1919 Austin Black Senators

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1919 Austin Black Senators

1919 Austin Black Senators

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 11, 1919

Houston?, TX
"The Austin Reds make their first public announcement in this week's issue of the Express. According to the lineup the public can draw upon its magination the relative strength of the club. The team is under management of W.B. Patterson, a veteran of the game whose ability was responsible for an association of Austin Colored men getting together with sufficient backing in furnishing this city with one of the strongest clubs in Texas. A following lineup: Daniels, catcher; Black Tank, pitcher; Buck Alexander, pitcher; Tom Calloway, 1st base; Larry Jones, 2nd base, Dick Walker, short stop; Lawson Perry, 3rd base; Joe Goodrich, left field; DeWitt, right field; Taylor, center field; and Jerry Lewis, catcher. Austin claim this bunch will make anything in Texas hustle to win. Most of the stars in the lineup are familiar figures around the loop and has set this league on fire in former years."

"The Austin Reds defeated the fast Samual Houston College club Friday by a score of 2 to 1 with Black Tank Stewart pitching. The game was stubbornly fought."

May 3, 1919

Dallas, TX
"Baseball Managers - Notice - The Great Dallas Express wishes to announce that it will, beginning with this issue, print all matters pertaining to organize baseball, such as standing and results of games played by various teams. It further believes that thousands of its readers in Texas, Oklahoma, and other states are entitled to information concerning baseball among colored people and to this end shall urge upon each baseball manager to send in write-ups of his club and the number of games won and batteries of each contesting club to the sporting editor."

"Austin Black Senators Coming. Boys Beware. Something Going to Happen. - Saturday and Sunday, May 3 and 4 flushes an open hand to fandom to which the most skeptical observer will agree, take it from us in the coming of the Austin Black Senators its dollars to doughnuts that the Giants will have an arm-full. The Senators present themselves to local fans as the unbeaten challengers of the old season's rag and will move as unit invade the territorial haunts of the Dallas Black Giants as chesty as an English Lord. The Austin Club presents a formidable outfit this season, being made up of old and new stars of the game. Laury Jones, formerly of the Dallas Black Giants and one of the hardest hitters in the business. Black Tank Stewart, well known for his pitching and slugging with San Antonio Bronchos, Buck Alexander, one of the pitching best in the business. Dick Walker, veteran short stop, who stages a comeback. Lawson Perry, a new one, and a comer and others making up the retinue of a well balanced combination."

"Giants Showing Signs of Old Time Pep. - The old pep characterizing the fighting spirit of the Giants of old has not failed from view this was shown fully in the first scrap with the Navs. However, the pitching staff is made up principally of youngsters who are having their first trial in fast company some having made a very good impression. Bell acquitted himself very gracefully in his first tilt and looks if though he can pull the grade. Bell is a left hander and is destined to do great work with little more seasoning. Johnny Wright is a new one a right hander, who possesses a good assortment of curves and control and is very cool under fire, hasn't had a chance to show in a regular game. Fred Daniels is the only ace of the old brigade left and has not been started this season. Fred is a speed merchant and has a chance to come into his own this season. The infield of the Giants is all that is expected. Will Jones on first, Black Son on second, Davie Johnson on short and Spearmon at third. Riley doing the bulk of the catching. The outfield present two of the biggest attractions in Texas in Sloan and Scott, center field hole is being chinked with an infielder, Felder, who is doing fairly good under the circumstances. Hitting strength is what we want under another good oufielder would fill the bill."

"South Texas Clubs. - To the managers of Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, Beaumont, Shreveport, send us your line-ups and the results of your games. Keep your team before fans of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana."

"Sparks of the Diamond. - Eddie Douglass, former first baseman of the Dallas Black Giants has a regular berth with the Brooklyn Royal Giants. Edgar Wesley, former star of the Waco Navigators is now holding down first base job for Detroit and is getting his daily bingles. The famous Texas battery, Brown and Brown are now the property of the American Giants and made their debut before a Chicago gathering recently and walked off with the bacon. The same old pep that put the Texas sluggers on water wagon was shouldered the boys of the big show. They have made good. Waco has a comer in this boy Davis, who flings from the heart side. With careful training into one of the Giant's greatest stars. Blackmon of Waco hasn't struck his stride yet as everyone knows that Blackmon is one of the best fielding artists in the loop around the hot corner and is equally as dangerous with the stick."

Dallas, TX
"Drop Two in a Row - Rector White Wash Senators in Initial Bow. Big Right Hander Invicible While Teammates Wield Wicked Willow. - By J. Alba Austin. - Patterson's band of Senators lead an attack Saturday and Sunday against Lee Jones's tribe of Giants with disastrous results. In Saturday's battle Tank Stuart, veteran of many games marshaled the evening forces. Fred Daniels receiving call of the local squad early in the game it was observed that the Senators were outclassed in pitching, hitting and fielding. With Sloan, Spearmon, Will Jones, Richardson and Johnson vicious assaults with the war club, Stuart's defense crumbled and he was relieved by DeWitt. Having given in the four innings he pitched 10 hits netting a total of 7 runs. His predecessor fared a trifle better."

