1915 New York Cuban X-Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1915 New York Cuban X-Giants

1915 New York X-Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 17, 1915

Richmond, VA
"Richmond Independents to Play Cuban X-Giants - The Richmond Independents, a local colored nine, will play the Cuban Giants of New York, a series of three games at Broad Street Park, beginning on Monday. The Giants are one of the best known colored teams in the country, and the games are expected to draw large crowds. Seats will be reserved for white patrons. The games will be called at 4:30 o'clock. The following is the lineup: Cuban Giants - Tells, shortstop; Randolph, second base; Green, left field; Cooper, first base; Falkenberg, center field; Wade, third base; Barnes, catcher; Smith, pitcher; Brown, pitcher and right field; Sykes, pitcher and right field. Independents - Snapper, second base; Carter, shortstop; Cheatam, left field, Garrett, first base; Hopkins, right field; Blunt, center field; Jackson, third base; Dungie, catcher; Kenney, catcher; Murrill, pitcher; Brown, pitcher; and Thomas, utility.