1918 Indianapolis ABCs

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1918 Indianapolis ABCS

1918 Indianapolis ABCs

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 7, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Struck out, by Donaldson 2; by Jeffries 1; by Lane 2."

April 14, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 14, Marcos 0. Batteries - Donaldson and Powell; Dismukes and Watts."

April 15, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 5, Marcos 0."

May 5, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 14, C. Grant 3. Donaldson, Pitcher."

May 19, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Cuban Stars Will Meet A.B.C.s in Two Games Today - C.I. Taylor's A.B.C.'s are in the best of condition for their five-game series with the Cuban All Stars, according to an announcement by Taylor last night. The players have been working out daily at Northwestern Park, and are prepared to win the series with the Stars. Two games will be played this afternoon, the first one starting at 2:30 o'clock, while one game will be played on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon of next week. Manager Molina, of the Islanders, claims to have a splendid balanced team. Nearly every man on the club can play two or more positions and each member of the team, with the exception of the catcher, Rodriguez, is a hard hitter. Rodriguez, although not a slugger, is a good man to have at the plate in a pinch. Martinez, a new man with the visitors, is said to be one of the best pitchers that ever played with the team. This is his first visit to the states and he has been going in tip top fashion all season. He is taking the place of Padron and is said to pitch in the same style as the latter. Junco, another one of the twirlers, has been coming to the states for the past five seasons. Last year he defeated Rube Foster's American Giants in five out of seven games. He also won two out of three contests from the A's at Washington Park last season.
Donaldson and Coleman, star battery for the locals, will face the Cubans in the first tilt today with Jeffries and Powell working against the Stars in the second scrap. Taylor's team will line up in the same order that they did against the soldier nine recently, while the Cubans will line up as has been announced, except that Villa will cover second with Jeminez at short. As a special attraction today the left handed members of the A's will put on an exhibition of infielding before the first game and between contests. They will line up as follows: B. Taylor, c; Charleston, 1b; Jeffries, ss; Lyons, 2b; and Donaldson, 3b."

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 3, Cubans 6. Struck out - by Donaldson 3."

May 21, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Cubans 9, ABCs 6. Three-base hits, Lyons and Donaldson."

May 22, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Batteries - Donaldson and Coleman.

May 26, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Eagles 2, ABCs 4. Struck out - by Dawson 4, by Donaldson 5."

June 9 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Donaldson pitching."

June 16, 1918

Peoria, IL
"Double Header - Donaldson pitches both games, 1 strikeout."

July 23, 1918

Cincinnati, OH
"The A.B.C. and American Giants, who were to have played three games at Redland Field, called off their series, following Secretary Baker's baseball decision."