1911 Brooklyn Royal Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1911 Brooklyn Royal Giants

1911 Brooklyn Royal Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

March 4, 1911

New York, NY
"Leading Baseball Clubs. - Royal Giants of New York. - Nat. C. Strong, business manager, World building, New York City."

June 15, 1911

Bennington, VT
"Bennington Beat Royal Giants in 12 Innings - Duskey Players Had Lead of 3 in Ninth - Burns Long Hit Tied Score - With Bases Full and Two Men Out He Made 'Clean-Up' Hit to Center Field - It was once more demonstrated yesterday at Morgan Park that a game of baseball is never ended until the last man is out in the last inning. On this occasion the instructors were the members of the aggregation locally known as the Huckleberry boys while the class of seekers after knowledge to whom the problem was proved was the Royal Giant baseball team. In order to more forcibly impress the historic fact upon the minds of the husky colored men they were kept after school for three periods beyond the usual length of a day's lesson. They didn't like it a little bit and they didn't enjoy the manner in which the problem was worked out, Bennington 8, Royal Giants 7. The crowd was a fairly good one considering the threatening weather and it was a thorough baseball crowd, too, for when the game was tied up in the ninth inning, every man Jack and woman Jill let his or her supper wait until Bennington at last won the game in the 12th Inning and when the end came it was half after 6 o'clock at that. The Giants, who are considered the hardest hitting team of colored players on the road, made a good getaway in the second inning when a single, a base on balls and two infield errors netted three runs. Bennington scored once in the third on a hit by Burns, a base on balls and a force-out, but as the Huckleberry boys were not apparently able to solve the slow twisters of Misto Andrews that lead of two tallies looked pretty good to the dusky ball tossers. In the fifth period, however, Bennington fell upon the little box artist for a bunch of singles and the three runs made gave the locals a lead of one. The grandstand, which heretofore had not demonstrated much enthusiasm for the reason that it didn't have much to enthuse over, hereupon became really interested. The joyful period didn't last long, for in the sixth the Giants collected two singles and a double from Burns and forged into the lead by one tally. In the seventh a couple of infield errors were responsible for another score and when the ninth, in which most ball games are supposed to end, was reached the Huckleberrians were three runs behind. Smith, the big catcher for the Giants opened the inning with a three base hit that went out into the middle garden so far that a good runner could have circled the bases twice before the ball was returned and the prospects were good that the colored men would increase their already good sixed mortgage on the game. A sacrifice fly put Smith across the pan and Bennington went to bat with the score board reading 'Royal Giants 7, Bennington 4.' Carolan rapped out a good bingle into center field but when he was doubled up as second the Gaints began to pack up their bats. Billy Finnegan put a two-bagger into center field and there was the glimmer of a prospect that there might be something doing at the death. This glimmer became a real ray of sunshine when Misto Andrews passed the next two batters filling the bases. Burns, who had been pitching magnificent ball and who appeared to go better as the game progressed, came to bat with an opportunity to win his own game and did it. A two base hit sent in all three runners and the colored gentlemen unpacked their bats. In the tenth each team made a hit after two were out, Carolan's bingle going into center field for three bases. In the 11th a fly and a double play put the Giants away. Bennington got one hit and an error in center field advanced the runner to third but he couldn't reach the plate. The Giants secured a pair of singles in the 12th but three batters went out on fly balls retiring the side. Connors opened for Bennington with a three bagger into center field. Keefe was thrown out at first by pitcher but on a long sacrifice fly to right field by McCrehan the eighth and winning run was scored by Connors."

Bennington, VT
At Bennington, June 15 - Bennington 8, Philadelphia (sic) (Brooklyn) Royal Giants 7. (12 innings.)

July 30, 1911

Harlem, NY
"What promises to be an all-star attraction is carded for Connor's Field, One Hundred and Forty-Second Street and Lenox Avenue, tomorrow. The Royal Giants will appear in a big double-header, and there is sure to be some action. The first game, at 2 p.m., will be with the strong Commonwealth team of Providence, and at 4 p.m., the Giants will battle with the Easton aggregation."