1910 Chicago Unions

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1910 Chicago Unions

1910 Chicago Unions

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 16, 1910

Indianapolis, IN
"In the Field of Sport. - By Harold C. McGath. - Where to Write Ball Clubs. - Their Names and Addresses of the Managers. - The following are the names and addresses of managers of prominent colored baseball clubs in the United States: - Chicago Unions - D.D. Gordon, 3001 Wentworth Avenue, Chicago, Illinois."

May 6, 1910

Chicago, IL
"Unions Trim Chicago Heights. - Special to the Freeman. - Chicago, Illinois, May 6. - The Union Giants trimmed the Chicago Heights team at Chicago Heights by the score of 2 to 0. Both of the colored pitchers twirled fine ball, allowing the suburban men but four hits."

May 22, 1910

Roseland, IL
"Union Giants 4, Eclipse 2. - Special to the Freeman. - The Union Giants defeated the Eclipse team at Roseland Sunday by the score of 4 to 2, the colored men hitting Palmer in the bad spots, while Jenkins, the Giants' twirler, was steady in the troublesome moments. Catches by Jones and Mow and the latter's fielding were features."

July 23, 1910

Chicago, IL
"On Monday of this week the Chicago Baseball League passed a rule barring games between its members and all visiting colored ball clubs from now on, the rule being made to include the Cuban clubs that have been playing around the circuit the past two years. The rule will work very badly against the Stars of Cuba, who figured on playing on the Chicago League Circuit after the Cuban Stars left the city. This action means that the Chicago Leaguers will not play visiting colored teams any more in the future."

July 31, 1910

Chicago, IL
"West Baden Sprudels and Union Giants at our (Leland Giants) Park."

Chicago, IL
"Peters' Union Giants have hit the road and won several games. The team is said to be in excellent shape and doing well. Success to them."