1917 All Nations

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1917 All Nations

1917 All Nations

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 29, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"John Donaldson, the famed Negro pitcher, will make his first Kansas City appearance of the season Sunday at Association Park, when he will hurl for the Schmelzers against the Kansas Side Giants, a Negro team. Donaldson just arrived from Los Angeles, where, it is said, he pitched twenty-two games and lost only three of them. Opposed to Donaldson Sunday will be another Negro star, Rogan, a member of the Twenty-fifth Infantry at Honolulu, is here on furlough, and will pitch for the Kansas Side Giants.

Newspaper Report on April 29 about the upcoming 1917 season in North Dakota:
Grand Forks, ND
"ALL NATIONS TO TOUR THIS STATE AGAIN - World's Famous Baseball Team Plans Trip Through the Northwest. - The All-Nation's baseball team, known in every section of the United States, will again tour North Dakota this summer, according to information received yesterday from Manager J. E. Gaul of Kansas City, Missouri, where the members of the team are now in spring training. For the past five seasons this team has made a trip through this state and during this time, has played in practically every city and village of any size. According to Gaul, the organization is faster and stronger than ever with Donaldson, the famous negro pitcher, in the best condition of his career. Donaldson has been playing around Los Angeles for the past several months, clashing with some of the fastest league clubs in the west, but only lost two out of 24 games. Others who are still playing with the All Nations are Jose Mendez, Cuban pitcher, Hernandez, Torriente, Frank Blukoi Blattner, and many others. Gaul has already picked his team and has 76 fast men on the utility list, that he will be glad to furnish to any North Dakota nine that is looking for material. Clubs wanting dates with the All Nations will locate the squad in Kansas City, in care of the Schmelzer Arms Co.

May 5, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"John Donaldson, the star colored baseball pitcher, will pitch Sunday's game at Association Park. The game is Schmelzer All Nations vs. Nebraska Indians."
Kansas City, MO
"Base Ball - Association Park - Saturday and Sunday May 5 and 6 - Schmelzer's All Nations vs. Nebraska Indians - Admission 25cents. - Grand Stand 15 cents extra."

Kansas City, MO
"The Nebraska Indians lived up to their press notices yesterday when they displayed 15 genuine American Indians who can really play baseball. The All-Nations won, 7 to 6."

May 6, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"ALL NATIONS BEAT INDIANS. - The Schmelzer All-Nations took the Nebraska Indians into camp for the second time Sunday afternoon at Association Park by a 5 to 4 count. The Indians scored all their tallies in the opening round, but, after that, John Donaldson, the noted Negro hurler, made them look helpless at the bat. The All-Nations scored their first counters in the fourth frame, when Rogan tripled with a runner on and a moment later he stole home. They put over two more runs in the fifth frame and the winning tally was made in the sixth. Donaldson struck out 12 and Myers, his opponent, whiffed 11."

Kansas City, MO
Same game, different newspaper:
"Struck out - by Donaldson, 12; by Meyers, 11."

May 12, 1917

St. Joseph, MO
"All-Nations 9, South Parks, 1."

May 13, 1917

St. Joseph, MO
"Struck out - by Kinnen, 2; by Donaldson, 7"

May 16, 1917

Topeka, KS
"All Nations 8, Giants 2."

May 17, 1917

Topeka, KS
"The Schmelzer's All Nations in the final game of the series yesterday completely outclassed the Johnson's Giants in every department and defeated them by the score of 11 to 1. Donaldson, the famous negro pitcher, who holds a record of winning sixty out of sixty-five games he pitched last season, went on the mound for the visitors. His twisters so completely baffled his opponents, the management of the All Nations jerked him. On the other hand, the All Nations got to Harrison in the early part of the game and clouted him so hard he was forced to give way to McClelland. A good crowd saw the game. Batteries: All Nations - Donaldson, Mendez, and Coleman, Beck. Giants - Harrison, McClelland, and Jones."

May 24, 1917

Pleasanton, KS
"All Nations 8, Pleasanton, 6. John Donaldson Pitching."

May 26, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"All Nations humbled the St. Louis Giants, 5 to 1, in the first of a 5-game series at Association Park yesterday afternoon. Bill Gatewood, the star battler of the negro team, was not started after a thorough warm-up, whereupon Manager Gaul sent John Donaldson back to the stable. Three hurlers will work in the game at 3 o'clock this afternoon."

June 2, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"All Nations 4, St. Louis Giants 3."

June 3, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The All-Nations repeated their victory over the Kansas City Giants yesterday at Association Park, winning by a big rally in the eighth inning, 4 to 0. Lefty Smith had held the nations helpless up to that time."

June 9, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"Lincoln Cleaning and Dye Works team lost a game to the All-Nations of Kansas City today, the final count standing 9 to 5. The All-Nations ran in four tallies in the first inning, getting a lead which the Cleaners could not overcome."

