1916 Lincoln Stars

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1916 Lincoln Stars

1916 Lincoln Stars

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 30, 1916

New York, NY
"Lincoln Stars Under Leadership of Captain Pettus Opened With Its First Game of the Season Last Sunday. - (by Jack Trotter) - New York City, (Special) - The Lincoln Stars, the strong aggregation of baseball players organized two seasons ago by the McMahon Bros., when complications arose which caused them to sever their relations with the Lincoln Giants, opened last Sunday afternoon in a double header to one of the largest first of the season's attendances ever played before. Warmth, clearness of weather and hot sunshine, were all in the favor of the Lincolns who were called upon to play without hardly a day's workout against Arthur Devlin's Lebanon team of the Pennsylvania League. Yet from the snappy action of Pettus's Lincolns, few in that great crowd of fans guessed that this team was enjoying its very first baseball frolic this year. There were, of course, a few noticable cases of joint stiffness among the players, but their work in all considering their training disadvantages was of sifficient quality to beat Arthur Devlin's All Star organization, by the score of 3 to 1. The lineup and scores of both teams are here given."

May 28, 1916

New York, NY
"Lincoln Stars Trim Mike Donlin's All-Stars. - On a ground that was water-soaked and mud-heavy from the downpour of rain which struck New York last Sunday morning, Dick Pettus' Lincoln Stars gamboled away with the greatest case in both games of the double-header, defeating the Jeffersons by the score of 9 to 0, and thrashing Mike Donlin's All-Star aggregation by 7 to 2. Charleston, the Stars newest acquisition, especially featured in both games. In the last game with the bases full he made a running one-hand catch of a terrific drive by Korwin which brought forth thunderous applause."

June 3, 1916

New York, NY
"Professor Soto's Havanas Reinforced Importations From Havana, Cuba. - Professor Antonio Soto's baseball aggregation has received recent reinforcement of more than usual strength direct from Havana, Cuba, which will make his team one of the strongest playing nines in the East. This team which made its first start Sunday two weeks ago, against Jesse McMahon's Lincoln Stars, will give their adversaries in the future undeniable hot contests."

New York, NY
"Captain Pettus, of the Lincoln Stars, has certainly performed wonders with the team at Lenox Oval. Starting off with hardly any team at all, the Lincoln Stars at the present moment looks like the best team in the East.

June 14, 1916

Poughkeepsie, NY
"June 14 - Lincoln Stars vs Poughkeepsie Cubans."

June 15, 1916

Poughkeepsie, NY
"June 15 - Lincoln Stars vs Poughkeepsie Cubans."

June 16, 1916

Poughkeepsie, NY
"June 16 - Lincoln Stars vs Poughkeepsie Cubans."

June 17, 1916

Poughkeepsie, NY
"The Long Branch Cubans Take the Measure of Lincoln Stars in an Exciting Sunday Baseball Contest. - By Jack Trotter - Special to the Freeman. - New York City. - Special. - After having been kept indoors for the past two weeks through the inclemency of the weather, New Yorkers at the first sign of a rift of sunshine and a dry seat upon which to sit turned out in masses last Sunday, thronging the parks of both baseball teams, the Lincoln Stars and the Lincoln Giants, to crowded capacities. Captain Pettus' Lincoln Stars, fresh from a few days' trip upstate, where they gathered together an armful of victories, clashed on their home grounds with the sensational Long Branch Cubans, dropping after two exciting contests both ends of the double-header. The Cubans took the first game by the score of 11 to 5 and the last by 7 to 3."

Poughkeepsie, NY
"Louis Miller, the crack third baseman of the Lincoln Stars, is certainly playing a wonderful game this year. He puts you in mind of Francis when he was in his prime.

"The Lincoln Stars scored two victories over the Long Branch Cubans at Poughkeepsie, New York on Thursday and Friday..."

June 18, 1916

Harlem, NY
"Cubans Win Both Ends of Double Bill - New York, June 19. - The Poughkeepsie Cubans were double winners over the Lincoln Stars at Lenox Oval yesterday, winning the first game by a score of 11-5 and taking the nightcap contest, 7-3. Heavy hitting featured both contests, with the Cubans taking the honors. The first game saw Henriquez's crew make 17 hits, while their total was one less in the sunset tilt. Calvo, Barranda, Pettus and Santop starred at bat."

Harlem, NY
"The Long Branch Cubans certainly gave the Lincoln Stars a bad beating in the two games on Sunday. Immediately after the game Captain Pettus released Culver, who made ten errors in the two games at shortstop and Bailey, the left fielder."

June 19?, 1916

Schenectady, NY
"... and then went on to Schenectady and defeated the strong General Electric team by a score of 9 to 1."

June 25, 1916

Harlem, NY
"The double-header between the Lincoln Stars and the Long Branch Cubans that is scheduled to be played this coming Sunday at Lenox Oval will without a doubt be the most sensational battle seen yet in the colored baseball world. The teams have so far playing four games and each club won two games. Knowing that the fans will turn out in extra numbers for their return engagement, both teams will certainly be in prime condition to put forth the greatest effort in the struggle for supremacy that they have ever before shown."

June 30, 1916

Southampton, Long Island, NY
"The Lincoln Stars played at Southampton, Long Island last Friday. This is the first time in twelve years that a Colored club has played before the millionaire colony. The Lincoln Stars got fourteen hits off of Keliher, winning the game seven to five, Kelliher pitching for the Jersey City team on Sunday defeated the New York Nationals two to nothing."

July 2, 1916

Harlem, NY
"It looks now as if the Lincoln Stars, the famous Colored Champions, will invade the middle west during the latter part of the month. When they leave it is rumored that some of the star players from the other Colored teams will leave with them."

July 4, 1916

Kingston, NY
The Long Branch Cubans and the Lincoln Stars played a double-header on July 4th, Kingston in the morning and Poughkeepsie in the afternoon. The Lincoln Stars are big favorites in Poughkeepsie on account of defeating the Cuban team so often in their home town."

July 15, 1916

Glendale, Long Island, NY
"At Glendale, Long Island, on Saturday the Lincoln Stars defeated the Farmers seven to one. Gunboat Thompson held the Farmers to two hits, both hits being made in the first inning."

July 16, 1916

Manhattan, NY
"Long Branch Cubans Take the Lincoln Stars into Camp in an Exciting Doubleheader. - Even with the wonderful hitting of Charleston and Miller, the Lincoln Stars failed to garner enough stick work from its other members to carry them over the line of a double defeat at the hands of the Long Branch Cuban Giants in last Sunday's games. The first game was won by the visitors by the score of 9 to 6. The second game went twelve innings before the Cubans pushed a man around to home plate scoring a winning run."

Manhattan, NY
"The Long Branch Cubans and the Lincoln Stars played a great twelve inning contest at Lenox Oval on Sunday afternoon. The Lincolns had a great chance to win in the twelve innings. Afterward, Pettus, Santop and Miller hit safely, Munoz struck out Langford, Thompson and Sykes. The series between the Lincoln Stars and the Long Branch Cubans now stands nine to eight in favor of the Lincoln Stars."

July 19, 1916

Manhattan, NY
"Lincoln Stars Defeat Long Branch Cubans. - Lincoln Stars Defeat Long Branch Cubans. - New York, July 19. - The Lincoln Stars, the Colored champions of the world, had no trouble in defeating the Long Branch Cubans here today by a score of six to one. This gives the Lincolns a two game lead in the series for the independent championship of the East. The Lincolns will start on a tour of the middle West on Thursday."