1914 Chicago Union Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1914 Chicago Union Giants

1914 Chicago Union Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 12, 1914

Chicago, IL
"Union Giants 7, West Sides, 4."

April 26, 1914

South Bend, IN
"Union Giants to Play Here; Team is Now Complete - Manager Smith After Players With High Class Teams Only - No More Youngsters Will Be Taken On. - The Benders have added another contest, this time a stiff one, to their list of exhibition games, the Union Giants of Chicago, a colored team, being booked for April 26th, a Sunday."

South Bend, IN
"On Sunday they meet the Chicago Union Giants, a Negro aggregation, who are among the best of the Chicago semi-pros, and will give the Benders a real game. The Union Giants contest on Sunday is the last game for the Benders until the South Michigan league opens on Wednesday of next week, when Kalamazoo will play here."

South Bend, IN
"Union Giants to Finish Practice Season Schedule - Negro Team Has Reputation of Being Hard Opponent - Foley Arrives to Join Team and Try for Job. - The arrival of Infielder Don Foley, of Dayton, one of the best men ever let slip by a Central League Club, has completed the roster of the Benders and the team is now in shape to face the Union Giants from Chicago here on Sunday. The Union Giant game is sure to be a fast encounter. Smith's team will be up against some stiff proposition and if they win it will be over a club that is admitted to class with the best of its kind in the world. The Giants are a negro club and embrace some of the best talent in the country."

May 25, 1914

Indianapolis, IN
"The Chicago Union Giants were defeated by the ABC's last Monday."

June 13, 1914

Hiteman, IA
"The Chicago Union Giants were here Saturday afternoon. they beat the Hiteman boys 2 to 0. Both teams put up a good game of ball. There was no score made until the eighth inning,then it was made by a ball being knocked over the fence."