1910 Nebraska Indians

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1910 Nebraska Indians

1910 Nebraska Indians

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 24?, 1910

Kansas City, MO
"Kansas City Defeats Indians. - Kansas City, Missouri, April 25. The Kansas City Royal Giants won their game yesterday over the Oklahoma Indians at Shelley Park before 500 fans by a score of 10 to 4. The feature was the fielding and base-running of Toney of the Royals. Batteries - Indians: Brown, Shields and Lawrence; Royals: Lee and Campbell."

May 1, 1910

Columbus, NE
"At Columbus, Nebraska - Nebraska Indians 0, Columbus 0 (ten innings).

May 8, 1910

Fort Crook, NE?
"Indians at Fort Crook. - At the other Fort, Green's famous Nebraska Indians take on the soldiers. The Fort Crook boys certainly know how to club horsehide and if they have a good day on the defense even the fast company they meet will not be immune to the sting of the defeat."

May 12, 1910

Clarinda, IA
"Indians Lose to Clarinda. - Clarinda, Iowa, May 13. - (Special Telegram.) - Clarinda's Mink League team won a fast game from the Nebraska Indians here today, Score 4 to 1."

June 5, 1910

Chicago, IL
"Green's Nebraska Indians will play the Chicago Giants on next Sunday. Mr. Leland and Major Jackson will give the public one of the best attractions ever seen in this city. The following is their undisputed record: Won in 1904, 150 games, lost 25; won in 1905, 165; lost 27; won in 1906, 151, and lost 31; 1907, won 146 and lost 19; 1908, 150, and lost 23. In 1904 won 42 straights; 1905, won 33 straights, and 1906, won 24 straights. In 1903, shutouts, 64; 1904, .8; 1905, 43; 1906, 44; 1907, 57."

July 3, 1910

St. Louis, MO
"The Nebraska Indians. - Defeated by the St. Louis Giants in Two Well-Contested Games. - Special to the Freeman. - St. Louis. - After defeating the Nebraska Indians two games the St. Louis Giants have been playing great ball. - Sunday game - St. Louis Giants 8, Nebraska Indians 5."

"Notes of the Game. - It looks as if the holes that have been plugged up by Captain McMurray has resulted in a wonderful team. Harrison, you are all right, but you must learn to hold your head. Clean ball is what we want. Play shortstop, Hewitt, and not left field. - It looks as if there is nothing but the fair sex in the grand stand. They are certainly turning out in great number. Good baseball will sure bring them out. President Foster is a busy bee around the park. When the Giants are winning he is the happiest man in town. - Lyons and Primm form the winning battery."

July 23, 1910

Chicago, IL
"On Monday of this week the Chicago Baseball League passed a rule barring games between its members and all visiting colored ball clubs from now on, the rule being made to include the Cuban clubs that have been playing around the circuit the past two years. The rule will work very badly against the Stars of Cuba, who figured on playing on the Chicago League Circuit after the Cuban Stars left the city. This action means that the Chicago Leaguers will not play visiting colored teams any more in the future."