1914 French Lick Plutos

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1914 French Lick Plutos

1914 French Lick Plutos

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

June 6, 1914

Indianapolis, IN
"A.B.C.s Beat Plutos. - Local Colored Champs Win Uphill Battle, 5 to 4 - Scotland Hits Ball Hard. - The A.B.C.s and French Lick Plutos played one of the best games seen at Northwestern Park this season. Bowser's club winning out, 5 to 4, after a hard struggle. This sensational playing of both clubs kept the large crowd on its feet most of the time. The fielding features were carried off by Heath and DeMoss of the visitors, and Shively, Ben Taylor and Scotland for the local champs. Shively making two running catches near the fence. Bowser's club made a grand uphill fight, the Plutos taking the lead in the first inning and holding it until the eighth. Scotland's bat proved the downfall of the lads from the springs, clouting out two triplets, one in the seventh and eighth, scoring both times himself and sending one across ahead of him. The batting of Turner and Ben Taylor also featured."

June 7, 1914

Grove City?, Oh
"Cincinnati, Ohio, Eighth Ward Champs Win. - The Eighth Ward Champs took one three from the French Lick Plutos, dert? Fryer Park, last Sunday, Score 6 to 5."

June 19, 1914

Mishawaka, IN
"Mishawaka To Play French Lick Plutos - On Friday afternoon, the Mishawaka City team will play the French Lick Plutos in the north side baseball park. The Plutos are a fast colored team from down state and a good game is expected. Mishawaka's team will present a different lineup from now on. Some of last year's best players who were away attending college are now back and will take part in the game. Babe Philion the crack first baseman of last season and the present captain of the Singer club of the South Bend - Mishawaka manufacturer's league has been secured for Mishawaka and will be seen in the lineup on Friday. Last year's pitcher and shortstop will also be seen on the diamonds Friday."

"Baseball - French Lick Plutos Fast Colored Team vs. Mishawaka City Team - Friday, June 17th. North Side Ball Park. - Game called at 4 o'clock p.m. - Admission 25 cents"

Mishawaka, IN
"Mishawaka Wins With Porter's Assistance - Clever Twirling Holds Down Fast Colored Team From the South - Home Runs Are Features. - Mishawaka squeezing in two runs in the seventh and Porter's air-tight pitching after the fourth inning succeeded in winning the game for the city team Friday afternoon at the north side diamonds from the French Lick Plutos by a score of 8 to 6. The game was exciting throughout and it has been many a day since such a fast game has been witnessed in Mishawaka. The Plutos were fast in every action of the game, but the pitching staff for the visitors fell down in the early part of the contest and had it not been for the assistance of two substitute twirlers there was no telling where the score might have ended. Mishawaka with her three new players in action played a wonderful game, displaying great form and consistancy. Mishawaka took the first count of the contest in the first inning when Jones hit to the infield. On an error he secured first and later went to second when DeMoss missed Squibbs' grounder. He took third on Weber's death at first and scored when Williams singled to short. A home run hit over the right field fence by Norman of the Plutos, was the first count for the visitors. Norman's smash somewhat disheartened the locals, but when Heath, Davis and Crow went down in one, two, three order, things looked as if there might be some hope. Again in the third the visitors scored scored three runs. DeMoss placed to right and secured one base. Hannon dittoed, taking three bags and bringing DeMoss home. Lynch secured second base with a hit and wild throw and Heath came up for a long drive to far center. Hannon and Lynch crossed the plate for two more runs. In the last of the third Mishawaka battled hard and were able to come back with five counts. Squibbs opened the inning by popping a fly to left and Weber evened up with the visitors with a long fly over right field fence for a home run. Williams hit to center and secured first, while Philion drove to left, moving Williams up to second. Raab died to the pitcher and Trowbridge burnt one to short, bringing in Williams from third. Murphy was allowed to walk. Porter, the fast little pitcher, displayed that he was there with both the stick and the arm and slammed one over the fence, between left and center, bringing Philion, Trowbridge and Murphy home. Jones closed the inning with a fast short fly to center which the fielder caught, securing applause from the fans. The visitors tied the score in the fourth, but Mishawaka again came back in the seventh with two more runs, winning the game. The contest was featured throughout with sensational plays and efforts. Weber's work at second was applauded time after time, while the three new men from the east are proving a valuable asset to the team. Portem came in for considerable credit for the victory of the team. Philion, the old time favorite, is back at first and displayed well."

July 29, 1914

Little Falls, MN
"ALL NATIONS AND PLUTOS - LOCALS WILL MEET PAST PROFESSIONAL BALL TEAMS NEXT WEEK. - Manager Newman of the Blues has made arrangement to have the local team meet the All-Nations at the fairgrounds next Wednesday evening, beginning at 6 o'clock. The All-Nations on their tours throughout the country lose few games and are very fast. John Donaldson, the wonderful colored pitcher, who worked with the team when they were here last, is still with them, and will likely be on the mound. It is likely that the Plutos of French Lick Springs, Indiana, the fast colored professional team, will also play here with the locals on some day of next week."