1911 All Cubans

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1911 All Cubans

1911 All Cubans

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

March 4, 1911

New York, NY
"Leading Baseball Clubs. - All Cubans of Havana, Cuba (the Western Team). - Nat. C. Strong, business manager, World building, New York City."

July 21, 1911

Bennington, VT
"At Bennington, July 21 - Bennington 5, All Cubans 9."

July 22, 1911

Bennington, VT
"At Bennington, July 22 - Bennington 7, All Cubans 6."

July 30, 1911

Bronx, NY
"The second and third contest of the series of nine games between those crack Cuban teams, the Cuban Stars and the All Cubans, will be staged tomorrow at Bronx Oval, One Hundred and Sixty-Third Street and Southern Boulevard. Last Sunday at Ridgewood the Stars defeated the All Cubans in the first two games, and tomorrow the beaten team will be out for revenge."