1919 Philadelphia Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1919 Philadelphia Giants

1919 Philadelphia Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 11, 1919

Brooklyn, NY
"Sunday Semi-Pro Games. - St. Agatha vs. Philadelphia Giants, at St. Agatha Oval, Brooklyn"

May 17?, 1919

East New York, NY
"At East New York - Philadelphia Giants 4, East New York Athletic Association 3."

May 24?, 1919

New York, NY
"At Alaska Field - Philadelphia Giants 12, Alaskas 5."

May 25, 1919

Orange, NJ
"Robertson of the Philadelphia Giants yesterday pitched a no hit game against the Orange Athletic Association nine at Orange, New Jersey. The Giants won, 7 to 1.

May 31, 1919

Glendale, Long Island, NY
"Decoration Day Games - At Glendale, Long Island, a.m. - Ivanhoe Athletic Club 7, Philadelphia Giants 0."

Long Island City, NY
"Decoration Day Games - At Long Island City - Philadelphia Giants 5, Springfield 6."

June 1, 1919

Inwood, Manhattan, NY
"Two Games at Dyckman. - Guy Empey's Treat 'Em Roughs will meet strong opposition in their double header at Dyckman Oval, near the Dyckman street subway station, next Sunday, as they will clash with the crack Philadelphia Giants in the opening game and with the Bridgeport team in the second. The Bridgeport nine will bring down four members of the Eastern League. The proceeds of the game will go to buy artificial limbs for disabled soldiers. A band concert will be given during the games."

Inwood, Manhattan, NY
"Dyckman Oval Contests. - The 'Treat 'Em Roughs,' Arthur Guy Empey's fast semi-professional team, will play a double header at Dyckman Oval, near the 207th street subway station, tomorrow afternoon. The opposing teams will be the Philadelphia Giants and the Bridgeport Independents compost of minor league talent. The first game will be called promptly at 2 o'clock. Empey will have three of his crack pitchers on deck, Jimmy Clinton, Schwartz and Bornhoff."

Inwood, Manhattan, NY
"Empey's Team Wins Twice. - Scores over Philadelphia Giants and Bridgeports. - Both games of a fast doubleheader at Dyckman Oval yesterday were won by Arthur Guy Empey's Treat 'Em Roughs. In the first game they defeated the Philadelphia Giants, 7 to 6, after overcoming a handicap of six runs scored by the Giants in the first inning. Next Sunday the Royal Giants will play the Treat 'Em Roughs."

June 15, 1919

Brooklyn, NY
"At St. Gabriel's Oval, Brooklyn - Philadelphia Giants 9, St. Gabriel's Athletic Club 1."

June 22, 1919

Brooklyn, NY
"At Todd Field, Brooklyn - Philadelphia Giants 8, Robbins Dry Dock 1."

June 29, 1919

West New York, NJ
"At West New York, New Jersey - Philadelphia Giants 9, West New York 3."

July 4, 1919

Yonkers, NJ
"At Empire City Arctic Park - Philadelphia Giants 3, Empire City 1."

July 12?, 1919

Hoboken, NJ
"At Hoboken, New Jersey - Philadelphia Giants 4, Egberts 2."

July 13?, 1919

Mamaroneck, NY
"At Mamaroneck, New York - Philadelphia Giants 7, All Stars 6."

July 26?, 1919

West Brighton, Staten Island, NY
"At West Brighton, Staten Island, Philadelphia Giants 6, Downey Shipyards 5."
"At Sisco Park, Staten Island, Philadelphia Giants 6, Downey Shipyards 5."

July 27, 1919

Hoboken, NJ
"At Hoboken, New Jersey - Philadelphia Giants 3, Egberts Athletic Club 2."