1919 Hilldale Club

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1919 Hilldale Club

1919 Hilldale Club

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

June 6, 1919

Darby, PA
"Hilldale Loses One - Could Not Locate Redding and Bacharach Giants Win Easily - 'Cannon Ball' Dick Redding, pitching for the Bacharach Giants, of Atlantic City, had the Indian sign on the heavy hitters of Hilldale yesterday afternoon, when the midweek season was opened on the Darby grounds, and gave them a trouncing, the score being 9 to 2. Hilldale failed to register a hit until the fifth frame, when Reese pushed a single through short. All told the home boys garnere but five hits, two of which were of the scratch order. They scored their two tallies in the final frame on a base on balls to Roberts, Downs' triple to left and a sacrifice fly by Reese to deep center, on which Downs wound up scoring for Hilldale."

June 8, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"Hilldale Beats Bacharach Giants - Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 8 (Special). - Bacharach Giants lost to the Hilldale club here today, 8 to 3, through their inability to connecto safely with Williams' benders at opportune times. The timely hitting of Johnson and Reese featured. The same teams play here tomorrow."

June 9, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"One for Hilldale - Darby Slugers Defeat Bacharach Giants by Rally in Eighth - Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 9 (Special). - Hilldale team, of Darby, Pennsylvania, played rings around the Bacharach Giants this afternoon on the local grounds. 'Cannon Ball' Redding, who has had the Hilldalers eating out of his hand for two games of this series of fie, was batted freely by the visitors and lost the fracas, 5 to 2."

June 10, 1919

Atlantic City, NJ
"Hilldale Wins in Eleventh - Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 10 (Special). - Hilldale took the lead in the series with the Bacharach Giants here today, winning in eleven innings, by 5 to 3. Doubles by Downs and Reese, a single by Lundy, and Allen's sacrifice fly netted Hilldale two runs and the game in the eleventh."

June 15, 1919

Pottstown, PA
"Close for Pottstown - Pottstown, Pennsylvania, June 15 (Special). - Pottstown won a hard-fought pitchers' battle from the crack Hilldale team here today by 1 to 0."

June 19, 1919

Darby, PA
"Easy for Hilldale - Bolden's Team Piles Up 18-1 Score on Camden Black Sox - The Camden Black Sox were outclassed in every department of the game yesterday with Hilldale and lost by a one-sided score, 18 to 1. Otis Starks was master of the situation at all times and with the exception of Otto Briggs had little difficulty in turning them back from the base paths. Hilldale was also in a hitting mood and drove Simmons from the box in the second inning and Britton, who succeeded him, fared little better, and Hilldale scored in every inning except the third and sixth."

June 23, 1919

Norristown, PA
"Norristown Wins Pitchers' Battle from Hilldale - Norristown, Pennsylvania, June 23 (Special). - Norristown defeated Hilldale in a ten-inning pitchers' battle here today, by 2 to 1. Kepner's careful pitching was the big asset. He allowed but five scattered hits, no two coming in the same inning. Hilldale scored their run in the seventh, when Johnson tripled to deep center and scored on Lundy's sacrifice fly. Agnew tied the score in the eighth when he beat out an infield hit, stole second and scored on Spalding's timely single. The game was won in the tenth after one man was retired, Agnew, Poploski and Spalding producing successive singles."

July 6, 1919

Harriman, PA
"Merchant Ship Wins - Defeats Hilldale 6-4 by Bunching Hits in Sixth Inning - Harriman, Pennsylvania, July 6 (Special). - Merchant Ship scored six runs on four hits here today, defeating Hilldale by 6 to 4. The ship builders bunched their hits, while Hilldale bunched their errors. Delaney's triple and single counted for three runs."

July 14, 1919

Norristown, PA
"Woodward Holds Hilldale - Norristown, Pennsylvania, July 15. - The Norristown Professionals vanquished the Hilldale team here yesterday, 4 to 0. Woodward, formerly of the Phillies went (illegible) allowing Hilldale but five hits, well distributed, and bieng especially effective in the pinches."

Norristown, PA
"Hilldale Shut Out - Norristown Professionals Too Strong for Darby Nine; Spalding Hit Hard - Norristown, Pennsylvania, July 14 (Special). - The Norristown Professionals vanquished the Hilldale team here today via the shut-out route, score 4 to 0. Woodward went well, allowing Hilldale but five hits and being especially effective in the pinches."

July 23, 1919

Millville, NJ
"Baseball Notes - Hilldale is scheduled to play a twilight game in Millville next Wednesday. Hilldale is a speedy colored ball club that put up sensational baseball in 1917 and 1918 and that has been playing good games this year. It is said that there is to be a change in the management and Foster an old time star is to assume control of the club."

Millville, NJ
"On next Wednesday evening Hilldale, another colored team which defeated Foster's Detroit Stars, the team that trounced the Bacharach Giants Wednesday, will be the attraction. The contest will be another one that will be worth seeing. Hilldale has made a great reputation during the past few years and there are few teams getting away with them. Millville will put on a strong aggregation and expects to cop this game.

Millville, NJ
"Hilldale Goes Under - Millville Defeats Locals Through One Big Inning - Millville, New Jersey, July 23 (Special). - Millville won from the crack Hilldale team here today by 8 to 2. A dispute over a decision by the umpire ended the game abruptly in the seventh. Hilldale leaving the field."

July 25, 1919

Philadelphia, PA?
"Hilldale Wins in First - Hilldale made enough runs in the first inning to win yesterday's twilight game with Hess-Bright (Hess-Bright Ball Bearingss of Philadelphia, PA) on the latter's grounds, the final score being 5 to 3."

July 27, 1919

Paterson, NJ
"At Paterson, New Jersey - Silk Sox 5, Hilldale 0."

Paterson, NJ
"Lefty Baumgartner Beats Hilldale - Paterson, New Jersey, July 28. - Left Baumgartner, formerly of the Phillies, blanked the Hilldale team yesterday by 5 to 0."

July 29, 1919

Philadelphia, PA
"Hilldale Nine Shutout - Disston (Saw Works) shut out the Hilldale team, of Darby, a strong colored aggregation, 1 to 0, in a fast and well-played game at Disston field yesterday."