1913 Schenectady Mohawk Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1913 Schenectady Mohawk Giants

1913 Schenectady Mohawk Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

March 24, 1913

Palm Beach, FL
"The Mohawk Giants, an aggregation of dark brown gents who have been playing all winter at Palm Beach, will appear here for an exhibition game against the Mechanics some time next month. Secretary Reddy has offered them the choice of two dates. The University of Vermont want the Mechanics to hold the date of April 17 a few days longer. The Green Mountain collegians will then either reject or accept the plan to play here."

May 30, 1913

Perth Amboy, NJ
"(Doc) Scanlon will work in the afternoon game against the Mohawk Giants, and opposed to him will be Harry (Frank) Wickware, one of the greatest colored box artists at the present time. The Giants will also play the New Brunswicks Decoration Day morning."

July 13, 1913

Schenectady, NY
"Play Ball By Injunction - Mohawk Giants Get Right to Meet and Beat Troy. - Schenectady, New York, July 13. - Sheriff Myers, of Schenectady, was prevented from interfering with today's baseball game in this city because of an injuction served upon him yesterday noon by the manager of the Mohawk Giants, a local semi-professional team. Although it was predicted otherwise, no arrests were made on warrants secured by agents of the Law and Order League, who might pay admission. The game was an exhibition between the Troy State League club and the Mohawk Giants, and resulted in the latter team shutting out the leaguers by a score of 4 to 0."

July 18, 1913

Bennington, VT
"The Mohawk Giants, a star colored team from Schenectady, will play the Bennington team at Morgan Park Friday at 4 o'clock. The Mohawk Giants last Sunday defeated the Troy team of the New York state league 4 to 0 and they have beaten Toronto, Pittsfield, Bridgeport, Albany and other strong teams this year."

Bennington, VT
"Tomorrow's Ball Game - Huckleberry Bunch Will Go Against Mohawk Giants. - Bennington fans will have a rare chance of seeing one of the fastest colored teams in the country when the Mohawk Giants play the local baseball team at Morgan Park, tomorrow afternoon. This team has been trimming all corners, and the game tomorrow should be an interesting one as Bennington is now going at a good clip. Last Sunday at Schenectady the Mohawk Giants put it over the Troy team of the New York State League, by a score of 4 to 0. Pappalaw, one of Troy's best twirlers, was on the mound for his team, but the colored aggregation got to him. This is the first colored team to appear in Bennington this season and the fans should turn out in force. Colored teams are always popular with Bennington crowds, because they usually give a first class exhibition of how the national game should be played, and they furnish plenty of amusement in addition. Manager Morrissey is to be congratulated on securing this fast bunch of colored men to play here. Oh you fans! Turn out tomorrow and see a good game of ball."

Bennington, VT
"Friday, July 18 - Morgan Park, 4 p.m. Mohawk Giants of Schenectady vs Bennington"

Bennington, VT
"Colored Players Won Game on 2 Long Drives - One Was a Homer, the Other a Three-Bagger. - Game was Stopped by Rain - Mohawk Giants of Schenectady One Run to the Good When Show Arrived. - The Mohawk Giants, the team of fast colored ball players that is representing the city of Schenectady on the diamond during the present season won from the Bennington team of the Northern Tri-State league at Morgan Park yesterday afternoon by a 2 to 1 score. A heavy shower stopped the game in the seventh inning but while it lasted the game was one of the best played here this year. The Giants, like all of the players in the traveling colored teams, are free swingers with the bat and, as they are a husky, broad-shouldered bunch, when they hit the pill it traveled. Two of these long drives to the outfield won the game for the colored team. One was a home run in the second and the other a three sacker in the third. Peloquin was in the box for Bennington and pitched one of the best games he has shown this year. Considering the fact that he pitched in the game against Adams on Thursday his work was all the more creditable. The Giants have beaten some of the best minor league teams in the country and for a bush pitcher to hold them to four hits in six and two-thirds innings is going some. Outside of the long hits made by the colored players the principal features of the game were the fielding of Conley and Prindle. The shortstop was in the game every minute and the way Prindle took long fly balls into the left garden surprised the Giants."

Bennington, VT
"July 18 - Bennington 3, Mohawk Giants 5."