1914 Lincoln Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1914 Lincoln Giants

1914 Lincoln Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 3, 1914

Harlem, NY
"Sunday Baseball Games. - The Royal Giants will make their first appearance in Harlem this season by playing the Lincoln Giants a double header at Olympic Field, One Hundred and Thirty Sixth street and Fifth Avenue."

May 10, 1914

Harlem, NY
"Sunday Baseball Games. - The champion Lincoln Giants and the Cuban Stars will play a double header at Olympic Field, the first game starting at 1 p.m. This will be the Cuban Stars' first appearance here in three years."

New York, NY
"Cuban Stars and Lincoln Giants Meet. - Play a Double Header in New York. - The Cuban Stars and the Lincoln Giants of New York played a double header in that city last Sunday. The score of the first game was Cuban Stars 15, Lincoln Giants 6. the second game, Lincoln Giants 8, the Cuban Stars, 3. The attendance was about 5,000. The lineup of the Cuban Stars: Hernandez, second base; Moran, 3rd base; Gonzalez, first base; Villa, shortstop; Torriente, centerfield; Pedrosa, right field and pitcher; Rodriguez, catcher; Figarola, catcher; Magrinat, left field; Pereda, pitcher. The Lincoln Giants: Poles, centerfield; Hewitt, third base; Moore, right field; Johnson, second base; Santop, catcher; Wiley, catcher; Grant, first base; Bennett, left field; Wallace, shortstop; Williams, pitcher; Gatewood, pitcher; Redding, pitcher."

May 17, 1914

Harlem, NY
"New York Sport News. - The Cuban Stars won the double header with the Lincoln Giants here last Sunday, score 15 to 0 and 14 to 7. All of the force of pitchers and catchers was used."

June 14, 1914

Chester, PA
"Philadelphia Sporting News. - Lincoln Giants Win a Double Header - The Lincoln Giants beat the team of Chester, Pennsylvania last Sunday by a score of 15 to 0. This was one of the two games played. In the second game they beat the Philadelphia Giants 7 to 5."

June 21, 1914

Harlem, NY
"Lincoln Giants Meet Old Rivals. - A battle royal between the two crack pitchers, Cyclone Joe Williams and Ernie Linderman, will be seen tomorrow afternoon at Olympic Field when the Lincoln Giants meet their old rivals, the Suburbans, in the final contest of a double header. The Suburban nine defeated the Lincolns three times last season."

July 15, 1914

Atlantic City, NJ
"Lincoln Giants Win Series - Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 15 Special. - By winning from Brooklyn Royal Giants here today, 6 to 5, the Lincoln Giants copped the series. Starting tomorrow the Atlantic City Collegians will play daily at Inlet Park until September 15, with a strong attraction every day."

July 25, 1914

Chicago, IL
"Lincoln Giants Coming. - The Lincoln Giants of New York, the real baseball players, the ones that gave Mr. Foster such a great rub last year, will be in the city during the month of August. Every one is waiting breathless to see this team. Order your seats now. Boxes are at a premium unless you order now."