1910 Memphis Giants

A Calendar, Including Newspaper Clippings, of the 1910 Memphis Giants

1910 Memphis Giants

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

April 9, 1910

Memphis, TN
"Cuban Stars beat Memphis Tigers, at Memphis"

April 10, 1910

Memphis, TN
"Memphis Tigers in Form - Memphis, Tennessee, April 10. - In an exciting and well-played game today a great crowd saw the colored club reverse the score of Saturday's game against the Cuban Stars of Havana, Cuba, winning 6 to 2. The Cubans are among the world's best ball players, and although they lost Sunday's game, they kept the great throng continually off its feet with their grand style and spectacular plays."

April 16, 1910

St. Louis, MO
"With the Memphis and Nashville Giants as attractions, we were compelled to close our gates at 2:30, one hour before play was called; the crowd swarmed upon the field, making ground rules necessary."

"Retain the Franchise in the League. - The colored people of Memphis are expecting great times in the baseball line this summer. A syndicate of business men has decided to retain the franchise in the Colored Southern League, realizing the material benefit as well as the sport to be derived. The Memphis aggregation is a State chartered organization and has all its players under a guarantee and well secured contract of a limited salary. Dates have been arranged with such well-known colored teams as the Atlanta Depens, the Birmingham Giants, Nashville National Giants, Louisville Giants, New Orleans Deweys and Leland Giants. Manager Redwood has over forty or fifty applications for berths in his possession, and the weeding-out game has started. Julius London, the old Memphis favorite and crack twirler of the St. Paul Gophers of 1909, is expected daily from Houston, Texas. Ed Wall, who is connected with the Phoenix Athletic Club as boxing instructor, has been retained as secretary and press agent, and everybody is satisfied that future pleasure in a business-like manner is guaranteed. J.R. Redwood, the admirer of the fans, will render his politic services as manager."

April 23, 1910

Indianapolis, IN
"Where to Write Ball Clubs. - Their Names and Addesses of the Managers. - Bluff City Tigers - J.R. Redwood, 351 Beale Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee

May 1, 1910

Memphis, TN
"May 1 - Memphis 5, Easton Stars 4. Calloway, pitcher."

May 2, 1910

Memphis, TN
"May 2 - Memphis 4, Easton Stars 3. Carter, pitcher."

May 8, 1910

Memphis, TN
"First game at home won May 8, Memphis Giants 6, Eastern Stars 5, eleven innings; second game, Memphis Giants 3, Covington 2, ten innings. - This club is headed by one of the best baseball men of the country as secretary of the club. He would like to hear from all fast clubs of the country. We have dates all through the East."

May 9, 1910

Helena, AR
"Helena, Arkansas 8, Memphis Giants 6."

May 10, 1910

Helena, AR
"Helena, Arkansas 12, Memphis Giants 4."

May 11, 1910

Helena, AR
"Helena, Arkansas 9, Memphis Giants 7."

May 12, 1910

Marianna, AR
"Marianna, Arkansas 6, Memphis Giants 9."

May 13, 1910

Marianna, AR
"Marianna, Arkansas 2, Memphis Giants 8."

Memphis, TN
"Memphis Tigers May Win Championship - Great Record Shown in Defeating the Houston Hustlers. - Memphis, Tennessee, May 13. - The Memphis Tigers claim that they are to be reckoned with in the championship race this fall from the fact that they took three straight games from the Houston Hustlers of the colored league fame, and who also beat the now famous Chicago Giants in a fourteen-inning game recently at Houston."

May 14, 1910

Marianna, AR
"Marianna, Arkansas 3, Memphis Giants 5."

May 15, 1910

Marianna, AR
"Memphis leaves for Paducah (Kentucky)."

May 18, 1910

Canteen, IL
"May 18 - Memphis 3, Canteen 2. Calloway, pitcher."

May 21, 1910

Memphis, TN
"Bluff City Tigers - Of Memphis, Tennessee - Would like to hear from all first class teams. We own our own park. Memphis is famous for its big crowds. Address all cummunications to J.R. Redwood, 351 Beale Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee."

May 28, 1910

Memphis, TN
"Memphis Giants Baseball Club - The Memphis Giants have played eight games, and won 6 and lost 2."

May 29, 1910

Cape Girardeau, MO
"May 29 - Memphis 9, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 2."

June 5, 1910

Marianna, AR
"June 5 - Memphis 12, Marianna 1. Calloway, pitcher."

June 6, 1910

Marianna, AR
"June 6 - Memphis 0, Marianna 1, Cater, pitcher."

