1919 Baltimore Black Sox

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1919 Baltimore Black Sox

1919 Baltimore Black Sox

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 4, 1919

Westport, MD
"Northwesterns to Tackle Black Sox - The Northwesterns, with four straight wins to their credit, are booked for a double-header with the Black Sox Sunday at Westport. The Sox have turned in three wins in four starts, and two good games should result Sunday. Hodges, Gardner and Ford will do the pitching for the Sox, with Burrell and Harristone catching. Charlie Spedden, who runs the part at Westport, announces that the new stands will be ready Sunday."

May 31?, 1919

Baltimore, MD
"Gunners to Play Oriole Black Sox - The Naval Gun Factory Athletic Club will travel to Baltimore on Memorial Day to cross bats with the fast Baltimore Black Sox. The Sox have been playing some stellar ball to date, having trimmed the best semi-pro nines in the country. The great pace the gunners have been traveling is well known in local baseball camps, so a hot contest may be anticipated. Manager Greene of the Navy team hopes to take both ends of the two-ply killer. He will work his star battery, Adams and Greenfield, in the opener, and most likely pitch Thomas in the nightcap. All strong nines desirous of obtaining games with the fast Navy team can do so by communicating with the manager, John Greene, 433 Elm Street Northwest."

June 23, 1919

Baltimore, MD
"Aberdeen Stars Lose - Baltimore, Maryland, June 23 (Special). - The Aberdeen Stars were defeated in one of the best games ever seen here by the Baltimore Giants, who had several old Cuban Giants in their line-up."

July 7, 1919

Washington, DC
"Black Sox to Play Here. - The Baltimore Black Sox, colored champions of the South, will meet the Naval Gun Factory team, the fastest colored club in Washington, at the American League Park, Monday, July 7. Game called at 4:30 p.m."

Baltimore, MD
"Baltimore Sox Meet Gunners. - What should probe one of the most interesting games ever played in this city in amateur baseball will be staged at American League Park this afternoon, when the speedy Baltimore Black Sox, colored champions of the South, battle with the fast-traveling naval gun factory team of this city. The local nine will have its strongest line-up in the field against the visitors, with Kaiser or Thomas doing the hurling and Gardner doing the receiving. The game will start at 5 o'clock sharp."