1920 Norfolk Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1920 Norfolk Stars

1920 Norfolk Stars

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 16, 1920

Washington, DC
"Norfolk All-Stars Trim Local Club - The Norfolk All-Stars, rated as one of the best colored teams in the East, just managed to nose out the Capital City All-Stars yesterday afternoon at American League Park by the count of 4 to 3."

April 18, 1920

Washington, DC
"Will Play Tomorrow - Chappie Johnson's All-Stars, of Norfolk, Virginia, and the Asbury Browns, of this city, managed by Fish Barber, will play at Union Park, Fifteenth and H streets northeast, tomorrow at 3 o'clock."

Washington, DC
"Norfolk All-Stars Meet Asbury Browns - Local fans will be given a chance this afternoon to witness a good game when the Norfolk All-Stars battle the Asbury Browns in Union League Park at 3 p.m. The Norfolk Stars are ranked as one of the fastest colored aggregations in the country, as last season they were just nosed out for the championship in a nine-game series with the Bacharach Giants of Atlantic City. They succuessfully defeated such well-known clubs as the Cuban Giants, Royal Giants and Bronx Gians in series of games. The Asbury Giants won the local colored championship last season and are confident of giving the visiting professional outfil a battle for laurels. Manager Chappie Johnson of the Virginians claims his club is the highest salaried colored team on the road, and believes the local fans will be pleased with the make-up of his club when they give them the once-over."

Washington, DC
"Browns Are Beaten By Norfolk Stars - Asbury Browns proved easy opponents for the Norfolk All-Stars yesterday at the Union League Park, when the Virginians landed by a 10 to 1 count. The local team scored their only run in the first inning. In the second inning the All-Stars opened up their barrage and continued their heavy hitting until the sixth inning. In the ninth they again met the ball for long hits."

Washington, DC
"Monument Lot Stages Many Baseball Games - More than twenty games of baseball were staged yesterday on the various diamonds around the Washington Monument, and Sunday's throngs, eager to get a last look at the Japanese cherry trees, watched with intent the many contests. Other fields in and around the city were occupied all day. From early morning until the groundskeepers started taking the bases into the clubhouse on the Monument Lot, the teams were at it. Norfolk All Stars 10, Asbury Browns 1."

April 30, 1920

Norfolk, VA
"Norfolk, Virginia, April 30. - Harry Bauchman wants it to be known that he and Gatewood, also Frank Wickware and Chappie Johnson are with the All Stars of this city. The old-timers are having a fair amount of success with their team, but as the Capitol City Giants took them into camp recently and the latter received a thorough trouncing in New York, it would appear that in spite of the soft going that the old fellows are framing, they at least find a trimming now and then awaiting them."

May 14, 1920

Norfolk, VA
"'Round the Base Lines - Norfolk, Virginia, May 14. - The All Stars of this city, under the management of Chappie Johnson, and having such well-known players as Harry Bauchman, formerly Chicago Giants, Frank Wickware, Ernest Gatewood, together with a bunch of young blood, are having much success and are taking all contenders into camp; they start a series of games with the famous Royal Giants of Brooklyn, John Lloyd manager, and already have a series tabbed on the right side of the ledger against the Capital City Giants, the Madison Stars of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and other clubs; to date we have won 12 of the 15 played. We soon start a series of games against the famous Hilldales and the results are expected to be the same."

May 19?, 1920

Portsmouth, VA
"Eastern Sport World - Norfolk Licked - Portsmouth, Virginia, May 28. In a game filled with hard hitting and sensational fielding, the Norfolk All Stars took a severe trouncing at the hands of the Portsmouth Giants here last week. Wickware, a star pitcher of last season, was forced to retire in the third inning after the Giants laid a barrage of hits. Gatewood of St. Louis Giants fame was also met with a heavy onslaught, but finished the game. Smith pitched a steady game for the Giants and was never in danger. The final scorew was: Portsmouth Giants 5, Norfolk All Stars, 3."

May 20, 1920

Norfolk, VA
"Norfolk, Virginia, May 21. - The Norfolk All Stars placed another star in their crown by defeating the fast Brooklyn Royal Giants by the score of 3-2. Lloyd has an array of talent that will keep all the best clubs stepping to beat him."

May 21, 1920

Norfolk, VA
"Norfolk, Virginia, May 21. - The All Stars of Norfolk has just completed a three-game series with the Baltimore Black Sox of Baltimore, Maryland, winning the series two to one. The Stars are a fast aggregation. They have played twenty-eight games to date, winning twenty-two and losing five and tying one."