June 10, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The All-Nations won from the Lincoln Amateur champions Sunday in an easy game, the heavy hitting of the All-Nations being the only feature of the game. Batteries: All Nations - Donaldson, Torriente, and Coleman: Lincoln - Meyers, Stevenson, Miller, and Beyer."

June 28, 1917

Greenwood, NE
"Greenwood 2, All Nations 4. Batteries: Mason and Hansen; Barnes, Donaldson, Yendez, and Coleman."

June 29, 1917

Greenwood, NE
"The All Nations - the team from Kansas City which will collide with the Lincoln Cleaners at the Capitol Beach park the afternoon of the Fourth - Inaugurated its Nebraska trip Thursday at Greenwood, where the K.C. aggregation trounced the Cass County athletes 4 to 2. Greenwood imported several players for the occasion and gave the tourists a merry argument. Batteries, Barnes, Donaldson, Yendez, and Coleman; Mason and Hansen."

June 30, 1917

Omaha, NE
"All Nations 10, Brandeis 3. Donaldson, left field"

July 1, 1917

Omaha, NE
"The first game went to the visitors by a 7 to 2 score, and "Broom" Donaldson, the crack colored slab artist, bested Morrie Olson in the second, the score being 4 to 2."

July 2, 1917

Omaha, NE
"The pitchers' battle went 11 innings. Kirchner, pitching for David City, weakened in the eleventh inning and the All Nations got five runs. The score was the All Nations 6, David City 1. It was a game worth several times the price."

July 3, 1917

Omaha, NE
"In the second game with the All Nations, on Tuesday, July 3, the David City team struck a slump and met an 8 to 1 defeat."

July 4, 1917

Lincoln, NE
"Weird pitching by the Lincoln Cleaner slabsters enabled the All-Nations to romp off with the long end of a 12 to 2 score in the Fourth of July encounter. Staged at the Capital Beach ball park. Donaldson, the famous colored hurler, fanned ten of the Cleaners, but was pounded for nine hits. The Cleaners used three pitchers, Shagard, Luse and Holmberg, and their inability to locate the plate made the going easy for the All-Nations."

July 5, 1917

Lincoln, NE
"Stolen Bases, Coleman, Donaldson, Steno, Grant, Bloodgood."

July 9, 1917

Beaver City, NE
"All Nations 11, Beaver City 5."

July 10, 1917

Cambridge, NE
"All Nations 8, Cambridge 4. John Donaldson, Center Field."

July 11, 1917

Palisade, NE
"All Nations lose at Palisade - The All Nations team of Kansas City bumped into their first defeat of its Nebraska tour when it lost to Palisade last Wednesday, 11 to 7."

July 15, 1917

Julesburg, CO
"Julesburg, Colorado, July 16. - The All-Nations ball team from Kansas City won from the Julesburg team by the score of 6 to 1. Donaldson, pitching for the Kansas City team, held the Julesburg team to no hits. This Donaldson is considered the best in the semi-pro ranks. The Kansas City team plays Sidney, Nebraksa team today."

July 16, 1917

Sidney, NE
"The Kansas City team plays Sidney, Nebraksa team today."

July 17, 1917

Brush, CO
"Tuesday, Brush, Colorado."

July 18 1917

Casper, WY
"Wednesday, Casper, Wyoming."

July 19, 1917

Guernsey, WY
"Thursday, Guernsey, Wyoming."

July 20, 1917

Cheyenne, WY
"Saturday and Sunday, the Cheyenne Indians at Cheyenne."

July 21, 1917

Cheyenne, WY
"Saturday and Sunday, the Cheyenne Indians at Cheyenne."

July 24, 1917

Casper, WY
"In the first of a series of two games between the Casper Feds and the World's All Nations, the latter yesterday afternoon shut out the locals by a score of 5 to 0. The event was staged at the Athletic Park before a large representation of local fans. The second game of the series is in progress this afternoon and the attendance promises to exceed that of yesterday."

Casper, WY
"The All-Nation team from Kansas City won a double header from Casper, Wyoming, the first one by the score of 5 to 0. The batteries were: Casper: Loy and Hogan; All-Nations, Barnes and Coleman. The second score ended in favor of the All-Nations, 6 to 4. Batteries: Casper: Chief Hungry and Hogan; All-Nations, Torriente, Donaldson and Coleman. The Casper team so far has lost only these two game, and had a clean slate until the All Nations struck them, but the Kansas City nine knew they were in the game. The Casper team probably will play in the Post tourney next month."

July 26, 1917

Thermopolis, WY
"The ball game here Thursday afternoon between the local team and the All Nations ended in a shut out... illegible...

July 27, 1917

Worland, WY
"All Nations 13, Worland 5."

July 29, 1917

Casper, WY
"Struck out - by Hicks 6, by Donaldson 1."

Same game, different newspaper:
Casper, WY
"CASPER WINS AND LOSES AT BASEBALL - Casper, Wyoming, August 2 - Casper won and lost when she met Kirby and the World's All Nations ball teams on the home diamond. In the first game Casper took a 4 to 1 victory from Kirby in the second she lost to the All Nations with an 11 to 1 score.