1912 Rocky Mountain Athletic Club

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1912 Rocky Mountain Athletic Club

1912 Rocky Mountain Athletic Club

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 14, 1912

Arvada, CO
"Rockies Beat Arvadas 11-3. - In a walk away game last Sunday at Arvada, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Athletic Club Ball team found it an easy matter to bring home the bacon with a score of 11 to 3. The Rockies no doubt will have one of the best and fastest Negro ball teams in the West this season. The players are: Clarence Macy, center field; Budy Ellis, left field; Ewin Perkins, right field; Walter Duncan, first base; George Hickman, second base; Don Cattlet, short stop; Allie Banks, third base; George Parker, pitcher; P. Clarence Adams, catcher. The management of the team is going to do their utmost to give the people in this city a chance to see some good games played at the different parks by the colored boys and it is hoped that in time we will tour the state with one of the best teams that can be produced. The boys are all good players and with good practice there is no reason why the Rocky Mountain ball team shouldn't head the list at the end of the season as star diamond busters."

May 4, 1912

Denver, CO
"The Rocky Mountain Ball Team. -From the latest reports it has been rumored that the Rocky Mountain Athletic club ball team will be the only Negro ball team in the City League. The Rockies are going some pretty ball playing so far and should come out among the leaders."