June 10, 1910

Marianna, AR
"June 10 - Memphis 3, Marianna 4. Calloway, pitcher.
Memphis 9, Marianna 6, Calloway, pitcher."

June 11, 1910

Marianna, AR
"June 11 - Memphis 3, Marianna 5, Calloway, pitcher."

June 12, 1910

Marianna, AR
"June 12 (double header) - Memphis 8, Marianna 2. Carter, pitcher.
Memphis 0, Marianna 3. China, pitcher."

June 15, 1910

Vicksburg, MS
"June 15 - Memphis 3, Vickburg 2. Calloway, pitcher."

June 16, 1910

Vicksburg, MS
"June 16 - Memphis 6, Vickburg 5. Woodruff, pitcher."

June 19, 1910

Birmingham, AL
"June 19 (double header) - Memphis 7, Birmingham 5, Calloway, pitcher.
Memphis 5, Birmingham 3. Woodruff, pitcher."

June 25, 1910

Memphis, TN
"Notes. - The Memphis Giants are owned by R. Morgan, R. Beard, and Calloway. W.S. Hunt is secretary. W. Smith is no longer with the Giants. Send mail to R. Morgan or W.S. Hunt, Church's Park, 5 Beale Square. The Memphis Giants will play the St. Louis Giants July 3, 4 and 5. Next they play the St. Louis Cubs, then the Bloomer Girls. They will stay three weeks in St. Louis. The Memphis club would like to hear from Paducah, Kentucky, Louisville, West Baden and French Lick, Indiana, and Bowling Green, Kentucky."

July 3, 1910

St. Louis, MO
"Will play in St. Louis July 3, 4 ad 5, with the St. Louis Giants. This club is owned by W. Smith. R. Morgan, president; W.S. Hunt, secretary."

Memphis, TN
"We play in Montgomery June 30 and July 1, jumping from there to Memphis July 3 and 4."

Memphis, TN
"We played at Memphis July 3 and 4."

July 4, 1910

St. Louis, MO
"Memphis Giants at St. Louis Giants, July 4."

Memphis, TN
"We play in Montgomery June 30 and July 1, jumping from there to Memphis July 3 and 4. - McCoy is getting everything around second base that comes his way. The teams lineup had to be changed on account of Cobb being sick. - Regards to the Dixie Parks and New Orleans Eagles. We are sorry to hear of Moss Point disbanding."

Memphis, TN
"On the Fourth we played a double-header, winning the first two games played and losing the last game of the double-header."

July 5, 1910

St. Louis, MO
"Memphis Giants at St. Louis Giants, July 5."

July 22, 1910

Caruthersville, MO
"A Successful Tour of Memphis, Tennessee Giants. - Special to the Freeman. - The Giants have just returned home after one of the most successful trips of the season. They won four straight games from the Caruthersville Giants, one of the strongest colored clubs in Missouri. - Friday, July 22, Memphis Giants 8, Caruthersville Giants 1. Batteries for Memphis Giants Coley and Massey."

July 23, 1910

Chicago, IL
"On Monday of this week the Chicago Baseball League passed a rule barring games between its members and all visiting colored ball clubs from now on, the rule being made to include the Cuban clubs that have been playing around the circuit the past two years. The rule will work very badly against the Stars of Cuba, who figured on playing on the Chicago League Circuit after the Cuban Stars left the city. This action means that the Chicago Leaguers will not play visiting colored teams any more in the future."

Caruthersville, MO "Saturday, July 23, Memphis Giants 10, Caruthersville Giants 2. Batteries for Memphis Giants Young and Massey."

July 24, 1910

Caruthersville, MO
"Sunday, July 24, Memphis Giants 4, Caruthersville Giants 2. Batteries for Memphis Giants Cackle and Massey. Second game - Memphis Giants 8, Caruthersville Giants 4. Batteries for Memphis Giants, Gary and Massey."

July 29, 1910

Dewmaine, IL
"The Memphis Giants took two games from Dewmaine, Illinois, one of the best colored clubs in Illinois. - Friday, July 29 Memphis Giants 3, Dewmaine 1. Batteries for the Memphis Giants Coley and Massey."

July 30, 1910

Dewmaine, IL
"Saturday, July 30, the Giants 2; Dewmaine 1."

July 31, 1910

Dewmaine, IL
"Sunday, July 31, Dewmaine 3, the Memphis Giants 2. Fourteen innings. Batteries for the Memphis Giants Young and Massey. These games were the most exciting ever witnessed in Dewmaine. The feature of the games was the fielding of Buddie Williams, one of the best young shortstops in the country. Young of the Giants struck out 14; Harrison of Dewmaine struck out 12."