1910 Omaha Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1910 Omaha Giants

1910 Omaha Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 8, 1910

Omaha, NE?
"Benson has a double-header booked. The J.S. Cross bunch will attempt to wallop the Omaha Giants, and the Benson Eagles are after the scalps of the Storz Coronas."

June 3, 1910

Omaha, NE
"Defeat for Creighton. - Creighton, Nebraska, June 1. - (Special Telegram.) - In a very interesting game of ball played here today the home team was defeated by the colored Omaha Giants by the following score: Omaha Giants 4, Creighton 1."

June 14, 1910

Ainsworth, NE
"Omaha Giants Win. - Ainsworth, Nebraska, June 14. - (Special.) - The Omaha Giants defeated the home team here yesterday, 4 to 2. The Giants are managed by Vasco-Graham of Omaha and W.J. Ford is handling the team on the field. Batteries, Ainsworth - Sawyer and Wakeman; Giants, Brown and Daily. Struck out: By Sawyer, 6; by Brown, 10."

June 21, 1910

Valentine, NE
"They Defeat Valentine. - Valentine, Nebraska, June 21. - Special to the News: Valentine crossed bats with the Omaha Giants (colored) at Baseball Park here today, resulting in a victory for the Giants, 4 to 2."

June 22, 1910

Atkinson, NE
"S.J. Weekes, Charles Stout, J.L. Herschiser and H.D. Grady went to Atkinson Wednesday afternoon in Weekes' buzz car to witness the ball game between Atkinson and the Omaha Giants, colored. The boys report the game as quite interesting being won by Atkinson by a score of 6 to 5. The game was won by Ducky McNichols who got a home run in the last half of the ninth after two were out and with a man on first."

June 29, 1910

Verdigre, NE
"Verdigre Beats Omaha. - Verdigre, Nebraska, June 29. - Special to the News: Verdigre crossed bats with the Omaha Giants, score 6 to 5 in favor of Verdigre. William O'Keefe and Barta starred for Verdigre throughout the game, O'Keefe having fourteen strike-outs."

July 2, 1910

Fairfax, SD
"Omaha Giants Win. - Fairfax, South Dakota, July 1. - (Special Telegram.) - The Omaha Giants defeated Fairfax today, 5 to 0. Batteries: Washington and Wright; Hirsh and Coninsky."

July 8, 1910

Scotland, SD
"The Omaha Giants, a colored baseball team, said to be the best colored aggregation of ball players in the west, will cross bats with the Scotland team on the home grounds Friday afternoon, July 8. The Scotland team is classed by those who have been up against them as semi-professional, so it is safe to count on an exciting game."

Scotland, SD
"It was a spirited game of ball that was played last Friday by the Scotland team and the colored Omaha Giants. At the close of the ninth inning the score stood a tie with four each. In the tenth the home team made one or two costly errors which gave their opponents four more runs and decided the game."

July 13, 1910

Tyndall, SD
Translated from a Czech Newspaper - "Harry Roos played with the Tyndall Micar squad on Wednesday in Tyndall against the Omaha Giants of black traveling the state."

July 14, 1910

Wagner, SD
"The Omaha Giants, a colored base ball nine making a tour of this state, defeated the local team in a close game here on Tuesday afternoon by a score of 6 to 5. The grounds were in bad shape and the game was devoid of sensational plays. The merchants closed their doors and the crowd that witnessed the game was a large one, and the ball team requests us to extend their thanks to the citizens for liberal patronage. The new ball park is nearly ready for use, and when completed the boys will be in a position to make care for, in a comfortable manner, the crowds attending games."

July 23, 1910

Chicago, IL
"On Monday of this week the Chicago Baseball League passed a rule barring games between its members and all visiting colored ball clubs from now on, the rule being made to include the Cuban clubs that have been playing around the circuit the past two years. The rule will work very badly against the Stars of Cuba, who figured on playing on the Chicago League Circuit after the Cuban Stars left the city. This action means that the Chicago Leaguers will not play visiting colored teams any more in the future."