1915 West Baden Sprudels

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1915 West Baden Sprudels

1915 West Baden Sprudels

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 4, 1915

West Baden, IN
"They beat the fast Salem, Indiana team on April 4th, 9 to 0."

April 21, 1915

West Baden, IN
"Sprudels Win From Louisville. - Special to the Freeman. - West Baden, Indiana, April 12. - Spitball Miller held the Louisville White Sox after the fourth inning in what was a great pitcher's battle. The game was interesting from the gong. The crowd went wild in the eighth when the Sprudels made four runs, winning easily."

April 27, 1915

West Baden, IN
"A.B.C.'s Beat Sprudels - West Baden, Indiana, April 27. - The ABCs defeated the Sprudels in a slugging match today, 15 to 11. The ABCs made six runs in the first inning and the Sprudels eight in the fifth."

April 28, 1915

West Baden, IN
"Sprudels Beat A.B.C.s - West Baden, Indiana, April 28. - The Sprudels and A.B.C.'s played a hard game today at West Baden ball park. Hub Miller, who was knocked out yesterday, came back and held the A.B.C.s, keeping their hits scattered. The feature of the game was the hitting of McCurry."

April 29, 1915

West Baden, Indiana
"Sprudels Repeat on A.B.C.'s - Springs Team Wins 3 to 2 - Manager Taylor Bats in Ninth. - West Baden, Indiana, April 29. - The Sprudels won again from the A.B.C.'s in one of the best games played at West Baden. Casey, a young southpaw, held the A.B.C.'s to two hits. Dismukes was on the mound for the visitors and allowed the Sprudels seven scattered hits. The catch of Blackwell in the ninth inning was the feature of the game, which saved the game for the Sprudels. C.I. Taylor, manager, went in as a pinch hitter, with two men on, and drove one in the canvas to left field, but Blackwell reached it with a phenomenal catch."

May 2, 1915

Louisville, Kentucky
"What's Doing In Sport. - Louisville, Kentucky, May 2. - The West Baden Sprudels defeated the Louisville White Sox here today in a six-inning game, the score being 8 to 4."

May 4, 1915

West Baden, Indiana
"Yes, He Weakened - West Baden, Indiana, May 4. - The Sprudels lost to the Louisville White Sox in a one-sided game, 11 to 5. Casey, on the mound for the Sprudels, seemed to weaken in the sixth. Hanker pitched for the White Sox and held the Sprudels safe throughout."

May 5, 1915

West Baden, Indiana
"Sprudels Win Again. - West Baden, Indiana, May 5. - Hub Miller again beat the White Sox today. Kimbrough showed himself back in form by sending out a triple and double."

May 15, 1915

Indianapolis, IN
"A.B.C.s Are Winners. - Local Colored Boys Hit Ball Hard and Beat Sprudels, 8 to 2. - The A.B.C.s defeated the West Baden Sprudels, 8 to 2, Sunday, at Northwestern Park before a large crowd. The local team hit the ball hard in every inning except the eighth. DeMoss and Taylor led the attack, each getting three hits. Both teams fielded in excellent style."

May 16, 1915

Indianapolis, IN
"Sprudels Lose Again To The A.B.C. Team - The ABCs defeated the West Baden Sprudels again Monday at Northwestern Park, 6 to 2. Dicta Johnson held the Sprudels safe after the third inning."

May 17, 1915

Indianapolis, IN
"A.B.C.'s Take Three From the Sprudels - The A.B.C.s made it three straight from the West Baden Sprudels Tuesday at Northwestern Park, defeating them 12 to 3. Both clubs hit the ball hard, but Tom Johnson held the Sprudels safe with men on bases. Shively, Allen and Taylor hit hard with men on bases. The Champaign Velvets of Terre Haute, Indiana play at the local park next Sunday and Monday.

May 30, 1915

St. Louis, MO
"In Sunday's game the Giants beat the visitors (West Baden Sprudels) 5 to 2. The Sprudels made only 3 hits off Williams. About 7,000 persons witnessed two games."

May 31, 1915

St. Louis, MO
"West Baden Sprudels Break St. Louis Giants' Winning Streak. - St. Louis, Missouri, May 31. - The West Baden Sprudels shattered the Giants' winning streak by nosing out Charlie Mills' team 2 to 1 today. The Giants could not bunch hits on Casey, the Baden twirler. Smith, the new Giants pitcher, did well, allowing 6 hits."

June 5, 1915

West Baden?, IN
"The West Baden Sprudels defeated the Shamrocks in a hard fought game as the Shamrocks have strengthened considerably and have a strong team now and Chic Smith was in rare form, so you know what that means. I advise all teams when dealing with Roher to always get a guarantee."

June 6, 1915

Covington?, IN
"Howard of Tiger Team Fanned Twenty-Three - Quite a Record Was Made by Covington Twirler. - J. Howard of the Covington Tigers fanned 23 of the Sprudel.. and allowed two hits Sunday. Howard also allowed only one base other... and did good work at the bat... hits out of four times.. run. The score was 18 to ...

June 8, 1915

West Baden, IN
"Sprudels are Winners. - West Baden, Indiana, June... The Sprudels won from the Paducah ...lings in a slugging match... today.

June 9, 1915

West Baden?, IN
"The Sprudels also won Wednesday's game, 9 to 2."

June 10, 1915

West Baden, IN
"Mistah Brown Marks Up His Third Shutout Victory. - West Baden, Indiana, June.. Brown shut out the Paducah ... today at the Spring Ball Park. He has only pithed three games this season and each has been a shutout. Briggs starred in the field.

June 12, 1915

Jasper, IN
"Baseball - The ball game between the Reds and the West Baden Sprudels at the College Saturday resulted in a victory for the Sprudels by a score of 5 to 4."

June 16, 1915

West Baden, IN
"Sprudels on Tour. - West Baden, Indiana, June 16. - The famous Sprudels are touring INdiana. They are in Elnore Thursday, Bloomington Friday, Bedford Saturday, then St. Louis for three games. On the return home they will meet the Cubans."

June 17, 1915

Elnore, IN
"Sprudels at Elnore Thursday."

June 18, 1915

Bloomington, IN
"Sprudels at Bloomington Friday."

June 19, 1915

Bedford, IN
"Sprudels at Bedford Saturday."

June 20, 1915

St. Louis, MO
"Sprudels at St. Louis, Missouri for three games."

June 21, 1915

St. Louis, MO
"Sprudels at St. Louis, Missouri for three games."

June 22, 1915

St. Louis, MO
"Sprudels at St. Louis, Missouri for three games."

June 23, 1915

West Baden, IN
"Cubans Defeat Sprudels. - West Baden, Indiana, June 23. - The Sprudels got back from a road trip today and lost to the Cuban Stars."

July 18, 1915

Kokomo, IN
"Red Socks are Beaten in Close One by Sprudels. - Kokomo, Indiana, July 18. - The local Red Sox lost to the West Baden Sprudels this afternoon, 2 to 3. The game was frequently interruped by rain and the wet ball caused ... pitching by both Webb and K... Simpson for the Sprudels. ..eighth inning the Red Sox ... score. The marvelous fielding by Mr. Laughlin and Blackwell saved the day for the Sprudels."

July 31, 1915

West Baden, IN
"News of West Baden, Indiana. - The famous Sprudels are touring Indiana again, playing Frankfort, Logansport, Monon, Monticello, Chalmers, and Lafayette."