1912 Indianapolis ABCs

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1912 Indianapolis ABCs

1912 Indianapolis ABCs

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

June 3, 1912

Indianapolis, IN
"The American Giants will play the Indianapolis A.B.C.s Monday and Tuesday, June 3 and 4, at Indianapolis, Indiana."

"Giants Beat The A's Twice. - Chicago Has Fast Aggregation - Rube Pitched Second Game. - Chief Rube Foster and his American Giants downed the A.B.C.s for two games, played Monday and Tuesday, at the Northwestern lot. Daugherty nipped the first game by a score of 15 to 3. The A.'s played a good game, despite fast clip in the first part of the second game, scoring three runs, and that's all. Rube, of course, was a drawing card, and his hurling was the feature, done with the clockwork infield of the Windy City tossers. At critical periods the chief was calm and at home, and played his game with apparent ease, his long experience in the diamond dust has enabled him to have well at hand the fine points, and he is looked upon as the best known ball player of color living. When you think of baseball celebrities you think of Rube. Rube is a good-natured, big warrior. His excellent control over his aggregation is something unusual for a team not within the ban of a league and its laws. When he gives his orders for certain plays, a mad attempt to obey is made by the players receiving them. To hear him tell a player what to do, one might think he (the player) is learning. The chief goes so far as to pick the bats for a player of certain occasions, and what ball to hit and where to send it. In other words, he is the engineer of his crew in the strictest sense. He has a smile, a laugh, and a frown that he issues out when occasion presents itself. Foster has a strong team this year, and from the recent series of four games with the Royal Giants of New York, which the Chicagoans took, prospects point to a winning streak for the season."
Indianapolis, IN
"Rube Foster and his Giants returned to the city on last Saturday night. On June 3 they won over the A.B.C.s with a score of 5 to 7, Dougherty pitching."

June 4, 1912

Indianapolis, IN
"The American Giants will play the Indianapolis A.B.C.s Monday and Tuesday, June 3 and 4, at Indianapolis, Indiana."
Indianapolis, IN
"June 4 they beat the A.B.C.s 15 to 3, with Foster pitching."

July 1, 1912

West Baden, IN
"The West Baden Sprudels Win Over Indianapolis Reserves. - Colored Champs Play Fast Game Before Big Crowd at Washington Park, Indianapolis. - Before one of the largest crowds of the season the West Baden Sprudels defeated the Indianapolis Reseverves, last Sunday, 7 to 0. Taylor had the Reserves at his mercy throughout the game, holding them to five hits and striking out ten. The Reserves used three pitchers."

July 4, 1912

Louisville, KY
"Louisville Cubs Beat A.B.C.s at Indianapolis. - Local Team Bats One Pitcher from Box, but Loses, 8 to 9. - The Louisville Cubs defeated the A.B.C.s in a fast eleven-inning game at the Northwestern Park on July 4. Many sensational catches and plays were made. The local team batted Mack at will until West saved him."

July 7, 1912

Terre Haute, IN
"Terre Haute Strums Routed - The A.B.C.s Did It. - The Terre Haute Strums received a most merciless drubbing last Sunday at the Northwestern Park, Indianapolis. The teams played a double-header, scoring 20 to 0 and 16 to 0 in favor of the A.B.C.s."

July 8, 1912

Indiapolis, IN
"A.B.C.s and Ex-A.B.C.s to Play Ball. - On Monday, July 8, the A.B.C.s and the ex-A.B.C.s will play ball at the Northwestern Park and at night there will be held a barbeque and picnic. Mr. George Abrams, the well-known club man, has charge of the arrangements, which assures everybody of a good time."