1915 Lincoln Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1915 Lincoln Stars

1915 Lincoln Stars

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 9, 1915

Harlem, New York
"At Lenox Oval Lincoln Stars the Lincoln Stars with Gans pitching and Santop catching beat the Cuban Giants 7 to 4."

May 31, 1915

Harlem, New York
"The Lincoln Stars, with Redding on the mound, shut out Doc ... team 4 to 0, at Lenox Oval, New York, Decoration Day. Redding allowed only four hits."

June 13, 1915

New York, NY
"The Lincoln Stars, with Redding and Pierce, evened matters with Mike Donlin's All-Leaguers, beating them by the score of 9 to 3. Redding won his twelfth straight game."

June 20, 1915

New York, NY
"The Lincoln Stars defeated the Almendares, 12 to 2, with Redding ptiching, which is his fourteenth straight victory."

June 26, 1915

Camden City, NJ
"Lincoln Stars of New York. - The Lincoln Stars of New York won two games at Camden City, New Jersey last Saturday by the scores of 12 to 2, and 6 to 3. On Sunday they played a double header at Lenox Oval, New York, and captured both contests. The first game was with the St. Aloysius team, and the second was with the Ironsides team. The scores were 6 to 2, and 1 to 0. The Lincolns have been playing great ball this season, and are looked to give such teams as the American Giants, and the A.B.C.'s of Indianapolis, a struggle for honors. With last Sunday's game. Redding, the star pitcher of the Stars, won his fifteenth consecutive victory."

June 29, 1915

Upper Manhattan, NY
"Lincoln Stars Get 26 Hits and Rout Clifton Heights. - New York City, June 30. - (Special) - In one of the greatest exhibitions of hard hitting ever seen in thie city, the Lincoln Stars defeated the Clifton Heights team of the Delaware County League, at the Victrix Field yesterday afternoon, 17 to 3. The colored players piled up twenty-six hits for a total of thirty-eight bases off the big three; Harby Teal, Boh Scott and Red Murray. Boles and Lloyd led with four each. Three of Lloy'd hits were doubles. Brick McInnis, brother of Stuffy, and Brown starred at bat for Manager Path's team with three hits each. Brick's assortment consisted of a triple, double, and single. Clifton used fifteen players, including Catcher Paul Krichell, the former Newark International and St. Louis American star, and Outfielder, Dutch Hoffman, of the Richmond International League."

June 30, 1915

Clifton Heights, NJ
"Lincoln Stars Win Again. - Clifton Heights, July 1. - Clifton Heights, of the Delaware County League, again went down before the famous Lincoln Stars by the score of 8 to 3. Murray pitched a steady game, but errors by himself and McInnis in the second round, after two were out, gave the Stars four runs. Hoffman and Brown were the stars for the Cubs."

July 3, 1915

Harlem, NY
"Larry McLean fo the New York Giants and His All-Stars Bow to Brother Lloyd Stars. - New York, July 4. - (Special) - A rally in the ninth inning enabled the Lincoln Stars to defeat Larry McLean's All Stars yesterday at Lenox Oval by a score of 6 to 5. With two down, Poles singled, Kindle followed with another single and Lloyd doubled, sending in two runs, enough to score the victory. In the first game the Lincoln Stars defeated the New York Fire Department team by a score of 5 to 1."

July 4, 1915

Harlem, NY
"Lincoln Stars Trim Bridgeport. - New York, July 5. - (Special) - The Lincoln Stars defeated the Bridgeport nine Monday afternoon at Lenox Oval by a score of 4 to 1. The Stars were scheduled to play a double header, but the early morning rain made the field too soggy. A new pitcher, Padron, was given a tryout by the victors."

July 10, 1915

Long Island, NY
"Lincoln Stars Beat Grays. - Long Island, New York, Special. - The Degnon Grays with Andy Coakley pitching, Mike Donlin playing left field and other former big league stars in their lineup, lost to the Lincoln Stars in ten innings at Degnon Field Saturday, July 10. Bob Adler, the Degnon third baseman, broke his leg in the first inning sliding into their base, and was removed to St. Joseph's hospital."

July 11, 1915

Harlem, NY
"Cannon Ball Redding Wins 19 Straight Games, Defeats George Mullen, former Detroit Tiger Star. - New York City Special. - The Lincoln Stars carried off the honors in a double-header at Lenox Oval Sunday, defeating the All Hudsons in the curtain-raiser by a 7 to 1 score, and then taking the measure of Larry McLean's All Stars in the final tilt by a 4 to 3 count: Redding, who pitched against George Mullen, formerly of the Detroit Tigers, won his nineteenth consecutive game."

July 24, 1915

Muncie, IN
"Lincoln Stars Defeat A.B.C.'s - Pettus of the Stars, Secures Two Home Runs. - Muncie, Indiana, Special. - Manager C.I. Taylor and his athletic gents motored to Muchie Saturday to welcome Brother Lloyd and his Lincoln Stars on their Western invasion and what they did to Our Heroes was a plenty. Side wheelers looked good to the Stars and they eat 'em alive. Little Jeffries was the first offering and Manager Taylor yanked him in the second with the bases clogged; enter Ben Taylor, but they could not be stopped. The final count was 9 to 1."

