1910 Indianapolis ABCs

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1910 Indianapolis ABCs

1910 Indianapolis ABCs

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 10, 1910

Dallas, TX
"A.B.C.'s Take Both Games. - Goliah, Second Baseman, Star Player in Both Contests. - The Indianapolis A.B.C.'s crossed bats with the T.T.'s in a double header Sunday. In the first game the A.B.C.'s were defeated by the T.T.'s by a score of 3 to 2. A feature of the game was the playing and hitting of Second Baseman Goliah. He gave the 1,000 fans present a splendid imitation of Ty Cobb at the bat when he knocked the ball over the fence. The batteries for the two teams were: A.B.C.'s Higsbee and Big Boy; for the T.T.'s Hughes and Dunn. In the second game was seen some very careful playing. Everybody saw a great battle for supremacy, fought by Pitcher Griffin. He held them down from start to finish; and the visitors never scored, making a finish of 2 to 0."

April 23, 1910

Indianapolis, IN
"Where to Write Ball Clubs. - Their Names and Addresses of the Managers. - Indianapolis A.B.C.s - Ran Butler, 462 W. 15th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana."

May 22, 1910

Indianapolis, IN
"A B C's and Climax Teams Get Even Break. - The A.B.C.'s and the Climax Coffee Company teams broke even in a double-header at Northwestern Park last Sunday. The Climax Coffee nine won the first game, 8 to 5, and the A.B.C.'s the second, 3 to 2."

July 9, 1910

Indianapolis, IN
"Sprudels Win One, Lose One. - Both Teams Even Up Things in Indianapolis. - The visit of the Sprudels to this city last Saturday and Sunday to play the Indianapolis A.B.C. Club a couple of games resulted in the visitors taking the first game by a score of 18 to 5 and the A.B.C.s winning the second game by a score of 5 to 1. Both games were well played, but the Sprudels simply ran away from the home boys in the Saturday game, despite the efforts of the A.B.C.s."

July 10, 1910

Indianapolis, IN
"It can be said that both teams played great ball Sunday from a scientific standpoint, although the A.B.C.s seemed to show a shade the better so far as condition went. Captain C.I. Taylor of the West Baden boys showed keen insight and natural ability as a ball player of long years' experience in generaling his men. The spectators could not help but admire such a skillful battery as Taylor and Houston of the Sprudels show themselves to be."

July 23, 1910

Chicago, IL
"On Monday of this week the Chicago Baseball League passed a rule barring games between its members and all visiting colored ball clubs from now on, the rule being made to include the Cuban clubs that have been playing around the circuit the past two years. The rule will work very badly against the Stars of Cuba, who figured on playing on the Chicago League Circuit after the Cuban Stars left the city. This action means that the Chicago Leaguers will not play visiting colored teams any more in the future."

July 31, 1910

Indianapolis, IN
"The question is being asked here, What has become of the A.B.C.s? No one reads of them any more. Are they sewed up?"