May 4, 1919

Dallas, TX
"Sunday pasturing presented a front of a real ball game. Alexander, star twirler of the Black Senators and Rector, the Giants new hurler, were nominated for mound dity and each being accorded brilliant support. Rector holding the opposition to six hits and no runs. Dallas scoring in the 1st, 2nd and 6th innings. First round, one for Austin, Laurie gets free trip on four wide ones, steals second. Perry out bunting third strike, Stuart lined to Richardson, Colloway grounded Richardson to Jones for final out-no-runs. Dallas - Sloan walks, Richardson triples Sloan scoring, Washington pulled Calloway for a life and steals 2nd, Johnson flies to Walker and Richardson score on relay to Carrington, Elder whiffs, Kinyon out Perry to Calloway, Washington dying at 3rd. One hit a sacrifice fly and two runs. First half of second inning Austin - Walker popped to Jones, McClure grounded, Johnson to Jones Carrington singled to left and was caught trying to stretch it into a double. One hit, no runs. Giants comes back in last half of second and squeeze in another maker: W. Jones survives on Calloway's error in dropping the throw to catch him, Mackey lined to Alexander and lived on Alex's attempt to nab Jones at second. Rector out bunting on third strike, Sloan fouls to Carrington, Richardson beat out a slow one and loading the bases, Washington singles scoring Jones and Johnson flies to L. Jones side retire, 2 hits and 1 run. Alexander settles down and holds Giants runless for three rounds, releasing themselves from Alexander clutches the giants starts another rally. Kinyon singles between second and third, Bill Jones sacrifices Kinyon going to 2nd, Mackey singles to right and Rector with a wicked smash pasted the bean for a double to deep left, scoring Kinyon and Mackey, Sloan lined to Perry, Richardson grounded for final out L. Jones to Calloway, Three hits and 2 runs. - Senators Threatening in Eight. - Austin looked dangerous in eight and threatened to score. Carrington out Mackey to Jones, Owens hit safely over second. Alexander attempted to win his own game doubled to left. Owens dashed for home, but was caught with a quick relay by Kinyon to Mackey. L. Jones fouled to Mackey and broke up what destined to have been a batting ralley or a garrison finish. Rector was never again in danger cheerfully going the full route and pitched on to a glorious finish to delight of fandom in his initial bow."

May 6, 1919

Fort Worth, TX
"Black Senators Down Fort Worth Wonders. - Fort Worth, Texas, May 7. - Austin Black Senators defeated the Fort Worth Wonders here yesterday by a score of 10 to 11 before one of the best mid-week crowds in many days. The game presented many thrills for the spectators. The Wonders made a hard fight overcoming a six run lead with Austin nosing out at the stretch. Batteries for Austin - McClure, Alexander and Carrington, Fort Worth, Price and Johnson."

Fort Worth, TX
"Black Navs Victors - The opening game between the Black Navigators of Austin and the Fort Worth Black Panthers marking the entrance of the Fort Worth Black Panthers in the Colored League, resulted in victory for the former, 11 to 10. The Fort Worth aggregation, although composed of some of the best baseball talent in the State, was a little raw in the first three rounds and allowed the Black Naviators to count six times in the second inning. Five scores were registered by the Panthers in the third. The hard hitting Navigators broke away in the succeeding rounds, rolling their side up to 11 in the last half of the ninth. The two clubs will play again today at 3:30 p.m. at Panther Park."

May 10, 1919

Waco, TX
"Waco Black Navigators and Austin Black Senators crossed bats Saturday and Monday a double header, Waco tacked all three in her sack with ease."

Dallas, TX

"Diamond Flashes. - Bill Jones is acquiring that first base extension to his slats. Billy is one grand player, always dependable and can smack the old apple when a run or two is needed. Catcher Mackey, formerly of the giants catching staff has signed with Waco. Namon Washington, who has been holding down third base pol for Giants has also booked onto the Waco band wagon. Richardson, better known as Black Son will not go to Missouri, will cavort another season in Texas league pasturing."

May 11, 1919

Waco, TX
"Black Navs Play Senators Sunday and Monday. - Waco, Texas, May 8. - Waco Navigators will cross bats with Black Senators Sunday and Monday. Manager J. H. Fluis, asserts his bunch will give the visitors from Austin, one of the toughest scraps they have ever encountered. Both manager, Fluis and captain J. H. Blackmon are building the club each day and will make a strong bid for the flag. They are gradually whipping together one of the strongest machines in the state. 'Steel Arm' Davis, the big left hander is going like a house afire. Big Arthur Hicks, right hander, one of the best in the business. H. Reed and E. Edwards make up the balance of pitching staff. Waco has six games at home and expects to cinch four before hitting the trail around the loop. Watch for results of the games."

May 20, 1919

Austin, TX
"Austin Senators Shut Out Samuel Houston and Duplicate Trick with San Antonio Bronchos. - Austin, Texas, May 20. - Pitcher DeWitt in a fast and snappy bout dished up a shut out to Samuel Houston college. He outpitched Smith for Samual Houston. Striking out 10 batters and yielding only 3 hits. Patterson team hooked up Tuesday with San Antonio Bronchos and the Senators were again victorious in a 3 to 0 score in their favor. 'Tank' Stewart, opposing pitcher Erwin of San Antonio, Texas, on the mound for four innings it was a pitching duel. Erwin weakened in fourth and allowing a run in fourth, fifth and sixth innings. Stewart was invicible having struck out 15 men and given up only 4 hits. Erwin struck out 10 men and yielded 8 hits."