May 23?, 1920

Norfolk, VA
"Norfolk, Virginia - Chappie Johnson's Norfolk All Stars and Lloyd's Royal Giants broke even in a two-game series, the Stars winning their game by a score of 5 to 3, and the Giants theirs by 8 to 3. The teams have played seven games and each have won three, the other being a tie."

May 24?, 1920

Washington, DC
"The All Stars defeated the Royals in Washington, D.C. last week by the score of 8-7. This gives us a lead in the series of 3-1."

May 30, 1920

Darby, PA
"Hilldale Splits Even Before Record Crowd - The attendance at Hilldale Park, Darby, was a record-breaker, both morning and afternoon. About 7500 witnessed the morning game and saw Hilldale bow to Norfolk, Virginia team, 4 to 3. The afternoon figures ran near 20,000 and Hilldale was the victor, although the crowd that had encircled the field inside the playing territory broke up the game in the eighth inning after one man had been retired in Hilldale's turn in that frame. Louis Santop, the idol of the fans, was striding for the plate with his mighty stick in hand and everyone seemed to want to get a close up view of the home run king of the independent ranks, and upon the failure of the bodies to get the crowd back sufficiently to continue play, umpire Griffin called the game with Hilldale leading 3 to 2."

June 2, 1920

Philadelphia, PA
"Nativity and Norfolk Stars Play to 6-6 Deadlock - 'Chappie' Johnson and his Norfolk Stars journeyed to Port Richmond last evening and engaged Phil Haggerty's Nativity Club in a sensational 6 to 6 tie game, the game being called at the end of the eighth inning by Umpire Mullan owing to darkness."

June 6, 1920

Westport, MD
"Games at Westport Today - The Norfolk All-Stars and the Black Sox will play a double-header this afternoon at Westport. The Stars expect to break the winning streak of the Black Sox, who have won 15 victories in 16 starts. The Stars are considered one of the best colored baseball tams in the South. Chappie Johnson is the manager of this club and can be depended on to put an excellent ball team on the field at all times. He will have with his club Wickware, a pitcher who was with the Bacharach Giants of Atlantic City for the past two seasons. The Norfolk Club has been playing the best semipro teams south of New York and have made a great record so far this season. The Black Sox played this club in Norfolk about three weeks ago and split even with them. The Sox have won 15 out of 16 games this season and these games should be high class. Manager Thomas of the Sox will use his regular pitchers - Hodges, Sykes and Logan - against the Norfolk Club."

June 9?, 1920

Philadelphia, PA
"Hilldales and Norfolk Divide Double Bill - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. - Yesterday's attendance at Hilldale Park was a record-breaker, both morning and afternoon. About 7,500 witnessed the morning game and saw Hilldale bow to the Norfolk, Virginia team, 4 to 3. The afternoon figures ran near 20,000 and Hilldale was the victor, although the crowd that had encircled the field inside the playing territory broke up the game in the eighth after one man had been retired in Hilldale's turn in that frame. Louis Santop was striding to the plate with his mighty bat in hand, and everyone seemed to want to get a close-up view of the home run king of the independent ranks, and upon the failure of the police to get the crowd back sufficiently to continue play. Umpire Griffith called the game, with Hilldale leading 3 to 2. The afternoon contest was just as stubbornly fought as the opener, although the overflow throng was so great that most any kind of a hit to the outfield went for two bases, especially after the fifth inning. A double play by Allen unassisted was the feature of the last battle. Harper was walked, and when Arthur attempted to sacrifice, Toussaint Allen came tearing in and with a headlong dive at the ball, which was in the air, apparently caught it, but in his effort to save himself in falling let the pill get away, and harper, thinking it an out, returned to first and Arthur turned for the bench. Toussaint Allen recovered the ball and touched out Harper and got Arthur before he was able to see his mistake. Score: Norfolk 2, Hilldale 3."

June 10, 1920

Westport, MD
"The Stars defeated Wilson's White Sox Thursday, and are very anxious to turn the same trick on the Black Sox."

June 11, 1920

Brooklyn, NY
"Many Attractions Coming - Brooklyn, New York, June 11. - George Lippe, the hustling manager of the St. Agathas, whose home grounds are located at 50th Street and 9th Avenue, of this city, has a program for July and August, which, if lived up to, will make managers of other semi-pro teams sit up and take notice in bringing out of town Race teams to this city. Last Sunday they had the Hilldale cclub as the visiting attraction, and among others that are coming are the Baltimore Giants, Capitol City Giants, Portsmouth Giants, Norfolk All Stars, and several Western teams. Lippe told the sporting editor he was staging race attractions in order to bring race fans, to their grounds."

