1910 Salt Lake City Occidentals

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1910 Salt Lake City Occidentals

1910 Salt Lake City Occidentals

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

January 22, 1910

San Diego, CA
"Locals Will Play Independent Ball Today - Game with Occidentals Will Be First Out of Winter League. - Jesse Stoval to Pitch - Ike Butler Will Handle Indicator in Today's and Sunday's Matches. - San Diego's ex-winter league baseball team will make its debut in independent ball this afternoon, weather permitting, against the colored Occidentals of Salt Lake City. Palmer expects a close game, as the negroes have lost but one game since coming to the coast, and that to the strong Los Angeles coast league club, shortly after the close of the regular season. The Occidentals include on their list many a man who, but for his color, would be playing in major league company. Jesse Stoval will pitch for San Diego today, and Hugh Kellackey will be at the other end of the battery. In Sunday's game Palmer will play Carson in the box and Jack Myers behind the rubber. Annis will start the game in the box for the colored lads today, but no selection has yet been made for tomorrow's struggle. Ike Butler, will not be expected to do any slab work, but will handle the indicator in both games. The Occidentals are due to arrive on the 1 o'clock train this afternoon and will immediately proceed to the park. The game will be called at 2:30. The teams will line up as follows: Occidentals - Langley, catcher; Annis, pitcher; Cutter, first base; Robinson, second base; Hawkins, third base; Lane, short stop; Black, right field; Burns, center field; Middleton, left field. - San Diego - Kellackey, catcher; Stoval, pitcher; Autry, first base; Bennet, second base; Downie, third base; McCarthy, short stop; Myers, right field; Hosp, center field; Clynes, left field."

February 12, 1910

San Diego, CA
"Occidentals Hope to Win Both Games - Good Baseball Contests are Expected Tomorrow and Sunday Afternoons on Athletic Park Diamond - Annis is to Work Against Butler - Carson Slated to Pitch the Sunday Game - Visitors Have Same Lineup as During the Previous Visit - What are expected to prove two exceptionally good games of base ball are scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday afternoons at Athletic Park when the Occidentals, of Los Angeles, and the San Diego team, champions of the California Winter League, meet for the second time this season. In the first series the San Diego boys had all the better of the argument. For the first time this year the colored lads were defeated twice by the same team. Only twice before this season had the northerners met defeat, once when they played the Los Angeles Coast League team, and again in a 12-inning contest with one of the best nines in Southern California. As a result of the two defeats they sustained at the hands of the San Diegans, the Occidental players are coming south tomorrow determined to win both games of the series. Annis, the clever little south paw, is expected to do the pitching for the visitors tomorrow. Annis has always pitched good ball when working against the San Diego boys. When the Occidentals were last here he allowed the San Diego champions but four hits, through he lost the game. It was not until the last half of the 10th inning, however, that the locals were able to score the only run of the afternoon. Sunday afternoon Smith is slated to work in the box for the Occidentals. In the one game which he has pitched on the local diamond Smith showed that he has plenty of speed and curves. He suffered somewhat by is inability to locate the pan and but for this fact would probably have held his opponents down to a few hits. Ike Butler has been elected for the job of winning from the Occidentals in the game tomorrow. This will be the first time this season Ike has worked against the colored team and he is anxious to show what he can do. Sunday afternoon Rueben Carson is to have the heavy work. Hugh Kallackey is to do the catching in both the games. Play tomorrow afternoon is to be started promptly at 2:30 o'clock with the teams announced to line up as follows: Occientals - Langley, catcher; Annis, pitcher; Cutter, first base; Robinson, second base; Hawkins, third base; Lane, short stop; Black, right field; Burns, center field; Middleton, left field. San Diego - Kalackey, catcher; Butler, pitcher, Autry, first base; Bennett, second base; Downie, third base; McCarthy, short stop; Dickinson, right field; Carson, center field; Clynes, left field."

May 8, 1910

Salt Lake City, UT
"Murray Meets the Occidentals Sunday - Sunday afternoon at Walker's field Murray and the Occidentals meet in the second of the match games. During the week, Manager Margetts of Murray has added to his line-up and expects to even up for the defeat administered by the colored boys last Sunday. The week's practice has done a world of good to the Smelter City team and with an improvement in team play and fielding the Occidentals should be made to play to win. Langford, the crack colored pitcher, who added to his laurels that of battle royal champion last Monday night at the Manhattan club, will be in the box for the Occidentals. Manager Margetts says he will have a battery surprise to spring."

July 3, 1910

Salt Lake, UT
"All Kinds of Base Ball Handed Out - Occidentals and Salt Lake Each Drop Two and Murray Climbs. - Occidentals Won 4, Lost 5, Percent .445 - What the Occidental and Murray teams of the Utah State League did to the dear old game of baseball at Walker's field yesterday afternoon will go down in the Utah record books as something that will stand for some time to come. Murray romped off the field with the long end of a 15 to 7 score, but that isn't half of the story - the two teams were charged with more errors and plays of the dizzy kind than the Ivory league ever had during an entire season. It may have been due to the condition in which the circus left the grounds, but be that as it may, the errors came thicker than flies in a bowery hash house. Beyond per adventure of a doubt - it was the limit. Thirty boots and bones were the result of the afternoon's affair. Every other ball hit into in or outfield was booted while the crowd of about fifteen hundred fans sang 'Boots and Saddles.' Murray started out with a slight lead, but this was overcome by the colored boys in the fourth. Mooney, for the Occidentals, started to pitch good ball, but with the support he was accorded no pitcher could have landed on top. The absence of Captain Black was undoubtedly responsible for the stunts pulled off by the colored boys. Beginning with the fifth inning, Margetts' sluggers proceeded to get busy and, with the assistance of some more bone headed stunts from the colored boys, piled up runs as they pleased. The Occidentals were not alone in piling up the errors, however, as the Murray bunch also took a hand and did everything from heaving it out of the gate to kicking it into the water bucket. It was one of those games in which everything goes wrong, and as the fans know well that both teams can play better ball, the two aggregations can no doubt be forgiven for the exhibition."

July 4, 1910

Murray, UT
"This afternoon the two teams (Occidentals and Murray) are meeting at Murray, where Heusser and Langford will be the opposing pitchers."

July 23, 1910

Chicago, IL
"On Monday of this week the Chicago Baseball League passed a rule barring games between its members and all visiting colored ball clubs from now on, the rule being made to include the Cuban clubs that have been playing around the circuit the past two years. The rule will work very badly against the Stars of Cuba, who figured on playing on the Chicago League Circuit after the Cuban Stars left the city. This action means that the Chicago Leaguers will not play visiting colored teams any more in the future."

"In a League of White Players. - Chance to Win Pannant at Salt Lake City, Utah. - Special to the Freeman. - I write to your paper to give you a line on our colored baseball team, the Occidentals. The Occidentals have a berth in the Utah State League, of which they were a member in 1908. This is the only colored baseball team to have a berth in a state league made up of whites that I ever heard of before, and I am proud to let you know that they are making good. Ad Lankford, the big St. Joseph, Missouri pitcher, is more than making good. Lankford is in rare form and is good enough to make good in any company. The Occidentals have also on the pitching staff W. Mooney of Texas. Mr. Mooney is also doing good work for the team. I am sure that we will win the pennant. The team is figuring on making a trip East, and if Manager Frank Black can get arrangements made with his team you may see the Occidentals in the East. The team wintered in California and won the most of their games while down there. I guess I have given you all the dope for this writing and will close. I am yours truly, J.F. Burns, 33 Commercial Street, Salt Lake City."