1915 Lincoln Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1915 Lincoln Giants

1915 Lincoln Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 18, 1915

Perth Amboy, NJ
"The Perth Amboy Pacers, with Randolph in the box, lost the opening game of the season on Sunday last to the Lincoln Giants by a score of 9-1."

May 9, 1915

Bronx, New York
"Baseball Games in New York. - The Lincoln Giants scored two victories against the Cuban Stars of Havana. First game, 11 to 4 and wining the second 18 to 5. Joe Williams, one of the best colored pitchers in the country, struck out eleven men in the opening game and Langford pitched the second game. The same teams play two games at Olympic Park Sunday."

May 21, 1915

Pokeepsie, NY
"Captain Hyatt sends his R.M.A. team froma fictory over Mohegan out against the Lincoln Giants at Riverview Field this afternoon in a practice game. The Lincoln Giants are a powerful semi-pro team but the contest will be strictly in the nature of a practice game."

May 23, 1915

New York, NY
"Baseball Games in New York City. - Olympic Field's record crowd of the season saw the Cuban Stars of Havana even the series with the Lincoln Giants last Sunday. Although the Cuban Stars were returned the victors, they had to play at top speed to beat the home team. Errors by Captain James and one or two others were responsible for the defeat of Cyclone Joe Williams in the first game. Williams was not in such good form, but should have won his game had he had the support. The score was: first game, 9 to 8,a nd second 6 to 4. The teams are now even on the series with two games."

May 31, 1915

Brooklyn, NY
"New York Baseball News - (By Billy E. Jones.) - The Lincoln Giants won a game with the Cuban Stars of Havana on Ridgewood Grounds in Brooklyn, New York on Decoration Day, in a double bill. The scores were 10 to 3 in the first and 23 to 10 in the second.

June 13, 1915

Harlem, NY
"New York Baseball News. - (By Billy E. Jones.) - At Olympic Field, New York City, Sunday, the Lincoln Giants divided the double bill, losing to Hoboken by the score of 4 to 2. In the first game, F. Banks, a new pitcher, tried out and made good. The second game, the Giants with Williams and Wiley, won over the Bronx Athletics, 9 to 3."

June 20, 1915

Harlem, NY
"New York Baseball News. - The Lincoln Giants scored a double victory at Olympic Field, 136th Street and Fifth Avenue Sunday when they defeated the Peekskill team, 6 to 0, with Wade and Banks pitching and Wiley catching. The second game was 4 to 0, in favor of the Lincoln Giants, with the Lancasters. Williams held the visitors to three scattered hits."

June 27, 1915

Harlem, NY
"The Lincoln Giants will play Hoboken a return game Sunday, and a record-breaking crowd is expected."

June 30, 1915

Trenton, NJ
"Baseball - Trenton vs. Lincoln Giants - At American Bridge Field - Wednesday, June 30, 1915 - If you want Wednesday ball in Trenton come out. - Game called at 4 o'clock. - Admission, 25c; Grandstand, 10c."

Trenton, NJ
"Lincoln Giants Here Tomorrow - Famous Colored Team Will Clash With New Trenton Club in First Wednesday Game - Everything is in readiness for the opening of the Wednesday baseball season in Trenton tomorrow when the Lincoln Giants will be the attraction at the American Bridge Field, the home of the new Trenton team. The local team which has been organized by Messrs Harry Klein, Manager of the American Bridge Club, and Orty Justice and W.H. Howell, of the Morrisville club, to represent this city in the independent field in mid-week games, will comprise all Delaware River League players from Trenton and vicinity, four of the six D.R.L. teams being represented on the team. The lincoln Giants, the attraction here tomorrow in the first of the Wednesday games, is from the Nat. C. Strong agency in New York, which handles only the strongest attractions in the independent field and is the greatest aggregation of colored ball players ever gathered together. The club is recognized throughout the country as the world's colored champions and that they will give the local boys a great battle is a foregone conclusion. Cyclone Joe Williams, known as the Black Christy Mathewson, will do the hurling for the negro team. Williams is big league timber and but for his color would undoubtedly be one of the leading twirlers in the major leagues. Besides furnishing an attraction of baseball, colored ball players are always extremely funny on the ball field and this club is no exception and can be expected to keep their audience in fits of laughter from the time the game starts until it is over. The local club will line up as follows: Doc Imlay, of the American Bridge club, pitcher; Orty Justice, of the Morrisville club, catcher; Mason, Craig and Johnson, of the Morrisville club, will take care of first, second and third, respectively; Werner, of the Columbia team, will be at shortstop; Connolly, of the Roebling team, left field; Horton and Nolan, of the Morrisville club, will play center and right field, respectively, while Yates, the all-around fielder and pitcher, of Morrisville, will be used as utility player. Harry Hough, who has been gaining quite a reputation as a baseball arbitrator in the preparatory school field, will be given a chane to show the local fans his ability as an umpire and will handle the indicator. The management of the project has set the time for the game at 4 o'clock in order that those fans at work may get away to see as much of the game as possible. The announcement of the attraction for next Wednesday will probably be made at the game tomorrow afternoon."

July 11, 1915

Harlem, NY
"New York Baseball Notes. - The Lincoln Giants added two more victories to their long string yesterday by defeating the Havana Reds in a double bill at Olympic Field by scores of 8 to 3 and 7 to 6. The second contest was a hummer. The Lincoln Giants won in the ninth frame when Forbes singled sending home James. Cyclone Joe Williams pitched an excellent game in the curtain raiser. He allowed the Cubans only two hits."

July 18, 1915

New York, NY
"Fred Brundage and Thomas Sheridan were among the Tarrytowners who saw the baseball game between the Lincoln Giants and the Ironsides, of New York City, Sunday at the 136th street diamond."