June 12, 1920

Westport, MD
"Norfolk Stars will Play Black Sox Today - This afternoon at 5 o'clock, at the Cook Y.M.C.A. field, the Trenton Black Sox will meet Chappie Johnson's Norfolk Stars from Norfolk, Virginia in what promises to be a very interesting game. The Stars defeated Wilson's White Sox Thursday, and are very anxious to turn the same trick on the Black Sox. Mahoney, a big boy from the South, will pitch for Norfolk, and Simons and Delaine will be the batteries for the Black Sox."

June 13, 1920

Manhattan, NY
"Norfolk All-Stars Coming - New York, New York, June 11. - The attraction for this Sunday, June 13, at Dyckman Oval will be Chappie Johnson's Norfolk All Stars, who will hook up with Jeff Tesreau's Bears in a double bill. Chappie Johnson's team has been playing splendid ball this season, having defeated such clubs as Hilldale, Capitol City Giants, Royal Giants and others of like strength. Jeff's team as usual has been going like a house afire, and are confident they will take both ends of the twin bill. In the Stars' line-up will be seen such men as Bill Gatewood and Frank Wickware, both well known pitchers. It has also been learned that the Stars have an infield that will make the white boys sit up and take notice. Jeff Tesreau and Frank Wickware will hook up in the first game."

Manhattan, NY
"Big Double Header This Sunday June 13 - Chappie Johnson's Norfolk All-Stars vs. Jeff Tesreau's Bears at Dyckman Oval, New York City, Admission 50 cents"

Manhattan, NY
"Norfolk's Star Ball Team To Play Bears Today - The Norfolk Giants will be the opponents of Jeff Tesreau's Bears in a double header at Dyckman Oval, near the Broadway subway station, this afternoon. The Norfolk ball tossers are considered just about the best semi-pro team in the entire Southland, and include among their number former star players of the Royal Giants, Lincoln Giants and Bacharach Giants. Wickware and Gatewood will do the hurling for the Giants while Big Jeff and Burke will appear on the mound for the Bears. The American Giants of Chicago will probably play a series of games with the Bears here within the next few weeks."

Manhattan, NY
"Norfolk Defeated Twice - New York, New York, June 18. - Chappie Johnson's Norfolk Giants suffered defeat twice at Dyckman Oval last Sunday at the hands of Jeff Tesreau's Bears by the scores of 3 to 0 and 2 to 0. In the first game J. Fullterton, pitcher of the Bears, pitched a no hit, no run game against Chappie's Dixie boys. Fullerton did not issue a single base on balls and struck out 11 men. Mahonie, who was on the mound for the Giants, also pitched good ball, allowing 4 hits, which were bunched in one inning. In the next event Tesreau and McDonald hooked up in a pitching duel. Mac should have won his game, as the Bears were charged with 3 errors, but didn't get the breaks. Next sunday the pesky Cuban Stars will be the attraction. Two Sundays ago the teams broke even in a double-header and both will be looking to win both games."

Manhattan, NY
"Fullerton Pitches No-Hit Game for Tesreau's Bears - Jeff Tesreau's Bears took a double-header from the Norfolk Giants yesterday afternoon at Dyckman Oval. The scores were 3 to 0 and 2 to 0. In the first game Fullerton pitched a no-hit game."

June 27, 1920

Manhattan, NY
"Chappie Johnson's Team Swamped - New York, New York, July 2. - Before a crowd of 5,000 fans last Sunday afternoon at Dyckman Oval, Chappie Johnson's All Stars of Norfolk, Virginia suffered a double defeat to Jeff Tesreau's Bears by the scores of 2 to 0 and 12 to 2. The first game was a pitcher's battle between Burke and a likely looking youngster, Winters by name. If Winters had been given the proper support the game would no doubt have gone into extra innings, with a possibility of a win to his credit. Burke allowed the Race boys one hit. In the second game Mahoney, who started for the Virginians, was a mark for Jeff's boys, as they knocked his offerings to all parts of the field. Jeff, who hurled for the Dyckman Heights boys, allowed seven hits, but tightened up in the pinches and was never in trouble. This Sunday, July 4, the pesky Lincoln Giants will be the attraction against the home team in a double bill. A great battle is expected. This is the first meeting between these two teams and Harlem will turn out to the famous diamond on the Heights as never before. Joe Williams will pitch against Big Jeff in the sunset tilt, and this alone will be worth paying the admission to see."

