1917 Nebraska Indians

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1917 Nebraska Indians

1917 Nebraska Indians

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 5, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"John Donaldson, the star colored baseball pitcher, will pitch Sunday's game at Association Park. The game is Schmelzer All Nations vs. Nebraska Indians."
Kansas City, MO
"Base Ball - Association Park - Saturday and Sunday May 5 and 6 - Schmelzer's All Nations vs. Nebraska Indians - Admission 25cents. - Grand Stand 15 cents extra."

Kansas City, MO
"The Nebraska Indians lived up to their press notices yesterday when they displayed 15 genuine American Indians who can really play baseball. The All-Nations won, 7 to 6."

May 6, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"ALL NATIONS BEAT INDIANS. - The Schmelzer All-Nations took the Nebraska Indians into camp for the second time Sunday afternoon at Association Park by a 5 to 4 count. The Indians scored all their tallies in the opening round, but, after that, John Donaldson, the noted Negro hurler, made them look helpless at the bat. The All-Nations scored their first counters in the fourth frame, when Rogan tripled with a runner on and a moment later he stole home. They put over two more runs in the fifth frame and the winning tally was made in the sixth. Donaldson struck out 12 and Myers, his opponent, whiffed 11."

Kansas City, MO
Same game, different newspaper:
"Struck out - by Donaldson, 12; by Meyers, 11."

May 16, 1917

Columbia, MO
"Browns Tomahawk Nebraska Indians, 2 to 0. - The Nebraska Indians held no terrors for the Columbia Browns on Rollins Field, Friday afternoon. George Taylor's team defeating the redskins 2 to 0. Urie pitched a fine game for the winners, holding the Indians to one hit."

May 18, 1917

Moberly, MO
"Nebraska Indians Play Athletics Here Friday. - The Athletics won over Moberly last Sunday at Colonial Park in a score of 7 to 2. They will cross bats with the Nebraska Indians on the Academy field Friday, and a great game is assured. The Nebraska Indians are a strong team, having won about 80 per cent of the games played in the last five years. The Atletics are in good trim, and if you want to see a real, near-professional game come and see this one. The Athletics are tied with the Centralia Browns for first place in the Central Missouri League, neither team having lost a game. They will contest for first place here next Sunday. Don't miss this game."

May 24, 1917

Columbia, MO
"Browns Will Play Nebraska Indians. - The Columbia Browns will play an exhibition game with an Indian team called Green's Nebraska Indians on Rollins Field at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon. This is the first time that this team has played in Columbia, although they have been touring the country since 1897, winning 75 percent of the games played. Last year they played 105 games, won 79, lost 22 and tied 4. The Browns will play Cenralia next Sunday on the regular Central Missouri League schedule. Captain Taylor of the Browns says that there will be a change in the line-up and that several new players will be tried out.

June 10, 1917

Nashville, TN
"At Greenwood Park, June 10. At Greenwood Park, June 10th, 650 fans witnessed the game between the All-Stars and the Indians last Sunday. The Indians put up a good game and defeated the All-Stars 2 to 1. Both teams played good ball and the fans were uncertain of the victor until the last man was out."

June 11, 1917

Nashville, TN
"Dope. The all-stars of the Capital City League is the strongest team in the South, defeating the Nebraska Indians June 11 7 to 3."

"The Indians were outclassed in both games, as the Stars outplayed them in all the games, but luck beat them in the first game."

"Manager Ellison pays his most due respect to Stratton, Ware and Christman for their great help in playing the Indians. That kid, Stratton, sure is a ball player. With Ware behind the bat crying, "Wait a minute, little boy, now shoot it, shoot it," and he was sure shooting it. Christman played field for the all-stars in great form. Mr. Whittsy, that's a great ball player. You've got to stick to that boy. Myers, playing name, "Black Daddy," lost his hitting eye but he is a fielder by trade, getting everything that comes his way. I love my wife, but, O you Phillips. That Black Sox kid is a whang.

"At Greenwood Park June 11, 1917. At Greenwood Park June 11, 1917 the All-Stars of the City League defeated the Nebraska Indians in a fast and exciting game by a score of 7 to 3. It was a good and fast played game with plenty of life. Venson of the Black Sox started the game but was rather wild; he couldn't get his curves to break right and was relieved by Mang Stratton of the Sox, who kept the wild men from putting them where they wanted to . The All-Stars had plenty of good base runners who made hits count runs and won easily. The fans weren't so thick Monday. They are waiting to see the Maroon-Indian game on Sunday, June the 17th.

June 17, 1917

Nashville, TN
"Base Ball Dope. - The All-Stars and the Indians played the last of the three game series, the All-Stars winning 5 to 2. The All-Stars took the big end of the series winning two and losing one. As Mr. Campbell called the game Sunday, Mr. Ware and Mr. Stratton had a short talk, the Indians were wondering what was going to happen and then in a few minutes you could see them laying it down and slowly walking away. Mr. Ware still crying shoot at him cap. I am your target. Old George Mayberry in the grand stand having his fun-schafter John on second, better known as Texas Kid hollering, let him run. The All-Star backers in the grand stand sitting level brim, captain street in short hollering, I'll take him. I love my sweet heart, but oh you Nationals, you hard-hitting Nationals, you all-round Nationals and soon Manager Ellison has just signed up a New South Paw. He is just in from California. The boy is a bird. Mr. Boyd, the big Negro Ty Cobb, of the Capital City League is developing into an outfielder. The big boy says he is no outfielder, but will make all of them call him Mr. Boyd. Manager Ellison is out trying to hire some one to fool the Sox out to Greenwood Park Sunday. Anyone wishing the job apply at 1410 Grant Street, Samuel Ellison. Mr. Williams says if the boys gives him his brandy he will sit them down in order."

"Mr. W. King of the Champion Sox is playing a great game in rightfield and is hitting the ball hard, He is one of the most feared hitters in the league."

"Mr. Thomas Amous, the Sox's utility man is a cracking all round Ball player and can fill any position on the diamond. He is from the St. Louis Giants and knows all the points of the game."

"H. McGavock, of the Sox has not rounded to born in his fielding, he will strike his stride soon. Come on Hub, you are a star."

"Kid Moorman will pitch Sunday against the Nationals. He is a great pitcher and will be up among the leading pitchers of the league."

"Mr. Webster, better known as Shot, has had a trial with the Louisville White Sox, He failed to make good and is back again with the Nationals. Mr. Ellison put lots of faith in Mr. Merritt, the Star South Paw of the Nationals who has just come in from California. The kid is anxious to play and is sure to make a winner. Captain Hurt is waking up now and is sure to make it hot for the boys. Please don't forget Maury."