July 25, 1915

Indianapolis, IN
"Dismukes and Redding in Pitchers' Battle - Our Hero Shades the Cannon Ball and the A.'s Score a 2 to 1 Victory Over Lincoln Stars of New York. - By Young Knox. - It was Smiling Dismukes against Cannon Ball Redding Sunday at Federal Park and Dizzy pitching true to form brought home the bacon shading the speeding Redding in one of the best games of the season. Cannon Ball Redding lived up to his record as a great pitcher and in the sixth inning, with DeMoss on third and Charleston on second and none out, he intentionally passed the slugging Ben Taylor, then fanned Clark and Powell and forced Allen to roll an easy one to Kindle. DeMoss's all round work was a feature for the A.'s."

July 26, 1915

Indianapolis, IN
"Stars Hit Heavily and Defeat A.B.C. Team - Lincolns Drive Johnson Our of Box in First Inning and Win by 11 to 7 Score. - The Lincoln Stars had on their batting clothes Monday at Northwestern Park, defeating the A.B.C.'s, 11 to 7. The Stars batted Dicta Johnson out of the box in the first inning, scoring five runs. Taylor's club also hit freely, chasing Sykes after he had pitched six innings. Santop, Pierce and Shively led with the stick, the first named hitting safely four times."

July 27, 1915

Indianapolis, IN
"Dicta Johnson Comes Bacdk and Holds the Slugging Easterners to Four Hits - Todd's Fielding Sensational. - Monday the Lincoln Stars knocked Dicta Johnson out of the box in the first inning, but Tuesday it was a different story, the little spit ball artist backed up the sensational work in the field by Todd and Charleston, let Hon. John William Lloyd and his chesty Stars take the short end of a 3 to 2 battle. Powell, the reliable, was there with a home and a double."

July 29, 1915

Indianapolis, Indiana
"Lloyd and his New York team will be here July 29. Lloyd will be remembered as America's greatest shortstop and was with Rube last season. This will, undoubtedly be the biggest attraction of the season. Get your seats ordered now. Box seats 75 cents, grandstand 50 cents and bleachers 35 cents."

Indianapolis, IN
"Fifteen-Inning Tie at Northwestern Park - Licoln Stars of New York City and A.B.C.'s Draw, 1 to 1, After Six Extra Rounds - Great Pitching by Redding and Dismukes. - The A.B.C.s and the Lincoln Stars of New York Thursday, July 29, played one of the best games staged at Northwestern Park for several seasons. The contest went fifteen innings, to a 1-to-1 tie. Both clubs were on edge at all times, taking advantage of everything. Redding and Dismukes went the entire route, each hurling great ball, the former allowing but four hits, who of which came in the twlfth inning. Redding also fanned eleven. The A.B.C.s went out in order in eleven of the fifteen innings, while the Stars went out in order in eight innings. Only three errors were made in 135 chances. Shively's great running catch was the master play of the day. Taylor at first for the local champs had twenty-two putouts, while Poles in center for the Stars had eight."

July 31, 1915

Chicago, IL
"Championship Games Between the East and the West. - Greatest Game of Baseball Ever Seen in the West Will Be Played in the Windy City July 31, August 1 to 7 - Redding, the Great Pitcher, Will Be on the Mound and Lloyd Will be at Short - Foster Says He Will Take the Series - 12,000 People Expected to Witness Series. - By Cary B. Lewis - Chicago, Illinois, July 29. - All Chicago is wild over the coming of the New York Lincoln Stars. This is the team that has Redding, the greatest pitcher of the race. He has to his credit 21 straight games. With this team is Lloyd, the great shortstop who was with Rube Foster's American Giants last season. The team will open up a series of games here on Saturday, July 31, August 1, and continue all through the week until the championship games between the East and the West. Mr. Foster has strengthened his team considerably, bringing players here from Louisville and Indianapolis. So great is the interest in the coming games that fans have sent for reservations from all sections of the city. The expense of bringing such a big team from such a long distance is so great that a raise in prices has been made by the management. The bleachers will be 35 cents, grandstand, 50 cents, and boxes 75 cents. The management urges that all should make their reservations at once. Everything has taken a back seat in the way of amusements for the coming of the Lincoln Stars. The popularity of Lloyd alone will bring thousands to see this wonderful shortstop. Mr. Foster declares that while he is up against a great aggregation, his boys will bring home the victory. Sunday, it is expect that from 10,000 to 15,000 people will be crowded into the American Giants' park. Mr. Schorling has arranged seats for at least 12,000 people. The lineup for the Lincoln Stars will be Poles, center field; Kindle, second base; Lloyd, shortstop; Pettus, first base; Santop, right field; Pierce, catcher; Gans, left field; Mougin, third base; Redding, pitcher. Lloyd, Pierce, Gans and Pettus are old American Giant players and will be much in evidence on Sunday and throughout the series. See the Freeman to get a full account of all the games."

Chicago, IL
"Fans Ready for Lincoln Stars. - Every fan in Chicago is ready to give a weldome hand to Lloyd, Gans, Pierce and Pettus. They are familiar faces to Chicago fans. Tenam Jones, of the Elite, will have a special night for the Lincoln Giants at Elite No. 2. Other forms of amusement are being planned by the friends of the well known players. The Stars will arrive here from Indianapolis Saturday morning. Every provision has been made by Mr. Schorling and Mr. Foster to accommodate the large crowd. The cry is order your seats at once and avoid the rush. Special attention will be shown the ladies by the ushers under the direction of Mr. Schooler."