1913 Lincoln Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1913 Lincoln Giants

1913 Lincoln Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

February 17, 1912

Denver, CO
"The Negro Baseball Teams - In the past five years the Negro baseball teams have advanced 100 per cent, in every way. Last year there was organized among some of the big eastern cities a league consisting of fast colored ball teams. And after the organization had gotten under way, it has proved to be a paying proposition to the owners and managers. There are players on some of the fast eastern teams that receive salaries as high as $300 per month. And they are playing different cities, the same as the big white league teams. The main Negro league teams for this season will have the Chicago Giants, Leland Giants, St. Louis Giants, West Baden, New York Giants, Cuban Stars, and the Stars of Cuba. And they all have the support of the people."

April 20?, 1913

Brooklyn, NY
"Acosta and Calvo, accompanied by Sporting Editor Conte, hiked to Ridgewood, somewher in the wilds of Brooklyn, to be on hand at the battle between the Lincoln Giants and Cuban Stars. Polo Grounds and Polo Grounds crowds have evidently spoiled the dusky skinned athletes for a bush league park like Ridgewood, and they only stayed a few innings."

July 27, 1913

Chicago, IL
"Lincoln Giants 8, American Giants 0."