1920 Tennessee Rats

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1920 Tennessee Rats

1920 Tennessee Rats

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

June 25, 1920

Osceola, IA
"Mr. Watkins of the Swifts Giants stopped over at Osceola en route to Creston to join the Tennessee Rats."

Walnut, IA
"Walnut, Iowa, June 25. - Caddock's Colts of Walnut trimmed the Tennessee Rats, a colored team, here Wednesday, 8 to 0. Stonewall Jackson, colored twirler, could do nothing with the Colts hitters. The Colts play the crack Griswold team Sunday at Griswold."

July 15, 1920

Osceola, IA
"The Tennessee Rats will be in the city Thursday and play the Osceola team and give a show at night."

Osceola, IA
"Tennessee Rats and Brown's minstrels were here Thursday. They played ball in afternoon and showed at night. They departed for New Virginia Friday Morning. The score stood Osceola 7, Brown's Tennessee Rats 4. Come again boys you can't win all the time."

July 16?, 1920

Martinsdale, IA
"Martinsdale, Iowa. - The Tennessee Rats are attracting all kinds of attention by their wonderful playing. They have won 29 games so far this season having lost but 6. They beat Martinsdale, Iowa, by a score of 7 to 6 and also beat Bevington, Iowa, 8 to 6."

July 20, 1920

Guthrie Center, IA
"Rats are Beaten at Guthrie Center, Iowa - Guthrie Center, Iowa, July 20. - The Tennessee Rats lost a weird game to the locals. Indifferent playing of the Rats coupled with the unusual fielding of the Guthrie Center Club, resulted in the 6 to 0 score."

Guthrie Center, IA
"Guthrie Center, Iowa: Tennessee Rats 0, Guthrie Center 6."

July 22, 1920

Yale, IA
"Union Giants 5, Tennessee Rats 4 At Yale, Iowa - Gilkerson's Union Giants nosed out the Tennessee Rats in an interesting battle here today. The uphill fight of the Rats was the feature."

Yale, IA
"At Yale, Iowa, July 22 - Tennessee Rats 4, Robert Gilkerson's Union Giants 5."

July 23, 1920

Menlo, IA
"Menlo, Iowa, July 23. - The Tennessee Rats baseball team is setting a dizzy page for all teams around these parts. They have won 43 out of 48 games played so far."

July 24, 1920

Yale, IA
"Tennessee Rats Win 2-1 - Yale, Iowa, July 24. - The Rats played a great game and got away with the long end of the 2-1 score. It was a hurling duel between Ritchie and Fisher, with honors about even."

Yale, IA
"At Yale, Iowa, July 26. - Tennessee Rats 2, Yale 1."

July 25, 1920

Jefferson, IA
"Tennessee Rats 4 - Jefferson 1 - Jefferson, Iowa, July 25. - W.A. Brown's Tennessee Rats toyed with the locals and won in ridiculously easy fashion. The comical staff of the Tennessee Rats was the feature."

"At Jefferson, Iowa, July 24 - Tennessee Rats 4, Jefferson 1."

July 26, 1920

Martensdale, IA
"Tennessee Rats Winning. - Martensdale, Iowa. - Special - W.A. Brown, and his band of ball playing Rats are creating all kinds of fuss in and around Iowa. So far this season, the rats have won 29 games and lost 6. They are about the greatest drawing team in semi-pro ball in these parts. The Rats will soon have a big private car of their own. They are expecting the big Pullman within the next few days. The Rats line-up is as follows: Jackson, 1b; Fields, 2b; Little, 3b; Hicks, lf; Clemons, cf; Carson, rf; Johnson, ss; Marchall, c; "Cannon Ball" Jackson, p; Ritchie, p; Haines, p; Maupins, p; and West, utility. Rats 7, Martensdale 6."

July 27, 1920

Bevington, IA
"Rats 8, Bevington 6"

July 29, 1917

Denison, IA
"The Tennessee Rats, who played ball here Sunday, put on a minstrel show Saturday night under canvas in the city park. A good attendance is reported and the entertainment was enjoyed by all present."

August 1, 1920

Denison, IA
"Next Sunday the home team plays the Tennessee Rats on the local diamond."

August 2, 1920

Dexfield Park, IA
"At Dexfield Park, Iowa, August 2: Tennessee Rats 6, Anita 3."

August 3, 1920

Dexfield Park, IA
"At Dexfield Park, Iowa, August 3; Tennessee Rats 0, Stuart 4."

August 4, 1920

Carroll, IA
"Tennessee Rats Win Five - At Carroll, Iowa, August 4, Tennessee Rats 4, Carroll 2."

August 5, 1920

Bouton, IA
"At Bouton, Iowa, August 5: Tennessee Rats 3, Bouton 2."

August 6, 1920

Minburn, IA
"At Minburn, Iowa, August 6: Tennessee Rats 10, Minburn 4."