautiful drive to center. Wilson's work in right shone out like a beacon-light. He threw Cleary out at first on a clean hit to right and later threw the same player out at third when he attempted to take two bases on Michael's hit."

July 24, 1920

Cleveland, OH
"Prime Sport News - By Allen H. Dorsey. - Devoe, a Smart Leader: Josh Devoe, catcher and manager of the Tate Stars, is a hustling, never-say-quit player who has imbued his men with that spirit. The present high position of the fast-going Tate Stars, with an excellent chance for the championship of their class, is generally and rightly credited to the baseball brains of their leader whom Rube Foster once said was "one of the smartest young players he ever trained." Devoe's career has been interesting. During 1913-14 he played with the Hawaiian League in Honolulu, 1915, with Foster's American Giants, in 1916 with Crawford's All Stars of Chicago, in 17-18-19, with Joe Green's Chicago Giants where he broke the semi-pro record for consecutive games caught. Joe Bettis, veteran third sackers of the Naco Giants, seems to have had a rejuvination of youth for he is batting and fielding as never before. Sharkey, the "up and doing" middle gardener of the Tates and playing fine ball, shows his good sense by the way he takes well-meant criticism. Keep a level-head Sharkey and some day a fat weekly check for playing baseball will be yours.
Pat Rogers, the "wise old owl" of the Argonnes, never sleeps and he is planning some surprises for the baseball public. According to the lively and interesting "Amateur Athlete," Boyd, the Tate's great left gardener, is leading his mates at bat with 11 hits in 29 trials for a percent of .379, Sharkey, 11 hits in 36 efforts, is next with .355, followed by Wilson, .350, Williams, .333, Harvey .300, Devoe, .150, Ruben Henderson, .143."

July 25, 1920

Cleveland, OH
"Prime Sport News - By Allen H. Dorsey. - For seven innings, last Sunday, at Woodland Hills the Tate Stars and Schleimers were neck and neck but in the eighth inning the Schleimers got busy and, through several errors by the Tates and a couple of well placed hits, proceeded to sew up the game. Brady, The Tates' pitching ace, was not as effective as usual and was replaced in the eighth by 'Rube' Henderson. Sharkey played a nice game, while for the Schleimers', Tinners at first and center fielder Webber were stars. Webber committed highway robbery when he captured Devoe's apparent triple in deep left center."

August 1, 1920

Woodland Hills, OH
"Prime Sport News - The Tate Stars went down before the Gilmours, Sunday, at Woodland Hills, 11 to 8, in an exciting game, with a crowd of 4,000 fans looking on. 'Ruben' Henderson started for the Tates and was lead to the showers in the sixth and Lefty Brady took up the burden. The Tates' defeat was due solely to errors of commission and omission by Williams, Reel, Sharkey and Walton, the latter being the chief offender. The Tates started a great batting rally and scored five runs. Wilson's mighty drive to left scoring the last three runs. The Tates defeat, Sunday, eliminates them from further competition in the C.A.B.A., this year. Too bad, because with one or two holes filled up they appeared for a while as the best in their class. The shortstop position has never been filled, this year, properly, the last player they've had, being the worst of the lot. The base-running has been particularly bad."

August 8, 1920

Wickliffe, OH
"Prime Sports News - By A. Harrison Dorsey - The Tate Stars journeyed to Wickliffe Sunday, and lost a hard-fought game, 6 to 5. 'Rube' Henderson was on the mound for the Central Avenue lads and pitched his typical brand of ball, allowing his opponents to get to him when hit meant runs, although fanning ten of the suburbanites. A fielder's choice and three solid smashes permitted the lumber men to sew up the game in the ninth, after the Tates had apparently cinched it through a 3-run batting rally. Wilson and Williams lead the Tates' batting assault with two hits apiece."

August 15, 1920

Conneaut, OH
"Timely Notes - The Tates travel to Conneaut, Sunday, to meet the speedy Athletics of that city. The boys will have to play 'heads up' ball to defeat that smart aggregation."

Chagrin Falls, OH
"The Tate Stars continued their losing streak at Chagrin Falls, last Sunday, when they lost to the Henry Foundry men, 3 to 0. "Bobby" Sitts was in mid-summer form and refused to allow the colored lads to become familiar with his curves. Lefty Brady also pitched a cracker-jack game, but several errors and opportune hits allowed the Furnace men to score three runs."