Manhattan, NY
"Tesreau's Bears to Face Norfolk Giants To-day - Jeff Tesreau's Bears and Chubby Johnson't Norfolk Giants will engage in their second double-header of the season this afternoon when the teams come together at Dyckman Oval. J. Fullerton, the Brooklyn youngster who pitched a no hit, no run game against this team in one of the two games played two weeks ago, will be on the mound for the local nine. The Bears have been practicing daily in preparation for to-morrow's games and will be primed for two hard contests."

Manhattan, NY
"Tesreau's Bears Win Two; Burke Allows One Hit - Jeff Tesreau's Bears defeated the Norfolk Stars in both ends of a double-header at Dyckman Oval yesterday afternoon. The score of the first game was 2 to 0 and that of the second 12 to 2. Burke held the Norfolk aggregation to one hit in the first contest."

Manhattan, NY
"At Dickman Oval, First Game Norfolk Stars 2, Tesreau's Bears 12. Second Game Norfolk Stars 0, Tesreau's Bears 2."

June 29, 1920

Chester, PA
"Norfolk Stars Play Here - The Norfolk Stars, hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, and under the leadership of the comedian Chappie Johnson, are on a trip hereabouts. The Stars play the Chester Giants at Chester today, Hilldale on Friday and at Nativity on Sunday. Thursday and Saturday are open. They may be obtained for these dates by communicating with H. Walter Schlichter. Filber 2657 W."

June 30, 1920

Camden, NJ
"The Stars play... Hilldale in Camden tomorrow."

Camden, NJ
"Hilldale Beats Norfolk - Louis Santop's Play at Plate Prevents Southern Team From Tieing Score - Hilldale, of Darby, and Norfolk, of Norfolk, Virginia, battled for supremacy on the Third and Erie grounds, Camden, yesterday afternoon before a large crowd. Hilldale giving the Southerners the short end of the score, 7 to 5. For the most part it was a pitchers' battle and only through the brilliant work of Louis Santop behind the bat was the game saved. In the ninth frame the bases became somewhat congested with Norfolk players and pinch-hitter "Chappie" Johnson batting for Kemp hit to left field, and the ball was returned to the plate wide but Louis Santop gave a mighty dive head first at the onrishing Crockett and he was out by a wide margin and a tie saved. Crockett's hitting for the Norfolk team featured the game."

July 1, 1920

Bridesburg, PA
"The Stars play... Bridesburg on Friday."

July 2, 1920

Nativity, PA
"The Stars play... Nativity on Sunday."

July 6, 1920

Westport, MD?
"Black Sox Split Even. - The Black Sox defeated the Norfolk Stars in the first game of yesterday's double bill with the Norfolk Stars, 8 to 2, but was shut out in the second game, which went six innings. The Black Sox will play the Manhattan Giants, a white team from New York, a double header next Sunday, the first game to be called at 2 p.m."

July 11, 1920

Madison, NJ
"Norfolk Stars at Madison."

July 16, 1920

Parkesburg, PA
"Easy for Parkesburg - Norfolk All Stars Got But Three Runs Off Art Olsen - Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, July 16 - After the Parkesburg Iron Company treated (illegible) travelling Norfolk Stars to a coat of whitewash here today by the score of 7 to 0, Chappie Johnson's aggregation were unable to do anything with Art Olsen's pitching, 3 scratch hits being their limit. Parkesburg hammered Mahoney for 10 solid bingles, one of them a two-bagger, and made them all count."

July 19, 1920

Wildwood, NJ
"Shut Out By Wildwood - Wildwood, New Jersey, July 19 (Special). - Wildwood shut out the Norfolk All Stars here today in a well-played game by the score of 4 to 0. The All-Stars could do nothing with Surie's pitching, Brown's catch of Zibell's liner, with the bags full, was the fielding feature."

July 24, 1920

Darby, PA
"Darby, Pennsylvania. - The Hillsdales have made an effort to strengthen their team by the purchase of Harper and Cason from the Norfolk All Stars. York and Johnson were thrown over to the Virginians to balance the deal."

July 25, 1920

Philadelphia, PA
"...and Norfolk Stars on Sunday..."

Vineland, NJ
"Vineland Trims Colored Stars - Vineland, New Jersey, July 24 (Special). - Vineland trimmed the Norfolk Stars, colored champions of Virginia, 7 to 3. Montgomery had the Stars eating out of his hand, while Warwick lead the hitting."

July 30, 1920

New York, NY
"Dobson to Play Norfolk Stars - Dobson have another all-star attraction at their new athletic field tomorrow evening, when they play Chappie Johnson's crack Norfolk Stars. Moyer and Heigh will be the battery for Dobson. Game called at 5:15 p.m."